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...those whose portion is Your wrath

Riley Freeman - Muhammad Rasheed?

Muhammad Rasheed - This represents the opinion piece propaganda tract of the pagan community, and I reject it. The first human worshipped the One God; paganism was the taint that came later from the weakened mind that needed something tangible to focus a weak worship upon. God rose up countless prophet-messengers among the ancient Africans to guide us back onto the straight & narrow path of uncompromising monotheism before Western academic recorded history even began. We have a long history of proving we preferred pagan foolishness over the Truth of God's Way, and were given chance after chance, after chance, after chance, after chance to get it right... for tens of thousands of years... by the One who is Most Merciful. It was we who, in our ages old continuous rejection, that had God finally choose the semite tribes over us to close the canon of revealed scripture, and serve as guardians of the Book. It should've been us, but we spit on His message too many times for his Taste.

Muhammad Rasheed - You may keep your pagan tracts. Or share them with those to whom there is interest.

Muhammad Rasheed - As far as the "Christianity comes along" part, the European conquerors quickly gave up that angle, in favor of conquering in the name of White Supremacy, because of the fact that the conquered could always convert their way out of the exploited state proved to be unprofitable for the empire.

Riley Freeman - In the hands, of the oppressors was the King James Bible, the foundation of much of American Christianity today.

Muhammad Rasheed - Notice that any deficiencies within the KJB, didn't stop the very pro-KJB Black Church from leading the fight for our civil rights during one of the Black American's finest moments. The issues you have with that version of the book would appear to be low impact.

Marcellus Shane Jackson - Yes, but we only needed "civil rights" after our independence and prosperity was destroyed through domestic terrorism. Civil rights, I might add, we still do not truly have.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, but that was done under the banner of European White Supremacy, not through Christianity.

Muhammad Rasheed - The way he interpreted and preferred to live by his religion had nothing to do with us and our walk in the faith. Christianity is bigger than Europe and its pretentions. If they had indeed invented it from scratch then that would be a different story.

Riley Freeman - Don't confuse the fact that the black church lead the civil rights fight with them being based on religion because many great leaders such as Evers, King, and even brother malcolm were killed and the black hasn't lead shit since except the robbery of the poor sheep in their flocks. It was the men that lead the mission, not the book.

Muhammad Rasheed - The confusion lies in the continuing to link Christianity to White Supremacist racism in a knee-jerk uncritical reaction devoid of facts. The men who were killed had deep knowledge of scripture; those remaining were content to be spoon fed sound bites in the typical stance of the sheep.

Marcellus Shane Jackson - Not JUST through Christianity. It was appropriated for our servitude. The papacy "vehicle" and justification for the willful murder and enslavement of millions. With no word or curse from "god" to foil it. So if we are to "believe" that it was god's will to allow treacherous inhumanity to be conducted in "his" name, the we must only conclude the "he" is not only a bigot but a sadist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Marcellus, I would only conclude that if I were unfamiliar with scripture and operated from a deficit in scriptural understanding. 

I do not.

Muhammad Rasheed - God does not treat humanity like puppets, and nothing in scripture says that He is supposed to, as those who lack knowledge of the book's contents often claim (or imply). We are free to choose our own path, to accept or reject righteousness as we so wish. The message of God is for us to guard, preach and perform in the earth. The ones who win His favor are those who do so, while those that earn His displeasure reject the message. God allows us to be free and act like humans.

Riley Freeman - You can not read the king James version of the bible and not tell me that these are not what you would teach a slave. First you begin by telling this slave that they are cursed and unworthy and that is the reason for their plight. Then you tell them that they must listen to your commands and follow them without question or both them and their loved ones will be severely punished. Then you yall them that, after all of this that, in order to be redeemed, they need to forgive you and everything that you have done to them because in return for their undying loyalty, they will receives wealth and riches in the next life. Now I believe in God as the almighty, but you're out of your mind if your asking me to believe that shit.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is this something you have read yourself in scripture, or did another pagan make the claim in an FB meme? 

Post up your direct quotes from the KJB and let's break 'em down.

Riley Freeman - I've read the kjb, as I was raised in the black Baptist Church sir. To sit there and call me a pagen only shows the color if your fleece. To post to you would be like posting to a brick wall because your mind is already to closed to see the shackles. Smdh.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I asked if you got this opinion from another pagan meme, I didn't call you a pagan. Your defensiveness is telling though. 

Let's try that again. Since you claim to have been raised in the church, with an implied comprehensive knowledge of scripture, then post up the direct quotes from the KJB and let's break 'em down with an objective mutual study.   Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm not open to the debate. I just haven't seen any reason thus far to respect your opinion on the topic, with my first clue being the other thread we were arguing in today, and the second being the meme above you tagged me in.

Riley Freeman - "Is this something you have read yourself in scripture, or did ANOTHER PAGEN make the claim in an FB meme?"

Don't pull the same bs that you did the other day where you made a statement and then backtracked. If you're big enough to day the words, stand behind then, don't try to hide them. The fact is that no matter what I say, would won't respect my views on this topic or any one else's who has a view that differs from your own. Mainly because youthful you've been fleeced and don't can't even see it.

Muhammad Rasheed - *sighhhh*

Did another pagan make the speculated other memes that you learned these opinions from. Try to keep up, please. #JesusWept

Muhammad Rasheed - Let the record show that between the two of us, you're the only one who believes I backtracked with bs the other day. From my position, you refused to admit that meme was of GOP/Tea Party origins and was a message from that bag of nonsense.

Riley Freeman - Why does it need to be a Pagen who would have to have an opinion that differed from your own? Like I said, you're sheep. You claim to be so enlightened and yet you sit there in the dark. I feel sorry for you.

