Tuesday, November 24, 2015

America's Job (according to the GOP)

Gary McCoy

Bianca Marie - Oh Gary, you love to go where others don't dare tread.   ;)   Love it. Keep up the great work! My best to the family!

Gary McCoy - Thanks, Bianca! Obama's statement was a hanging curveball for a cartoonists. And all our best to you and Gage and the rest!

Bianca Marie - Very true. That and his Freudian slip again about being Muslim. wink emoticon

Gary McCoy - Right. And that's happened more than once.

Bianca Marie - Yuppers, and the most recent was at the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey.

Muhammad Rasheed - Looks like the terrorists are being contained to ME...

Gary McCoy - While to others, not so much...

Muhammad Rasheed - That's Paris. That's out of our POTUS' jurisdiction. They have their own president. Remember your cartoon is showing Uncle Sam.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's another one of OURS that was contained:

Gary McCoy - More "containment" (btw, the president wasn't referring to containment in  America")...  

Gary McCoy - His "jurisdiction" is anything and anywhere, to keep American citizens safe. He's not doing such a hot job at that.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Your cartoon's message is that terrorist outbreaks are all over the USA, but he claims to contain them.

2.) I posted two examples of terror being contained in the US before harm was done.

3.) You point out terror in completely different countries, and claim that our POTUS should've been there to stop it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're weird, Gary. lol

Gary McCoy - Muhammad, you know that cartoons are not always to be taken literally. It's as much a "what could come, given the president's outlook...".

Gary McCoy - And likewise,   :)

Muhammad Rasheed - *amused that you'd think I'd trust your judgment regarding what the POTUS' outlook is*

Muhammad Rasheed - I love it when you tag me in a post. It means I'm doin' something right.  :D

Muhammad Rasheed - I love you, too, Gary. lol

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