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Our Cultures Are Not Costumes

Duke Center for Multicultural Affairs – 

James Zielinski - #OurCultureIsNotACostume

Now shut the fuck up.

Muhammad Rasheed - Members of the conqueror/exploiter class, dressing up in the uniforms and dress of the exploited classes they have a history of making fun of as inferior peoples, are the problem here. This is where the pushback is coming from. 

Two black comedians teasing the privileged conqueror class for some of their cultural traits isn't a problem for anyone.

Muhammad Rasheed - White people protesting when nonwhites pushback -- even a little bit -- against centuries of exploitation. 

Who didn't see that coming?

Sarah Mary - There are so many costumes that make fun of whites yet you don't see a single white person up here holding up a picture of a toothless hillbilly, or some dbag in a white trashbag, or some other racist shit. Why? Cause its Halloween. This is a bunch of PC horse shit.

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites are the conqueror, colonializer, exploiter class of the Western world. Even when they are dirt poor, they are privileged in society over nonwhites. Whites hold the power, politically and economically, and traditionally exploit nonwhites to uphold their privileged status. 

In the modern day, efforts are being made to correct these wrongs, and whites often protest the threatening of their privileged position.

Sarah Mary - So basically what your saying is that because I was born white I'm automatically more privileged and all the hard work I've put into my future doesn't count? Because of this fact it's acceptable for a black person to make fun of poor white America by dressing up as say a cowboy or girl for example but its racist if I decided to go as Nicki minage or however you spell her name and use some pillows or something for her over glorified and obviously unnatural body.. That would be racist?

Sarah Mary - Or if I used "blackface" on top of it instead of trying to avoid being perceived as racist because of past history when women themselves in general were not allowed to be performers?

Muhammad Rasheed - As a white person, you are more privileged automatically when you are born in a Eurocentric society that is based upon a White Supremacist ideology and exploitation of nonwhites. Whether you personally work hard and maximum that situation for your advantage in life is irrelevant. 

When members of the privileged-conqueror class pretend that society is equal, and complain when the traditional members of the exploited classes give any kind of pushback against historical wrongs, it comes across as spoiled entitled whining. It does not sound like an appeal to justice/fairness at all.

Brian McGuckin - Privileged or superiorly smarter? Technologically, throughout the past 1000 years, Europeans and Asians were far more advanced than the rest of the world's cultures desire and will to discover new lands for settlement and trade. The rest of civilization were sleeping. So yeah, then they decided to share their new lands with their neighbors. Just the way it rolls... History!

Muhammad Rasheed - Privileged. The European sole advantage in the last five centuries was their use of the colonializing war machine to enslave their competition, creating the European Cartel that dominated the world by exploiting all non-Europeans that they seized. If they were inherently mentally superior, then there would have been no need to legally prevent nonwhites from rising in status from education and land ownership. No. 

The whites attacked everyone, enslaved/exploited them to generate massive wealth, and deliberately held them down to uphold their own exclusive Whitopia class at nonwhite expense. That's not 'superiorly,' that's evil.

Sarah Mary - Well in the case of costumes I guess I'd better go burn the fifty dollar blonde wig I bought made by Vivica A. Fox designed to show black women how their own hair should "really" look. #blacksagainstblackculture #butthatsnoneofmybusiness #whitepriviledge

Muhammad Rasheed - So pointing out some of the high profile psychological generational damage caused from five centuries of being told they are inferior to this other person is helping your point how exactly?

Alexandria Elizabeth - Brian you are wrong. 

Africans taught the Europeans everything they knew, all the way down to bathing. Whites wanted it to seem like they were the smarter race because they want to be the best in everything. Do your research. The Africans were kings and queens long before the white race was even accidentally made. The black race was first and was the creator. The white race ventured because of selfishness and wanted to conquer every land mass. The white race distributed the lessons and languages they learned from Africa and claimed it as their own. The white race has always stole the light from other races and will continue for years to come.

Sarah Mary - Really it's your high profile celebrities who should be rebuilding the image of your race. Not further continue "whitewashing" it not having them "twerk" or be "ratchet". Most black people don't even bother looking into their own cultural ethnicity. Most are happy to resign as " black". You ask a white person they'll say something like oh I'm irish or I'm Italian or I'm mixed in with German or English. Yet most black people are completely fine with being grouped in just by their skin tone when there is such an immense history in not only African cultures but Jamaican or Haitian etc. As well. But no black culture has started to revolve around beat drops booty shaking or some dumb diss made by some dumb rapper who's made millions influencing black people to commit crimes and "do time" in and out of prison systems.

