Sunday, September 10, 2017

Racism by Gaslight

JRE Clips - Comedian Theo Von used to work out with David Duke. When asked what he was like, Theo said, "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude."

Muhammad Rasheed - "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude."

That's everything I need to know about white people, right there. smh lol wow...

Kincaid Beach - M. Rasheed wrote: "that's everything i need to know about white people, right there."

That's everything i need to know about black people, right there.

See how dumb that sounds? You probably don't.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You lack the authority to say what is dumb sounding or not, klansman. Beat it.

Kincaid Beach - did you delete my comment too? what a little pussy. lol And just because someone says he doesn't seem like a bad guy in person, doesn't mean he agrees with his perception on other things in life, you narrow minded half wit.

alright. he didn't delete it. shit youtube didn't load up the entire thread. Apologies. You're still a dumb ass though.

Muhammad Rasheed - The problem is that we're talking about a professional white supremacist. Even though you and Theo seem to have a VERY loose definition of what constitutes "niceness" ("He didn't lynch any Blacks or Jews while I was working out with him that day") I'm the one from the group that Duke directs his evil. So while you are ignorantly calling me a 'dumb ass' while lacking the ability to empathize with anyone that isn't white, I find both Theo's matter-of-fact comment, and your triggered response to mine, quite telling.

But please keep on adding references that back up my "everything I need to know about white people" file folder. Thanks. ;)

max callero - what did you want him to do lie about it? its clear he understands hes a horrible person and he wouldnt have been lice if he was black

Muhammad Rasheed - What's clear to you through your #SupportTeamRahRah lens is opaque through mine. What's clear to me is he was saying that as long as the guy was nice to him then he didn't care about that other stuff, since it didn't affect him personally. That's what every other human in the universe means when they use "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude" in context.

But please keep trying your smoke-blowing, gaslighting procedures. I'm riveted.


hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... so stupid you cant tell max was on your side. You just see the boogeyman wherever you turn. Pathetic

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... So you think "he understands hes a horrible person" is synonymous with "he seemed like a nice guy," huh? lol Because those are literally the polar opposite, chief.

Your gaslighting skills are really shitty, hair. You may wish to take an Udemy class or something.

max callero - your right dude this man is a total racist and that means all white guys are racist. that makes so much more sense than assuming that he doesnt understand that one of the most hated guys in america is a bad person. makes total sense. thank you for enlightening me

Muhammad Rasheed
- +max callero... EXHIBIT A - Trump is the POTUS. You have no argument.

Take a seat, racist.

Kincaid Beach - you're literally labeling an entire race based off of individuals. if you don't see how you are PART OF THE PROBLEM then there's nothing less to call you than a dumb ass.

His statement was matter of face in the sense of his experience with the guy. He doesn't speak on behalf everyone else that's had to deal with him or anything about his shortcomings to all perspectives. He's talking about HIS experience with the individual. So, yes, you are a racist piece of shit like Duke. Good job.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kincaid, I'm not part of the problem at all. I'm of the group that is abused by the problem. Theo sees nothing wrong with David Duke, the professional white supremacist ("He seemed nice to ME, bro!"), and you got triggered at my hyperbolic quasi-joke and unleashed a butthurt stream of name-calling at me. hahahaha That gave you away as a racist, bud. You probably have Duke's poster up in your bedroom, don't you? smh

His "experience with the guy" as a white guy, right? hahahahaa OF COURSE Duke seemed nice to another white guy because that's how white supremacy works. hahahaha But you keep calling ME the dumb ass/nit-wit, right? You're doing a poor job representing for your klan btw.

Stop using the word "racist" wrong because it's not helping you. Hyperbole is a normal and accepted part of human discourse and I can use it all I want. The fact that you think my using it magically makes me a racist means you need to go study for that GED you've been putting off.

Kincaid Beach - That string of nonsense was a painful expression of mental gymnastics and backpedaling I've ever witnessed. So now you were just joking, but somehow I'm a klan member because i stated to the literal point of now what you claim to be a joke as you filing an entire race after witnessing one person's view point on someone else.

