Sunday, September 24, 2017

Notes While Observing: Driving the Narrative of 'Whiteness'

1.) "Could The Beguiled have taken a more unflinching approach to the history of the Civil War–era South and its lingering scars that affected black people most acutely? Undoubtedly. But Coppola isn’t the filmmaker to do so — her greatest strength and weakness has always been her myopia. More broadly, I find this obsession with making every film intersectional to be misguided. As Ira Madison aptly put it for the Daily Beast, 'We should demand that studios and producers give those opportunities to black filmmakers instead of looking for meager scraps from white people who don’t fully grasp our stories and will portray them horribly.'” ~Angelica Jade Bastién; How The Beguiled Subtly Tackles Race Even When You Don’t See It (10 July 2017)

2.) “This world is all about branding and marketing. The number one branders in the universe is the United States. They made United States seem like it’s the best place in the world to be. It’s the land of the free, home of the brave… I go there to finally chase my dreams. We have to be able to tell our own stories. Directors, film makers, entertainers – it’s going to be clearly (and the press) it’s going to be your job to redefine how people think about Africa. Because you’re here. You see what’s going on. You clearly can see a vivid picture of the good, the bad and the ugly. What you choose to put out there is what the world is going to get. Because I can tell you right now, in Chicago alone, there’s more people dying in Chicago than there was dying in the war in Iraq. But you will never see that. There’s a lot of things that’s happening in the U.S. that you will never see because they choose to show you what they want you to see. It’s about country integrity. You have a certain reputation that you have to keep.” ~Akon speaks on rebranding Africa

3.) INTERVIEWER: "Obviously we want to try to find any positives we can as we go along."

FRANK MIR: "We're going to pull some strings for Conor, is what you're saying." *smirk*

~[Re: The aftermath of the Mayweather vs McGregor fight]
4.) ‘We only kill black people,’ a cop told a woman — on camera. His defense is that he was just being sarcastic and joking with her as a fellow white person; he was just trying to assure her everything was fine in an attempt to connect by making fun of SJW activists like BLM. Of course it was a joke. I believe him. But it was a joke at MY expense, to coddle becky's fake white fragility. Please note that Sandra Bland is DEAD. Yet they actually want me to feel sympathy for racist nazis when Antifa runs through to slap them upside the backs of their heads. Okay.

5.) Sam Harris and Ben Carson are the same character. Both of them hold high-level educations in difficult fields of study (neuroscience and neurosurgery respectively) that are known for how smart you have to be to pull them off. Both of them decided to abandon their fields, finding it easier and more lucrative to become socio-political commentators, using their "intelligent voice" to drive the narrative that their political bases want to hear. For Harris it's the post 9-11 anti-Islam agenda narrative, and for Carson it's the GOP's anti-Black partisan talking points. Both use their well-trained education skills to help fill in the gaps of their bases' narratives, and to convince the people that they are on the right teams. Both are very valuable mouthpieces for their bases' leadership class, able to 'talk that talk' in a way that sounds credible to the layman ear.

6.) The reason why the tale of 300 is celebrated in the West isn't because of the hyper-masculine heroism blown up by the works of Frank Miller and Zack Snyder.  It's because of the symbolism it represented that the collective European ethnic tribes identify with. The 300 story represents the white race's ages old global war with the majority Black/brown people, that in the post-Darwin modern day includes the white's atheistic materialism versus Black/brown spirituality.  During the colonialist era, the European conquerors would seize the records of the subjugated nations and send their lore back to Europe. The best and brightest of white intellectuals would decipher the materials, repackage them, and claim the works as their own inventions, formalizing a Western world trend began during the so-called "Greek miracle" period.

Interestingly, the European appears to have admitted to either a lack of talent for spiritual studies, or a disdain for them, as the British Royal Society stopped grouping theological texts with the hard science ones, eventually separating the subjects completely in their institutions of learning since the progress in deciphering confiscated esoteric works were not as forthcoming as those in high mathematics. Despite valiant efforts of European "mystics" to make heads or tales of the spiritual works of the Black ancients, groups like the Theosophists, Rosicrucians, etc., never managed to make the ambitious contributions to the stolen European canon they hoped to, and never shook loose their reputation as kooks, cranks and frauds based on the lack of follow through on their initial grand claims. Despite this utter failure to master matters of the spirit, causing the scientific community to officially declare the field fictitious, Hollywood still manages to cast the whitest white person in the universe for all high-level spiritual guru characters in recent films. Before they had little trouble conceding those roles to "magical negro" type characters, since they were confident that spirit must be fiction because they couldn't figure it out, but apparently the Dragon Ball Z generation of film makers must have decided to appropriate that, too, because they think it's cool.

In the original Doctor Strange story from Marvel Comics, the titular character's mentor figure called "The Ancient One" was depicted as an Asian man, but the movie cast a white woman in the role. Symbolically this change meant that the white elite no longer accepted the fact that they inherited their knowledge from the previous Black/brown civilizations, but were always the gurus of everything worthwhile in the entire body of human knowledge. EVER. This attitude means that, despite some token surface-level 'progress' identified with the 21st century socio-politic, racism has actually gotten worse, and if allowed, we may expect official public policy to reflect this.

