Sunday, November 22, 2015

Defending the Race

Clifton HatchettTurns out people get angry when you say white Americans are terrorists, too

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course they do. They believe the human drama is all about 'whites vs non-whites,' so of course THEY aren't the terrorists. That would be crazy talk. White people are the Good Guys of history! Even when they make "mistakes" as they call them, just wait a little while and then pour some Liquid Paper™ on it.

See?! Good as NEW!

Clifton Hatchett - Collectively delusional is what you just described, and apparently many in that lot were fans of of Bob Ross, with their ''happy little accidents.'' Like so what if a few million Black and Brown People die.

Lyle DeRoulet - Stop reading these bullshit race baiting head lines. You guy's don't talk to whites about shit, you post shit and read shit that was written to make you think that.

Muhammad Rasheed - So that guy DIDN'T walk up into that church and kill a bunch of blacks because he wanted the Turner Diaries to come true?

Muhammad Rasheed - Thank God a white dude showed up to tell us the truth! We almost went astray using our own brains!

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks, massa! [salute]

Lyle DeRoulet - I never said he didn't but thanks, I suppose you stole everyone's shoes afterwards too, because blacks don't like talking about that. See what I did..

Lyle DeRoulet - Don't take me wrong this guy should have died that day. All I'm saying is think about how many whites you do speak to about these issues and you'll know the truth. You saying this is just the same saying all of you steal do drugs and don't work. Social media is a bad thing in many ways. .

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The difference is that I don't believe all whites are terrorists. I don't know any blacks who do think that.

But I DO know plenty of Christian whites who believe blacks should never be president because they are black, and who believe Muslims should never be president because they are Muslims.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't want to take you wrong, Lyle. Feel free to explain your point of view further to make sure we are on the same page.

Lyle DeRoulet - True and I could say the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - About what?

Lyle DeRoulet - About the same issues blacks are just as racist. You did notice you showed your true color right off the bat. But I'm the bad guy.

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites have spent the last several centuries working hard to make sure the idea of White Supremacy is indoctrinated into everyone; the belief that whites are the only real 'persons' in society. We have to come to whites in order for new ideas to be legitimate, and legally entered into popular culture. This is the "true color" of the society I live in. Your attempt to make it seem as if non-whites have equal power and threaten White Supremacy is only in your head.

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, those two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan because the Japanese were the only true threat to the Global European White Supremacist Domination of the world in the 20th century. They were the only non-whites who actively tried to compete. The bombs were dropped to let the non-whites of the world know what the Euro-Ethnic was willing to do to maintain his economic-political dominance. He was NOT willing to share the world stage.

Muhammad Rasheed - That is the "true color" of the world.

Clifton Hatchett - Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the literal definition of a terrorist attack.

Lyle DeRoulet - So let me ask, why do you think I'm white?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Try to compete with us and we will melt your children into pools of radioactive goo. WHITE POWER!!!!"

Muhammad Rasheed - Lyle DeRoulet wrote: "So let me ask, why do you think I'm white?"

1.) Because of the nature of your responses in this thread

2.) Because of how you look in your profile photo

Lyle DeRoulet - See you point what you think is about race and not control. Do you think when blacks kill blacks it's about race getting rid of your competitors?

Lyle DeRoulet - Maybe you should try harder be forvyou judge. Clifton Hatchett go through my family pics and tell me what i am.

Muhammad Rasheed - The only blacks that kill blacks are the criminal element in poor neighborhoods. That same element among whites kills whites in poor white neighborhoods for the same reasons, and in similar numbers. That's a strawman argument.

Lyle DeRoulet - Oh so the rich or governments can't be criminal elements..

Muhammad Rasheed - The bigger issue is when the whites with the political power order the deaths of non-whites to further their ideological agenda of White Supremacy.

Lyle DeRoulet - Are you sure it's all about race of money? I know all you points.

Muhammad Rasheed - Lyle DeRoulet wrote: "Oh so the rich or governments can't be criminal elements.."

Don't be silly. You tried to derail the topic into pretending that poor black criminals killing poor people is the 'real' issue, and I took the time to address it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Lyle DeRoulet wrote: "Are you sure it's all about race of money? I know all you points."

It's all about a monopoly of power by the wealthiest Euro-Ethnic Groups. It's all about "whites versus nonwhites" by the European cultures waging war on everyone else.

They want to exploit everyone else for their own selfishness while pretending they are the good guys. That's what it is all about.

Muhammad Rasheed - That is the nature of the "race baiting," by the way. Somehow you think that the exploited classes complaining is where the race baiting starts. lol

It's not. It starts where the assholes going around attacking everyone else because they feel that they are the master race is where the race baiting began.

Lyle DeRoulet - Well since I can't post quickly enough on my phone against 2 people who attack me because of my skin and not my ideals this doesn't matter. Even if I make points you can't hear me, you just want to post and attack. Well have fun.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Attack you?"

Muhammad Rasheed - You're the one that saw the mug shot of your boy up there and showed up on your white horse to defend him, yes? wtf?

Clifton Hatchett - lollollol....he bailed.

Lyle DeRoulet - I wasn't attacking I just tire of that same lame posts from everyone on here.

Muhammad Rasheed - When is the quality of your own posts going to go up?

Muhammad Rasheed - Clifton, where do you find these people?

Lyle DeRoulet - I give a shit about him, it's the head line.

Clifton Hatchett - @Lyle...your only response can't be... ''I'm tired of this shit,'' because that's basically what your saying. I've never attacked you personally, so don't act like I have. @Muhammad....I'm a uniter not a It's a public page.