It's like you don't even understand implied statements and basic reading and comprehension because you're so fixated on your narrative. That was the point of me explicitly and repetitively stating HIS INDIVIDUAL POINT OF VIEW OF THE PERSON. So no, only you still are the dumb ass in this shit poor excuse of a conversation.

And now I'm supposedly "triggered" because I call you on your bull shit? lol These buzz words are even more pathetic when poorly used. And no, I'm using racist by the literal definition of the word. You're making a general statement for an entire group of individuals based on a few. That is the epitome of being racist, you racist dumb ass.

So keep on telling yourself that you were "hyperbolizing the situation" to make yourself not seem like such a racist POS; and I'll keep telling myself that the majority of the world isn't as dumb as you so I can still hold hope for this world, but we both know that's as much bull shit as what you're saying.

And i know you're not going to understand any of this and you're, again, going to twist this into whatever skewed perspective you're fucked mind with conjure, but it's worth at least trying one more time to show you how dumb you really are.

I'll file this under "another racist dumb ass". It's getting pretty full.

Muhammad Rasheed - I said "quasi-joking." Meaning it was a joke in its presentation, but we both know it was real based on the nature of western society.

To be clear, you outed yourself as a white supremacist because you got triggered at my original post, yes. Triggered because you don't like to think about the whole evil racist thing and it makes you defensive. Apparently this reaction is normal for your kind. lol And it's not just "one person's viewpoint." Stop. You're the one that put Trump in office. lol Please note that just because you type lies while using caps-lock, it doesn't turn them into truths. Caps-lock is not a magic spell, Kincaid. Santa Claus isn't real either btw.

Stop pretending you know what 'racist' means. Thanks.

All racists call people dumb when they witness racist behavior getting called out. Take a bow for outing yourself as a racist. You've earned it.

All references to my "twisting" anything is you trying your weak-willed gaslighting on me. You can quit that now since I don't respect you enough for it to work. You have a healthy respect for your own white privilege powers, I see. ;)

rpr kjj - Von was only being honest. It doesn't surprise me that David Duke can be a pleasant person considering he was a politician and got many people to follow him. He probably did seem like a nice guy to Theo, that doesn't mean he's endorsing David duke, it just means he's not willing to lie for the sake of virtue signaling. you act like all racists are aggressive and anti-social.

Muhammad Rasheed - @rpr kjj…That's missing the point all together, and demonstrates a joining together to support your race tribe. That’s what all these justification comments from you and Kincaid are doing for me, that whole 'stick together no matter what/rah rah, team!' stuff. Look at it this way: Of course a blond blue-eyed 'aryan' white guy would say that the lunch he had with ole Adolph was pleasant and civilized. Would he represent the group that Adolph couldn't stand? Then why are you two acting like this is even a valid response in any way? A white guy says to another white guy that a blatantly evil pro-white white guy was nice to him as a fellow white guy. Of course he was being honest. All Duke saw was a white kid he could mold and "instruct." Come on, are you really not trying to see my point, or is this just a gaslighting technique disguised as something else? At least TRY to meet me halfway here.

hair ledoux - Dude honestly someone saying that a psychopath seemed nice is mostly cliche anymore. The btk killer seemed nice to people. Jeffery Dahmer had a quiet and nice demeanor. Its quite common. Also, theo von is a comedian with a dry sense of humor. It almost sounded like there was a hint of sarcasm. Anyway. Its racist to say that all white people align this way. Particularly when a whole pile of retarded white people go march with blm. Just my two cents. Black people are mostly lower iq though so it doesn't surprise me that you are too slow to understand

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... I'm affiliated with the BLM leadership through my support dollars and agreement with their mission, and I'm quite aware of the large network of financial support and warm body support the group gets from the well-meaning white crowd. Please see my "hyperbole" comment to Kincaid (that his triggered-ness caused him to dismiss in his klan rage).