7.) In Western Society, the figures that are celebrated at the highest levels are those that help fill in the gaps in the White Supremacist-Eurocentric historical narrative; that help clarify the tale in the way they wish the global populace to be indoctrinated. Everyone who is capable of aiding the "spin" sound better, smoother and more plausible/credible are raised up as heroes.  The canon of Western "great books" is the collected tale of the 'Whiteness' narrative that the elite require everyone to believe as "truth," and are indoctrinated into young minds as high school and college "must reads."

Note that the collected, sorted, and categorized data of science is immediately hijacked by Western thought police, who hold the authority to determine how the material is interpreted, which is of course done solely through the lens of the "great books" narrative of 'Whiteness.'

In the works of two great Black scholars, Edward Wilmot Blyden's Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race (1887), and Dr. Carter G. Woodson's The Mis-Education of the Negro (1933), both came to the conclusion that the 'Whiteness' indoctrination is psychologically toxic to Black people, and they should instead develop their own cultural literature and celebrate their own accomplishments and heroes, striving for their own standards of what 'greatest' represents. Training children up in the false doctrine that only a completely different race than them is capable of being great, is a weapon of subjugation, not a 'truth' that hostile ethnic outsiders should be allowed to brainwash them with. Note that even though white families are allowed to peacefully teach their children whatever they like, Blacks are severely punished for attempts to escape The Matrix of 'Whiteness' indoctrination.

8.) The one thing the GOP does exceptionally well is thoroughly indoctrinate all class levels of the right-leaning conservatives with their political messaging, to the point where the Average Joe can talk the same rhetoric just as well as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. The Democrats don't even come close to matching the shear volume of socio-political commentators at all levels  that the GOP (and overseas allies) spend a fortune on to make sure the message leadership wants the people to know is known, and known well. By contrast, the Democrat's weaker marketing attempts are often drowned out by the louder voice of their rivals, with the bipartisan distrust of the Trans-Pacific Partnership being a perfect example. Over the course of Barack Obama’s two POTUS terms, the liberal mainstream news programs failed to focus on the components of the president’s actual agenda towards building up the middle class:
  • Common Core 
  • The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 (SAFRA; H.R. 3221) 
  • The TechHire Initiative 
  • The enforcing of anti-trust laws to prevent more cartels from stifling the mobile phone industry and the Internet that the people weren’t aware of the long-term plan. When Obama aggressively pushed to get the TPP through, lack of context based on what his focus had been was lost on nearly everyone. Lack of a relentless stream of socio-political commentary voices to compete with the deep-pockets of their conservative rivals, created a vast knowledge void within the Democratic base, and the poor suffer for it. If they knew how vital TPP was to president Obama’s plan to help pull them up into the middle class, they may have turned up at the polls in sufficient numbers to overwhelm the GOP’s voter suppression machine, as the president’s own rock star popularity numbers miraculously enabled him to do in 2008 and 2012. Instead, shamefully, even Hillary Clinton was unsure and wishy-washy over the TPP issue, and couldn't talk it up herself to a skeptical, uniformed liberal crowd without them turning away from her. The Democrats MUST pour money into liberal media owners to counter balance the extra loud GOP messaging that is dominating the ear of the average American.

9.) Editorial Cartoons are incredibly powerful for simplifying complex ideas, and moving the general consciousness within a smartly-planned propaganda campaign, so much so that the elite have all but silenced their voices. Greg Palast, the very brave investigative journalist who revealed the voter suppression scam, was fortunate enough to grab Ted Rall, one of the few working editorial cartoonists, to illustrate his book. Rall pointed out that after the massacre of the four cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo offices, the surviving 25 cartoonists at the controversial French magazine still equaled the total number of editorial cartoonists working at all 1,350 American newspapers combined, and that number is shrinking. Among all the American news websites, there's only one that employs an editorial cartoonist. There's no secret as to why this should be. The 1% fear the wild card voice of the political cartoon inside of their carefully controlled indoctrination machine. Even in this environment, notice how they're a little more forgiving of powerful prose written by activists, despite how potentially damaging such pieces could be to their machine if such work really went viral as it should. Yet the 1% are much more frightened of the "1000 words" of the single editorial cartoon image that may get large media exposure.

All alternate media voices, but especially the editorial cartoons that the GOP fears the most, should be used to counter their well-funded big voice messages. I personally think it's impossible to do so while news distribution is linked to the profit margin, because small media companies and internet cartoonists cannot compete with the mega-corporate machine's bottomless pockets. The solution is to fund alternate news voices outside of the fickle flow of business' supply & demand rules. Or like the aforementioned Charlie Hebdo French cartoonists, and even the "troll farm" staff working for Vladimir Putin to infest the Internet with Russian propaganda, both groups are provided subventions to make sure the work is continued. This, or some other smart funding sources, is something that should be provided for editorial cartoonists to keep them aloft so that the big voice of the anti-citizen elite does not go unopposed.

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