Monday, July 23, 2018

A Whole New World All to Yourself

Richard Lowe Jr. - When is it acceptable to be racist?

Muhammad Rasheed - It is acceptable to be a racist under the following conditions:

  1.  When you are a member of the dominant, oppressor class in a society specifically built upon systemic racism
  2.  When the power structure of such a system is tilted in the favor of the oppressor class, and as the gatekeepers of all major institutions, can ignore or lessen any deliberately feeble anti-racism laws that may be on the books
  3.  When the law enforcement class is the same social class historically delegated to the capturing and breaking of the body/spirit of the oppressed class, thus the police will have a generation’s old hate philosophy encoded within the sub-culture (“I can breathe”)
  4.  When despite any token efforts to pretend racism has been solved for the sake of popular media propaganda, the main source of revenue still comes from exploiting and plundering the oppressed class, so that the highest paid executives in society are encouraged to innovate new ways to exploit them more while pretending the oppressed deserved it and the economic-based abuse somehow isn’t actually racism

Codyrazorsharp - So what you’re saying is white people are good at capitalism and marketing lmao but dude it’s “culture appropriation” lmfao

Muhammad Rasheed - "Oh, look... someone else is doing something clever they've been doing for generations. Let me literally fucking steal it, trademark it making it illegal for the original families to do it anymore, profit off of it myself, and make fun of the people that call me out on it."

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