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... So what makes the whites that support BLM "retarded" exactly? I want to hear you say it.

Bearing in mind that the whole point of the group is to pressure the government into stopping police brutality in the African-American community. Why do you believe that whites are "retarded" for agreeing with their mission? Tell me.

hair ledoux - because your narrative is incorrect. Whether you are wilfully ignorant or running a scam is what is in question

Muhammad Rasheed
- Tell me why you believe that whites who support BLM are "retarded." That has nothing to do with my narrative. Tell me.

rpr kjj - @M. Rasheed… You're not wrong but your response of "that tells me all I need to know about white people," is inherently racist and not helping. Maybe be more specific with your criticism, because a line like that tells me nothing other than "damn wypipo!"

Muhammad Rasheed - @rpr kjj... I appreciate your response, but I disagree that my hyperbole is contributing to any kind of problem whatsoever. If I check my "damn wypipo" attitude, will that magically make the racist police brutality numbers drop? The historical record has shown that MLK's signature non-violence/peaceful protest tactics were a complete failure, and it actually empowered the bad guys to get worse. So I'm intrigued at your philosophy that members of the disenfranchised group shouldn't express any kind of frustrated attitude at the west's culture of systemic racism that negatively affects my ethnic group in general while supporting yours.

Recently I found a white racist talking head named Rod Dreher, who believes that racism is the fault of "Black resentments." He said that if Blacks would just ignore racist attacks and just forgive them and get over it, we wouldn't have a race problem at all. In other words, whites interpret "racism" to be Black complaining about bad treatment by whites. "If they would just shut up, the racism would be solved."

Naturally this insanity triggered my "damn wypipo" attitude you mentioned earlier.

These comments from you all only support the batshit crazy philosophy of Dreher, and of course I must reject this as a weak attempt to solve the race problem. To say the least.

rpr kjj - @M. Rasheed... Never once did I say you shouldn't be frustrated and stop speaking about oppression, like you said that's how we fix the problem. But, assuming you are an adult and not a child, that doesn't excuse racism. "All black people are criminals" is also hyperbole, don't snake out of responsibility for what you said which was racist, simple as that. You also ignored the part where I asked clarification on your issue, because I still don't know and I imagine it's not simply "damn wypipo," which is pretty much what you wrote.

Muhammad Rasheed - @rpr kjj... Well, hyperbole is one of the tools I use to speak out about racism, and it isn't causing any problems in the world whatsoever. Are a disproportionate number of whites being profiled by cops, brutalized, imprisoned on trumped-up and/or false charges and killed because of "all whites are criminals?" My hyperbole is 100% harmless, and doesn't double as a mentality of systemic racism. So your pet false equivalency logical fallacy that you are wielding so confidently is only wasting both our time.

I fleshed out my original post criticism while chatting with Kincaid and hair. i'll wait for you to catch up.

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... im with him. Your group is just somewhat annoying. Not worth too much of my time. Try to become an individual. Its just a suggestion. You can do what you want with your life.

Muhammad Rasheed - +hair ledoux... I find your "Try to become an individual" comment ironic since no one functions as a group hive-mind more than the white conservative. I'll assume that's what you want to you with your life, amirite?

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed… are you asking if i want to be a conservative? That doesnt even make sense. Political leaning is not something you work for. If you are asking if i want to be in politics then the answer is no. I would do it if we could start from scratch but both sides are way to fucked up for my taste

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... No, I'm asking if you deciding to join the big white identity conservative politik was something you actually deliberately signed onto as an individual's choice.

hair ledoux - Honestly the problem is black. White people would really love it if we could get along. I find blacks to be hilarious. Talented in so many ways. But this multicultural experiment seems not to be working. Cant say we didnt try though. Sidenote. Systematic racism is a fantasy blacks have designed to answer any problems they face. Its really kind of sad

Muhammad Rasheed - hair ledoux wrote: "White people would really love it if we could get along."