Sarah Mary - The devil doesn't force or lie. He merely sets the stage for those to play the role.

Sarah Mary - It's actually been scientifically proven that life didn't "start" in Africa. To say they came first is also wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Chris Rock is a high profile celebrity. His "Good Hair" helped support the growing "natural hair" movement to counter the 'blond wig' item you mentioned.

2.) Your comment "Most black people" betrays your racist heart. There are some members of certain communities of blacks who behave a certain way, and prefer a certain entertainment. This by no means represents all blacks. Your decision to double-down on racism is interesting.

3.) The decision to fully commit to the role that the adversary sets in its stage is the force of evil in the earth. Deciding to believe the devil's suggests and inflict them upon others to enrich yourself (while indoctrinating the exploited classes that you are God's representative on earth here to save them from their own "nonwhite savagery"), is evil.

4.) actually + scientifically proven + no cited source = foolishness

Alexandria Elizabeth - Yes Muhammad!!! This poor poor American bred child!!!!

Sarah Mary - OK well everything you just said about me is everything you could use as a double standard for everything Alexandria has stated as well.

Sarah Mary - Then you know what I guess I'll be the one to say it if you don't like what America teaches then get the fuck out go be Canadian or some shit. The fact that both of you have made it a point to say that the black race is superior would be by definition racist.

Muhammad Rasheed - I challenged you to support your "actually it's been scientifically proven" comment, and you responded with the "Go back to XYZ if you don't like it!" line straight from the Ku Klux Klan Watchtower tract? Really?

Sarah Mary - How about instead of bitching on Facebook about white privileged bullshit.. You start a work shop and go around to inner city schools and teach future generations. Oh wait most are to lazy to take their hair curlers out before heading to Walmart.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alexandria was telling the truth. Western society was built upon the legacy knowledge from the civilizations of the past, with Ancient Egypt being the biggest contributor. Because Ancient Egypt was Black African during its golden age of accomplishments, it was necessary for the Eurocentric exploiter's institutions to paint a false narrative of who the old Egyptians were.

Sarah Mary - I do believe I did in fact post my own article to support my beliefs that not all races started in africa you can feel free to do the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Sarah… so your article references a paper by Klyosov and Rozhanski, yet their work isn't actually debunking the theory. Their paper admits that the African gene (haplogroup A) originated long before all others (in the 132,000 yr range), with a mixture group including the European gene family branch popping up from it in the 64,000 yr range. The paper states they found another group that popped up in the 160,000 yr range, and then oddly, say that even though they have zero idea where it came from geographically, state that it “probably” came from the Central Europe/Russia area. They believe that Europeans didn't descend from Africa because they lack certain types of genes, but this is absurd. The point of "Out of Africa" theory is the acknowledgement that there ARE numerous distinct gene types in Africa, but only one migrated off the continent to eventually become everyone else. Klyosov & Rozhanski's hypothesis could only sorta make sense if the estimated date for the first Out-of-Africa migration was chiseled in stone and known as an absolute fact. It is not. The fact that the authors themselves were surprised that the African gene turned out to be even older than assumed should be the first clue.

I cannot accept this article as the "actually it's been scientifically proven" debunking you claimed it to be, but only more White Supremacist speculative wishful thinking.

Kimberly Medina - Sarah you're such a sorry excuse for a human being trying to deny your blatant racism. It's funny because any of those "white stereotypes" will NEVER EVER get your people killed, unlike all the racist stereotypes you just threw are the exact reason why many members of the black community are being gunned down (Most Unarmed & Innocent). But thanks for not improving society and just being a waste of space, you seem to be an expert at that.

Sarah Mary - Woww see with everyone else in this conversation we articulate our debate right, wrong or indifferent without personally slandering eachother. Yes there has been racial stereotypes thrown around but none personally directed at eachother. I have said that the majority of what I'm personally seeing on a day to day basis definitely has fit the stereotype that I've pointed out. But I haven't personally attacked anyone who has countered my statement as such.