Muhammad Rasheed - It was rhetorical. lol

Clifton Hatchett - Lyle, you don't think that, and it's not true. I talk to White People exactly like this, to be clear, I talk to everyone the same. I attended Maury HS, just Google it, and it's in Ghent here in Norfolk, Google that too, and look at my friend list...lollollol... You really think I don't know any of them're crazy if you think that... Before you give yourself a fit, go and talk to racist you know personally, in your family, amongst your friends, and have an honest discussion, then tell me about it. Getting angry without cause helps no one.

Tony Brown - He can't be a terrorist, he has a "mental illness".

Clifton Hatchett - And I want you to know the difference Lyle.

Lyle DeRoulet - Don't take me wrong we all know racism is alive and well, to be honest I don't like arguing about nonsense post like these but damn that's all that's in my feed anymore. Half the people I friended for bad ass art only post accusational hate anymore..

Clifton Hatchett - We have friends and family being abused, beaten, and killed by people who are supposed to serve and protect, and there are people in elected positions and authoritative roles under investigation for KKK affiliation, you want everyone to ignore it, that's crazy.

Lyle DeRoulet - No but read this post it has nothing to do with what you have beef with.

Clifton Hatchett - Anonymous post a list with thousands of KKK(White People) names and the positions they hold, and mainstream media doesn't report it. Anonymous declares war on Isis(bad brown people) and it's all over the news. Somebody has to speak up.

Clifton Hatchett - ''Aversive Racism'' is a term pushed by two behavioral scientist, Samuel L Gaertner, and John F, Dovidio, you might find it to be interesting and it might provide insight into the topic and your position.

Muhammad Rasheed - Lyle DeRoulet wrote: "Clifton Hatchett go through my family pics and tell me what i am."

Muhammad Rasheed - Looks very Euro to me, but I'm not exactly a connoisseur...

Lyle DeRoulet - My Halloween is awesome.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's very subjective. lol

Lyle DeRoulet - It's Halloween and that's to far.

Clifton Hatchett - @Lyle...WTF is that shit? Explain yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - Calling this convo "race baiting" is too far to me, so I guess we're even.

Lyle DeRoulet - I made that lol. I was going to do that to a furry costume but made that instead lol.

Muhammad Rasheed - I thought he was going to say, "I don't have to explain myself to you [racial slurs]!!!"

I'll admit to a certain amount of disappointment. hahaha

Clifton Hatchett - WTF is THAT?

Lyle DeRoulet - I told you that's not me, I don't like the head line and that is race baiting. Clifton it's a Brony costume, there are people who are our age who get all crazy for my little pony.

Clifton Hatchett -

Clifton Hatchett - I have found this to very entertaining. Good Day Gentlemen.

Clifton Hatchett - wait,wait,wait,......WTF is that...lollollol...I can't stop laughing.

Clifton Hatchett - Now I'm gone. Be well.

Muhammad Rasheed - Lyle DeRoulet wrote: "I told you that's not me..."

Clifton Hatchett - Seriously...I try to leave, but this is just too much...lollollol....

Lyle DeRoulet - What ever lol later people's..

Muhammad Rasheed - Lyle DeRoulet wrote: "...I don't like the head line and that is race baiting."

You don't like the idea of your demographic being the bad guy of the story, and it makes you twitch with cognitive dissonance. That's all. The "race baiting" label is 100% bullshit.

Lyle DeRoulet - No it makes me feel like you. Being accused for my skin.

Clifton Hatchett -

Muhammad Rasheed - I have never accused a white person anything "because of their skin." That's you all's invention. No.

I accuse you of attacking the world and imposing your White Supremacist Domination on it so you can exploit everyone. "Race" is the banner the Euro attacker flew when he did it.

Lyle DeRoulet - Please reread what you just posted.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's an accusation of ACTIONS, not "skin color."

Muhammad Rasheed - Europeans began their global attack under the banner of Christianity, but that didn't last long since the victims could just convert their way out of the exploited class. So they invented White Supremacy as a political force.

Lyle DeRoulet - Well I guess I'll wait for my race to dominate so I one day can see the results. Because it's never helped me.

Muhammad Rasheed  - There's nothing wrong with you being 'white.' A member of the European ethnic groups. Celebrate that all you wish, with my blessing.

But there is PLENTY wrong with believing in that "White is Right! White people versus the world!" shit. THAT'S the part I reject as the world's greatest evil.

Lyle DeRoulet - It is wrong, supremacy over anyone isn't right.

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks. NOW we can start to agree.

Unless you ruin it.

Lyle DeRoulet - Lol I'm tired of bad headline flooding my feed is all. I like clifton and other but it's all people of color post anymore it seems.

Muhammad Rasheed - Cell phone cameras giving the "man in the street" the instant ability to record historical racist wrongs makes this a new era in speaking up for yourself.

Naturally I can understand why the idea of the exploited class speaking up for themselves, and becoming better able to advocate, would irritate you. You probably hate it and want everyone to just stop talking about it, amIright?

Lyle DeRoulet - No just lines like in this headline bother me.

Muhammad Rasheed - I have a few questions for YOU, Lyle:

What exactly makes the status post "nonsense?" Why do you consider it to be "race baiting" exactly?

Do you get mad when you hear/read "white Americans are terrorists, too?"

Clifton Hatchett - So the headlines bother you more than the actual atrocities being committed Lyle? Do you hear yourself?

Clifton Hatchett - Inquiring minds want to know?

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, look! More White Terrorists!

Race War Plot Leads to Five Arrests on Federal, State Charges

Muhammad Rasheed - Good thing we had the article in the status post provide the facts of the matter so we wouldn't be blindsided by even more of these folk's bullshit! *whew!*

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