What does "get along" mean exactly when you say it? "Get along" in what way specifically? Bear in mind that the two races have a long history in this country together, and we definitely haven't seen eye to eye on what that means. American History is kind of famous for the discrepancy actually, so I'll need you to be more precise in meaning so we'll be sure to be on the same page.

hair ledoux - M. Rasheed again. Ones politics are not deliberate. Did you choose to be liberal or are you just liberal. Get it?

Muhammad Rasheed - @+hair ledoux... "One" definitely deliberately chooses a political orientation, and can even flip from liberal to conservative as the climate dictates. For example, I know several people who originally pulled for Bernie Sanders, and were so enraged at Hillary's DNC nomination, switched to Republican to vote for Trump, who they saw as the OTHER "outsider." So I reject your nonsensical and unsophisticated point of view on that item. As an orthodox Muslim, I'm a lot more conservative than you seem to believe. As a Black man I am naturally pro-Black. Does pro-Black equal liberal to you by default? If so, do you think Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza and Omarossa are race traitors?

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed nope. You questioning me about conservatism made me believe you were a liberal. Also, anybody who was going to vote for bernie certainly is a liberal. Just because they voted for the conservative this time doesnt change that. Having a conservative outlook on politics is not chosen anymore than eye color. It is who you are. Take the issues one by one. Abortion. I dont want your answer but if you are for or against it was that feeling a choice? Do you also choose when you are cold? If you dont understand then i cant help you. Off topic a little but now that i know you are a muslim...please stop raping people. That is a choice and you should choose to stop it

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... If by "nope" you actually mean "yup" then I agree. Otherwise you are spewing an ideology that doesn't align to reality. Political talking points aren't "who you are," they are either what you deliberately chose, or what you were indoctrinated in. Either way you can always change your mind and opt out.

"Raping people" isn't linked to Islam, that's a cultural thing from a people who traditionally subscribed to Islam. I can see why someone who hasn't taken the time to understand what the religion is really about would be confused by that though, considering certain cultures have become synonymous with the religion itself. I'm an African-American Muslim, and haven't raped anyone. Considering that white men statistically can't seem to stop raping Black women, please stop raping them. That is a choice and you should choose to stop it.

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... what do you mean what do i mean about get along? You yourself are a member of the group that has decided it is not possible. Whites have done everything we can to appease you. More. The united states made it the cool new thing to not have slavery. More. Ok we did away with segregation. More. Ok do you want section 8 housing. More. Does food stamps work. More. How about an easier path through college. More. How about a president. More. Well reparations isnt happening. One of your leaders made a list asking for our houses. Why if we are opressors and you are equals or even better than us do you keep asking us for shit. Go get it on your own!!

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... What?

So BLM telling your cops to stop brutalizing us means we've decided that it's not possible for the two races to get along? Does that make sense? If that were true, what would be the point of working towards that change? Make sense, please.

hair ledoux wrote: "Whites have done everything we can to appease you."

I don't think "appease" means what you think it means. You know, back during slavery, the running Black stereotype was that Blacks were happy & content to be enslaved, and we were always singing and dancing because we were so content. That was the conservative slave owner's political talking point to justify the chattel economic system. When the 13th Amendment was passed to abolish slavery, the slave owner class immediately took advantage of the 13th amendment's loophole ("unless as punishment for a crime"), and overnight the Black stereotype changed from the "happy singing & dancing people" to the inherently criminal. In the 150 yrs since slavery legally ended, whites have self-indoctrinated themselves into thinking we are all bad apples, until it has eventually led to the current mass incarceration Prison Industrial Complex era, where "the over-incarceration of adults has severely damaged generations of black and minority families and their children." These conditions were made much worse when the old Black business communities were  destroyed by deliberately running the new expressway systems through them. That combined with the fact that the vast majority of American citizens benefiting from the socialized programs you listed are the wealthy who scam the system (Section 8 voucher hoarding) and the nation's poor white communities.