Sarah Mary - So therefore savior of the people over Facebook Kimberly Medina because someone dared to show a differing opinion I become a waste of space. You obviously have never practised in any sort of debate.

Sarah Mary - To say that what I see to form my opinion that actual persons who identify as black and taking an avid interest in their actual heritages is fewer and farther between is not a crime to become a worthless human being. I'm actually very disheartened by this. I work with beautiful black women who portray themselves with power and I have nothing but respect for them. I deal with male and female customers who come in and are courteous and gracious and I have nothing but respect for them. I will not respect though that it has seem to become normal behavior to have "ratchet" shit or anything like that. Further more that is not at all the AMERICAN culture I was taught. Gangster rap all that crap glorifies that kind of life. I'm not going to stand by that and wonder how statistics are so radical. But in no way have I once personally made an insult to anyone here except you.

Muhammad Rasheed - That "lazy/hair curlers/Walmart" comment was very insulting, Sarah.

Sarah Mary - I agree that it is insulting but it was never directly towards you or your family or any personal relations to you I simply said "most".
Muhammad Rasheed - The insulting, racist aspect of your "most" is the obvious fallacy involved in how you could possibly know what "most" black people are like. People often subjectively notice items that they believe supports their biases, and unconsciously develop the habit of ignore the ones that don't. Stereotypes are bad because people judge the entire greater demographic based on what some groups within the demographic do (or have done). When members of the privileged, politically powerful class stereotype, it can mean the entire demographic will suffer... being held back from opportunities for generations.

Classism is older than racism. Each ethnic group has different economic classes, each with their own sub-culture and life preferences. , and each tend to be markedly very different in life style and values. "Ghetto" blacks in the lower class neighborhoods, as well as their "trailer trash" poor white counterparts, live in ways, and value things, very different from middle class blacks and whites further up the class ladder. To judge ALL blacks or ALL whites based on uncouth behaviors of the most unsophisticated of those demographics is evil, and a strong component of racism in this country.

Sarah Mary - K but no one is saying all of anyone soo whats your point.

Sarah Mary - This post is about costumes and not one picture has a white person holding a picture with "my culture is not a costume" yet there are plenty of "racist" white costumes.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Sarah… You keep using the "negative stereotypes are true for 'most' black people" defense, and my point is to prove that idea false. Based on all of the White Supremacist stuff that popped up when I researched your "actually" article, I think your stance on this topic runs a lot deeper than you are trying to pretend.

The exploited class is discouraged from embracing their own culture ("Speak American or go back to XYZ land!") and told to assimilate to a limited degree by the privileged class. The privileged class does not assimilate into the nonwhite cultures as they feel they are inherently inferior. Obviously nonwhites dressing up as white ethnic types is not the same as the opposite scenario. Eurocentric domination is still the norm.

Bradley Aycock - Our culture is not costumes... too soon? lol

Archie Lee Donaldson Jr. - Nope kmsl

Muhammad Rasheed - What 'culture' is he representing? 'Superstar?" lol

Bradley Aycock - clearly he was black and made himself into a costume. so he is representing European or English cultures. yes white people like myself have cultures my friend.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Let's try that again:

What 'culture' is being represented in the pic?

Bradley Aycock - okay, if whites have no culture then neither do you. we all come from some cultural background. all these photos are is people finding a reason to be butt hurt. I come from an english/European decent. I'm here because of the first settlers. thanksgiving is a cultural thing. with all that aside, it's a joke that went way over your head.

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course Europeans have many cultures.

Which one is being represented in this pic?

James Parker - Michael Jackson had Vitiligo you idiot, he didn't make himself into a costume, that was literally a skin condition omfg

Gretchen Lea - What about these

Richard Tufts - Totally.

I mean, no one will ever say it or think it, but if all the rest of these are super-duper discriminant and stereotypical, then so is that one.

I mean, that;s only fair, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - European ethnic types can wear other Europeans' cultural dress as costumes without thinking the natives of those Euro-countries are inherently inferior to them. 

When they wear nonwhite/nonEuropean outfits, they are usually calling them racist derogatory names and giggling.

Duke Center for Multicultural Affairs – 

Laura Chin - What is this one?

Ritika Rastogi - A caricature of jewish people

Archie Lee Donaldson Jr. - This is stupid

Muhammad Rasheed  - 

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