Thursday, April 20, 2017

Biblically Black

Detail of a Roman fresco depicting the prophet Abraham (pbuh), painted about 320 A.D.

Alaba Samuel Oluwadamilarey - What makes the majority believe that there was never a time when a Black person was among angels or prophets in the scriptures?

Muhammad Rasheed - This is no less than a deliberate self-indoctrination designed to blind them from their wrongs. Pretending that Black people had no meaningful contributions to the human story (in which they are the white-knighted protagonist) is only a flimsy effort to clear their conscious from all the anti-Black enslaving, subjugation and exploiting they have grown addicted to.

Studies have confirmed that this centuries long practice has measurably deadened them from feeling empathy towards Black people: Gutsell, J. N., & Inzlicht, M. Empathy constrained: Prejudice predicts reduced mental simulation of actions during observation of outgroups. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2010), doi:10.1016/j.jesp.2010.03.011

Alan Spinks - There were original ancestors of Homo Sapiens who lived about 40,000 years ago, a male and a female, ancestors of the the whole human race today. We can call them Adam and Eve. They lived somewhere in central Africa and they were Black. Let not that be forgotten. Some scientists might dispute the 40,000 years ago. I am open to hear of more accurate estimates, But there were common ancestors, and they were Black.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Adam & Eve were on earth much further back than 40,000 yrs, since the oldest discovered human fossil to date ('homo sapiens idaltu') is estimated to be 160,000 yrs old.

2.) Alan, there's zero point of bringing this info up here, since the specific form of discrimination we're currently experiencing, based on racial phenotypes, is only as old as the 500 yr old reign of European Imperialism that birthed it. Back then Whites did not feel the same way about Black people as they do today, as can be attested by the glowing praise your precious Classical Greek personalities heaped upon the African race in the hoarded piles of your oddly-selective celebrated writings of theirs. The pre-Western History ancient Blacks civilized Europe, remember? (see: "prisca theologia")

Alan Spinks
- Thank you for your comment. I agree there is much racial discrimination, particularly in USA. In New Zealand it is much less. I am from UK, might I say, white european, but I have friends from Zimbabwe, also living here. They are blacker than most people I have known. They are beautiful people. The father is a computer engineer, and the mother has a PhD in Psychology. Their children are beautiful too. There are some of us who would like to rid the world of the anti black bias, but we can only do what we can in the area where we live. The way we integrate with the family referred to above is an example of what can be done. I say, if ever you want to know what Adam and Eve looked like, then look at them.

I think there would be many prophets in the past who would be considered “black” today, but I am not aware of the problem ever appearing in the bible for example. I am aware of a recent find of a clay tablet from the area of ancient Ninevah, dated older than 5,000BC, which lists the names of the kings of the Chaldeans starting from Seth followed by the same names which are given in the bible as generations of Adam. It is felt that the Jews in captivity in Babylon about 700BC found the list of names and incorporated them in Genesis as descendents of Adam. Those names are not as old as 160,000BC, but they are a lot older than 4,004BC.

I accept your estimate of 160,000 years for the age of our common ancestors, Adam and Eve. I am not an expert in that field. I think the age has been pushed back continuously as new evidence comes to light, much of it in recent years.

I appreciate your contact. I think social media is great.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The secret to ridding the world of the anti-Black racism isn't 'Integration' theory, since that just serves to delegate Blacks to a lower support class inside of a fundamentally White Supremacist societal model. Treating Blacks "nice" while they are still discouraged from achieving the freedom of economic inclusion as a group is still racism. Anti-Black racism is destroyed by the immediate ceasing to exploit them, and simply getting out of their way, both of which will take a complete breakdown and rebuilding of how the Western world thinks in general.

All the Hebrew prophets were Black people. Abraham's father Terah was of a powerful aristocratic tribe in Kush. lol The Solomonic era children of Israel were indistinguishable from the Eastern Black African. All of this is documented. "The Jews" didn't become synonymous with the White people that are the face of the group today until well after the Mongol horde dismantled the converted Eastern European tribes of Khazaria.

It's possible that the captive children of Israel found those Ninevah names and incorporated them as you say, but I think it is much more likely that they were already carrying such a list with them in their oral traditions passed down. They are a People of the Book after-all.

lol It's not my opinion that Adam & Eve were 160,000 yrs old. The available data only authorizes me to admit that the oldest homo sapien fossils found to date were estimated at 160,000 yrs. Only the orthodox academic community would so foolishly proclaim those fossils as the 'first humans' for no other reason than because that's the oldest ones they FOUND. lol That's not what 'science' sounds like at all, but it's certainly what an agenda-driven doctrine pretending to be science sounds like.

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