Everything you think you know about race relations is wrong.

rpr kjj - M. Rasheed M. Rasheed

It delegitimizes your cause. What your racism tells me is that if the roles were reversed, black people would be equally oppressive to white people. You carry the same hate in your heart as any white racist, difference is you're losing. That's not a pretty picture when you want to sell BLM as a path to equality and not black supremacy. There's one problem.

Another problem is that your idea that normal people can be evil to each other in private or in conversation and it has no effect on the world at large thus it is not a problem. If police brutality is the only thing you think can be considered a racial issue than you're missing the point of why racism is why bad. That's a ridiculously stupid mindset. I mean really, if I called you a nigger, what effect would that have on the world at large? Nothing, you would just be mad. That's it. By your logic, that's not a problem.

And I'm not reading through that whole wall of text just to hear you tell me what your actual problem is. It shouldn't be that complicated.

hair ledoux
- @M. Rasheed... oh and david duke would have to be one crafty fucker to turn blacks against themselves. Because you know statistically a black police officer is more likely to kill a black man than a white officer is. Kinda blows your whole faggot argument up doesnt it. And before you say thats a bullshit story why dont you look it up. Washington post

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... no no. You are wrong. The prison industrial complex is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard. Stop committing crimes. Why is it somebody else's fault that blacks make up a large percentage of the criminal population? You have all the rights and more opportunity than anybody else. Im done with this. We will never find common ground. And you will never find the answers you seek because they dont exist

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... i know there are white people using handouts as well. You dont hear them crying foul either though do you? For what its worth i find those people unbearable too. Entitlements should stop except for for those who truly cant take care of themselves

Muhammad Rasheed - rpr kjj wrote: "And I'm not reading through that whole wall of text just to hear you tell me what your actual problem is."

This is the bottom line of your own "whole wall of text." You have no interest in knowing the truth about the nation's most enduring problem, you'd much rather rant & spew your ideological justifications for why you uphold white supremacy. It comes down to "We HAVE to do this to Blacks! if we don't, then they'll just turn around and do it to us!" Of course this is unacceptable, and I will continue to call out your savage evil however way I see fit.

We are done here. I have all the data I need.

Muhammad Rasheed - hair ledoux wrote: "M. Rasheed no no. You are wrong."

No, I'm not. You are merely willfully ignorant on the topic, using that wall to protect your white supremacist ideology. You're not 'listening' and prefer to believe the evil that your folk cooked up about me that the elite use to exploit me. We can NEVER get along because you are committed to this evil the white race used to attack, subjugate and exploit the world in the first place. We are at war. That's the truth of it. A 500 year old race war, and you are crazy.

hair ledoux wrote: "Why is it somebody else's fault that blacks make up a large percentage of the criminal population?"

lol Because white supremacists are the cops and it's their job to terrorize me, invent fake charges, and push me through the for-profit prison machine, idiot.

hair ledoux wrote: "is it ok if i am 'pro-white'?"

Sure. There's nothing inherently wrong with being a descendant of the Euro-ethnic tribes. Be white. It's "pro-white supremacy" that's the problem. "Weaponized whiteness" is the source of all my ills, and of your spoiled, heroin-addicted entitlement.

hair ledoux wrote: "You dont hear them crying foul either..."

Really? Because no one whines more than your entitled folk. Remember, the poor whites were infuriated when the Black slaves were freed, and it's their whining specifically that tore down the gains of Reconstruction. It's their whining that created the New Deal social programs (that Blacks were excluded from), and it's their whining that led to their heroin epidemic of white entitlement-induced depression.

I'm not seeking any answers from you lot because I'm educated on the topic. I know the subject. You're the one that dodges the race-relations topic like Neo dodging bullets, and proudly admits ignorance regarding the moving parts involved ("The prison industrial complex is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard.").

I'm done. I can't take reading anymore of your comments. I'll get cancer or some shit.

fargoth7 - You idiot, way to beat the stereotype of blacks being easily emotionally manipulated

Did you know yuou have zero philosophical consistency and process information as emotionally as a 15 year old girl?

