Saturday, September 23, 2017

"You're Trying to Kidnap What I've Rightfully Stolen!"

DiDi Delgado - So WHAT I don't like to hear the truth. I don't like getting my period every month but I bet you I'm grateful for that shit once it's done and over

DiDi Delgado - I think you can not like something and still need it to survive

DiDi Delgado - That's the title of my next poem-- I'm in an abusive relationship with the truth

Muhammad Rasheed*stolen*

Muhammad Rasheed*starts new career in poet-ness*

DiDi Delgado - How you gonna tell me in advance you're stealing something

Muhammad Rasheed - IT'S IN THE PAST, DIDI!!!

Muhammad Rasheed -

DiDi Delgado - I can't stand you

DiDi Delgado - Now you have to make me one

Muhammad Rasheed - What do you mean...?

With MY new poem title??? Get your own.

DiDi Delgado -

Muhammad Rasheed - OKAY FINE!!!!

DiDi Delgado - Thank you! Why am I excited why is about to be my next profile picture

Muhammad Rasheed - wow. no pressure or nuthin.'

Muhammad Rasheed - (how the hell am i going to get those eyes on one sheet...?)

DiDi Delgado

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Here... (you can borrow the poem title from me, DiDi.)

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