Monday, April 17, 2017

LEVEL UP: Call for Black Men to Heal the Community

"Ha! That hoodrat's titty popped out!"

Cynthia G and Aye Yo Cheryl![VIDEO] Why We Need to Stop Arguing with Caucasoids about Racism; Dusty, Neutered Beta Males

Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut - we as black men that aren't cooning and that are fighting against racism and white supremacy need to either try to talk to the black men who are cooning and try to enlighten them on what's plaguing our communities and get them to join us, or if they dnt and still decide to coon then we shall exterminate them because as long as they have breathe an continue to coon out for this subhuman cave beast then they will continue to be an incurable disease in our black community, and the way to cure our black communities from the virus of cooning and krakkatosis is to kill the virus that's plaguing us.

Agar Addictionz
- @Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut... fuck off shitskin back to the fields uncle tom

Muhammad Rasheed - @Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut... Talking to them will just make them defensive. You'll be better off focusing on protecting Black women, securing the black community, continuing your fight against racism and white supremacy, and training the next generation in acting correctly. Let the lost stay lost. Perhaps they will wake up while watching you lead by example.

Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut
- @Muhammad Rasheed... You're right my brotha we all must step up and lead by example.

Trent Davis - @Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut... As a man who has never dated a white chick, I'm very cautious of you always saying someone coonin cats. Fulla shit, but Cynthia fly.

ckzckw - @Muhammad Rasheed... Maybe not talk to them so much but perhaps remind them so they always remember the correct path to follow. They'll be more likely to change if they hear about how they can change and how it benefits them.

Muhammad Rasheed - @ckzckw… Talking or reminding will just have them freaking out, getting defensive, and spewing more of their foolishness. It's better to treat them as non-factors, and if they somehow manage to become enlightened and change, then great. No good comes from giving them attention.

charles neely - @Trent Davis... well you know being pro black means living in an all-white City and wearing a weave I need to see pictures about earlier and sisters on the same Plantation ain't never got to or wearing a weave how so she hate white man so much that all of her sisters are married to white men that what the f*** that all about does she hate her nephews and nieces? But they got Miss white man bun in them

charles neely
- @Trent Davis... brother man she gets need to submit a song she need to submit to a brother like it says in the Bible that man is head of the household she's a strong black woman take a strong black man to put a cowboy lasso rope around hook and reel her in and get her to submit

Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut
- @Trent Davis... how are you cautious of me because I never celebrated with the daughter of the oppressors huh, whoever the Fuck you are, that statement made no damn sense, I guess if I did stick my dick in a cave dwellers pussycat you wouldn't be cautious of me hmmmm that makes sense yea ok get the Fuck on white boy.

ckzckw - @Muhammad Rasheed... Every decent man has the responsibility of always reminding coons that there is a better way and just encouraging them to do better. You're just asking for people to give them a pass which is even worse because so many men will write in on DM to upright BM vloggers and thank them for what they say because nobody told them that in their life.

We see this all the time from those who change their ways. Next time you're at the barbers and an overgrown boy is talking to you about rubbish, be ready to share some manly encouragement. Nobody's asking for a lecture but definitely BM need to hear this. What you're saying is daft and poorly thought out. This stupidity virus started by BM constantly having it shoved down their faces, ears, minds for decades and the way to reverse it is remind them of who they are, that's how you heal the community.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I will consider myself checked, and take your wisdom to heart. I was basing my opinion on the antics of this 'charles neely' character, who was dancing around us while we were typing, and I really couldn't imagine him changing just because he was told how stupid he was. Who am I to make such a prediction? I do not see into the unseen to the future. The bottom line is that if we never even try to fix it, we can't hope it will get better. You're right. Moving forward I will act accordingly.

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