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, is that why you're doing all that triggered name calling? Because I'M the one that's emotional? lol

You're adorable.

YOUxFILTHYxANIMAL - M. Rasheed you're nothing but a puppet for the Jews

Muhammad Rasheed
- Right. Because that's the reputation Muslims have. lol

Go practice nude submissions with your mother some more. hahaha You're out of your league, bud. Go away now.

rpr kjj - 1. 3 paragraphs is not a wall of text.

2. If your problem with Von is "the truth about the nations most enduring problem" then I'd think you'd be more eager to share it.

3. We are both ranting and spewing ideological justifications. Pot meet kettle.

4. Why do you think I'm a white supremacist? Nothing I've done or said has anything to do with that.

5. Nice fake quote, this just shows how much you're actually interested in intelligent conversation and not vindictive self-righteousness.

6. My point flew completely over your head. You say you want equality, but believe it's okay for you to be racist because it's "not a problem." I showed you why it's a problem, but then you deflect with a strawman.

7. You mock the line "We HAVE to do this to Blacks! if we don't, then they'll just turn around and do it to us!"

You strive for equality while acting racist and then get mad when people call you out? What do you expect them to do, close their eyes and ears to racism against them while you spoon feed them this fantasy of "equality" when you exemplify anything but? It's hypocritical.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Did my hyperbole go over your head, or are you just being petty?

2.) Share what? Your race is the originators of that very problem. If I share it, it'll mean you're getting trafficked. #KarmaIsABitchMy problem with Von is the concept of "If it doesn't affect me personally in a negative way, then it's not a real problem" which is my problem with most white people on the systemic racism issue.

3.) ♪ WheeeEEEEeeeee! ♫ FUN!

4.) Uhhh... because you wasted 70,000 words defending white supremacy. What is the nature of your pushback then? lol

5.) That "fake quote" is my witty summary of your position. Did you drop out of school in 2nd grade?

6.) I'm going to stop you right there. Years of experience have lead me to lose all respect for whites when they use the word "racist" because you all have apparently changed the meaning in some immature effort to duck your responsibility. A Black man simply pointing out what you all have done -- and continue to do -- to subjugate/exploit Blacks doesn't make me a racist. Doing racist things makes one a racist, and you have that on lock.

7.) Why wouldn't I mock it? That's just your white guilt projection talking, and a fear of the karma that you know in your dark & selfish heart you've earned $10 trillion times over. The ball is in your people's court to set your historic wrongs to right, yet you duck it, prolong it, and actually continue exploiting Black people to maintain your demonic Whitopia. You've definitely earned the mocking, and much more besides.

lol You've "called me out" in what way exactly? How many unarmed white people have I shot dead in front of their kids and got a paid vacation from it? How many whites have I hung from trees and had my cop buddies official list as suicides? My getting mad because you are demonstrably a race of savage monsters is not a demonstration of 'racism,' bud. You need to reset, regroup, and learn how to approach this topic like an actual human being. Your entire way of thinking is wrong, is the problem with the world through out the last 500 yrs, and I do not respect it.

Please improve.

J Springs - @M. Rasheed... but Farrakhan is ok, you do know many blacks have sat down to do great interviews and have talks with Duke, i don't agree with him but have you actually ever listened to him. Your answer tells me everything I need to know about blacks

Muhammad Rasheed - Yeah, Farrakhan is okay. lol Nice false equivalency you tried to pull though. Go to Google Images, and type "KKK lynchings" and see what pops up, and for scientific contrast type "Nation of Islam lynchings" and see what pops up. David Duke is the leader of people who have terrorized and slaughter Black people for 150 yrs now (white supremacists are STILL hanging Blacks in the deep South today), while Farrakhan's NOI has only focused on protecting and empowering Black people economically, and was founded DURING the height of the KKK's lynching era.

YOUxFILTHYxANIMAL - @M. Rasheed... yes you're a pawn, and Mohammad is a pedophile

Muhammad Rasheed - uhhh No, I'm not a pawn. Thanks for playing though. Since you've proven not to know much about this topic, why do you believe you could convincingly give the impression about my religion? That was odd. It turns out the prophet of Islam was not a pedo, son. You may go away now. There's a lad.

rpr kjj - M. Rasheed wrote: "My getting mad because you are demonstrably a race of savage monsters is not racism"

You are either trolling or an actual broken person.  The point went way over your head a while ago and I'm afraid you'll never gain sight of it again.  I pity you.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you really think my getting mad because whites perform racist acts it equals racism, too?  Really? You really think if I show anger when a white kills a Black, or denies a Black a mortgage loan after finding out she's Black, it means I'm racist, too?  lol

Amy Hottenfeller - @M. Rasheed... while niggers rape, rob, and murder a lot. All I need to know about monkey people

fargoth7 - Amy Hottenfeller savage

Amy Hottenfeller - @hair ledoux... how is Duke a psychopath? Do you even know what a psychopath is moron? I like how you name white serial killers to make your points. That's because the media hides the fact that niggers are more likely to be serial killers, killers, rapist, criminals than white people, far more likely. That's what Duke advocates. He wants white people to stop pulling the weight of the entire universe. People are dying to get into white nations. Whites are not dying to get into non white nations. They need us. Do yourself a favor and look up the zebra killings. Hopefully you ask yourself "why do I know who Dahmer is but not these clowns"? And then you will understand Dr. Duke.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Amy Hottenfeller... lol All races/ethnic groups have a poor lower class who "rape/rob/murder," but no one does it as often and at the scale that whites do at all class levels. You're famous for it around the globe actually. Try me, please.

Zachary Fitzgerald - While I certainly think Von likely would've thought of Duke differently had he been a minority, Von was a teen at the time and it doesn't sound like he knew Duke really well. He's just giving his honest opinion of how Duke came off to him.

It also doesn't sound like Von was very in tune to Duke's background at the time. And Von explicitly said he never had the views that Duke has espoused. Regardless, I don't understand this need to group all white people together as if we all think the same way, have the same beliefs and background.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Zachary Fitzgerald... My issue is that Von not only presented his impression of Duke from his long ago teen memory, but did it with a casual shrug as if that SHOULD be the impression that every needs to have. The host and all these vid commenters were also giving that impression: "Yes, Duke's cool, so lay off of him. Sure he can be a little radical, but everyone can have crazy views sometimes. So what?"

It's that 'Whitopia" concept, where whites are incapable of seeing any issue outside of their own box ("lf it didn't happen to ME then it's not real. If I'm the one that caused the grievance to a non-white then it's REALLY not real"). All of this defense of David Duke -- mouthpiece of the extreme right-wing, White Supremacists -- from all of you, including your failure to check the blatant barbarity of Amy Hottenfeller above, reinforces my original opinion: White people are fundamentally racist beings, and you protect each other and the system of white supremacy no matter what.

Honestly, this thread is plenty long enough to have given any of you the opportunity to make a vastly different impression, yet you instead doubled-down on it. Just like your president did.

S D - @M. Rasheed... Bet it hurts to know that a lot of people voted for Trump as a response to dealing with people like you for too long

Muhammad Rasheed - @S D... More people voted for the other side. The GOP just pulled out their voter suppression kit again (Interstate Crosscheck, purging, caging, etc.) and cheated. Trump stole the election with the help of the usual suspects. It does hurt, but not in the way you think. I'd prefer if the country's leadership class had more integrity, but they don't.

People like you were never interested in morality and ethics though, so of course I'd expect you to be coldly indifferent as long as your people got to hog all the wealth & power over mine, amirite?

Amy Hottenfeller - @M. Rasheed... bullshit. The winning votes came from California. California has been taken over by legal and illegal Mexicans. Most whites left and blacks are leaving California also. The Democratic Party fought against voter ID laws, insisting that it is racist to ask a voter to prove who they are. Your party thinks so little of you they make public claims that blacks and other minorities can not figure out how to come up with ten dollars, or a way to the DMV to get an ID card. Or, because you are in on the scam and want to see white people destroyed in the country their ancestors founded and built, you go along with the lies of the Democratic Party. The only reason a party would argue against presenting ID at a voting booth during an election in a country where there are over 20 million illegal aliens residing is to manipulate the results of the election. To simplify, the Democratic Party is using illegal aliens, and other racial minorities in attempts to steal a country from the white founders and still failed.

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP pulled out their voter suppression kit again (Interstate Crosscheck, purging, caging, etc.) and cheated. Trump stole the election with the help of the usual suspects (Karl Rove & crew). Period.

You have zero credibility on this topic.

Amy Hottenfeller - The fact that you are in idiot gives you zero credibility on this topic. If you paid attention during the election you would've quickly realized that the GOP did not want Trump to win the election. He won using the electorate colleges which is a genius solution allowing larger states like New York and California dominate the election for the rest of the country. The founding fathers created this system long before anyone other then white male landowners could vote. The founding fathers founded the country for white people. This is clearly stated in the naturalization act of 1790. So please do not be stupid enough to insert one of you are racist conspiracy theories on this subject

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, I am read up on the topic, and all you have to show is your commitment to racism. That means I win. You have zero credibility on this topic. Period.

Make yourself useful in your actual area of expertise and go invent a false rape charge somewhere.

Eggy Noggy - @M. Rasheed... Your enemies are those who not only hate the truth, but hate you knowing the truth.  You are executing great critical-thinking ability here.  No black supremacist could do what David Duke did in America.  Fact.  Even Obama had to denounce his religion, his pastor and everything before he got the vote.

Amy Hottenfeller - @M. Rasheed... you don't even know what a straw man argument is. The global problem you speak of, is Jews. Jews do not identify as whites and do not allow white people to live in their homeland of Israel. I'm used to ignorant niggers making stupid arguments on the internet. You don't care about your people. If you did, you would support the execution of the niggers in your country who are notorious for raping, robbing, murdering your fellow black people. News flash genius, interracial crime is 90% nigger on white. Niggers commit far more crime than any other race. Nobody picks on you simply because you are black.

Africans, arabs, and Jews traded far more nigger slaves than white people did. It was the white people who laid their lives down fighting nigger slavers. Niggers still enslave each other in Africa in 2017.

Murderous, rapist niggers were the ones being hung from trees. This was common everywhere. All people hung criminals from trees as a warning to other criminals. White criminals were also hung from trees in America. 

This article has to lie to keep the niggers were picked on narrative up. However, the truth comes out in the article. The whites were lynched for committing crimes, not for being anti-lynching criminal niggers. It's just that niggers commit far more crime than whites do.

Because you are stupid, it's important to point out that whites are 5x the population size of blacks, which means if we commuted crime equally whites have to commit 5x the amount of crime niggers commit. If whites are just racist, I wonder why whites did not lynch the Asian people in America at that time. Or why Asians aren't jailed in America now, disproportionate to their population size, like niggers and spics. Don't let these minor facts intercept your emotional argument for racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, let's recap. In my original post, I pointed out that Theo's "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude" comment summed up white's tendency to downplay racism because they don't care since it's not happening TO them. "The king of the white supremacists is cool because he seemed cool to me at the time, and I have zero reason to adjust that opinion since I've matured and learned more about the world" is how I interpreted Theo's comment. After I posted it, a wide variety of white people showed up to defend both Theo and Duke, ranging from the hard-core, psychopathic, ultra-racist harpy (that's you, Amy) , to the laid-back "average" whites who tried to convince me it's only "fair" to give Duke "a chance" because he wore suits and didn't wear a KKK hood or whatever.

Thanks for proving my point in real time, guys.

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