Muhammad Rasheed - You have a point. The meme creator could just as easily prove to be an atheist as a pagan. It is all one to me. To reject the One God of Abraham is to stand firmly on the side of the losing team.

Anyway are you going to post up your KJB quotes or jibber-jabber? 

En garde, Riley.

Riley Freeman - You backtracked sir. First you stated that you had not heard of it. then you claimed you weren't privy to it. Then you claimed that you knew of it but just didn't participate in any discussions about it. You backtracked sir. Just admit it. I mean you could go back and read what you did but you refuse to because you know your own guilt.

Muhammad Rasheed - Riley wrote: "First you stated that you had not heard of it."

And you are proving yourself to be either semi-literate, or intellectually dishonest. I'll let you pick.

You are also proving you favor a penchant for the cowardly ducking of direct challenges btw.

Riley Freeman - As I stated your mind is closed. If your whole opinion is that someone who has mistrust or doesn't believe in the bible does not believe in God then you're sheep sir. You've been lead, fed, and ripe to be shaved.

Muhammad Rasheed - I reject anything you state regarding your opinions of me. They are worthless.

Be so kind as to test the strength of your religious argument instead by posting the scriptural proof of your earlier claims, please.

Riley Freeman - It's in your post for you to read. If you refuse to go back and check facts, then what is the point. You refuse to listen and choose to talk without direction.

Riley Freeman - Good. I never asked you to accept my opinion of you sir. If doubt that if someone isn't cosigning or kissing your ass that you listen anyways. I'm just bewildered as to how you could have read the King James bible and not see the pattern. But then again, I doubt you've actually ready it.

Muhammad Rasheed - At this point it is clear you have no idea what a "fact" is, Riley. I don't listen to nonsense, and your earlier claims about the KJB, with a conspicuous refusal to post up quotes to prove your point, is the very definition of "talking without direction."

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Please stop pretending that you've read the bible for yourself. You are only continuing to embarrass yourself. You obviously have no idea what's in it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Riley wrote: "I never asked you to accept my opinion of you"

It's implied every time you oddly begin a sentence with "As I stated..." You may keep the "insight" to yourself.

Riley Freeman - If you don't see the pattern in the Bible, then you are far from ready it. The only one embarassing themselves is you. You're sheep, plain and simple.

Muhammad Rasheed - Please be aware that the "patterns" you see from your no doubt trichinosis-fueled visions are only in your own head. Unless you want to start actually posting scriptural proof to back up your claims, you are only flapping nonsense from your pork grease sucker.

Riley Freeman - Follow the buzzards for they lead to the sheep who were walked unto their slaughter. The bones were picked dry as they lay in the vast wasteland of their own ignorance. Smdh.

Muhammad Rasheed - Notice how none of this drivel you just posted is from the bible? smh lol

Riley Freeman - And I notice that in the whole time that you have disputed the truth that you have yet to offer anything other than your own personal opinion. So how can you demand something that you yourself have not provided? Exactly. Sheep.

Muhammad Rasheed - Riley...

You're the one that made the claim that the KJB is full of "how to make and keep a slave" guidance. I asked you to prove it by posting direct quotes (that you MUST have read for yourself in order to gain this opinion, right?) so we could have a rational debate and either confirm or refute the contention. You literally refused to back up your claims, yet here you want to say that you stated a "truth."

Tell me, what color is the sky in your world? (is it swine colored?)

Muhammad Rasheed - Anything you claim to "notice" will be justifiably given the twisty lip.

Riley Freeman - Is the whole pork eating thing supposed to be some kind of insult over that sandwich that you wished you had? I think it is. Funny how you miss 100 no pork dishes that I post on a weekly basis but concentrate on that one as an insult. But it does say allot about your mindset. But I digress. I believe that you are the one who came to this post starting with claims that you have yet to back up. You claim to be so knowledgeable and enlightened but this shows that you truly are not.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's intended as a light dig since you obviously don't believe in avoiding swine flesh, combined with the fact that you are obviously a good cook. It wasn't intended to be an insult of any serious weight since I don't consider you an enemy or anything like that.

I gave you my opinion of the meme you tagged me in. Is it my fault you didn't follow up by asking me for more information, the way I asked you to back the claims that you decided to counter with instead? I have a meeting to run to. Try to get your game up before my return, please. There's a lad.

Riley Freeman - I don't believe in avoiding swine flesh. My girlfriend is muslim, I am not. Majority of what i cook is for her, which is why you see 95% of the dished with either beef or chicken. Oh yeah, i did tag you in it. I actually forgot about that. And while I respect your take and opinion, I;m suprised that, as a muslim, you would support the king james bible. I mean from Lot to jonah,Moses, and so forth and so on, the Old Testiment was about obedience and servitude without question. And the new testiment was about forgiveness and untold riches in the afterlife for your faith and following. Now, I believe in God. And I believe that God is a universal figure that could unite so many religions if they would just focus on their commonality instead of their indifference. But The KJB reeks of tailoring.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I am a Muslim. As such I support all Abrahamic sacred scripture, with a preference for the Qur'an. I'm open to have a debate where I am required to defend the bible from attack. That will be fun. Are you game or not?

Riley wrote: "...the Old Testiment was about obedience and servitude without question."

Deliberate obedience & servitude to the Supreme Creator of the universe and His anointed representative on earth is how we will win the game of life. Now that the Age of the Prophets is over, the current representative of the One God is revealed scripture itself, and it behooves the believer to study its pages so that he will know what it is that his Lord requires of him in order to be in compliance. That way some colonialist, enslaving jackass won't be able to show up in a giant wooden ship and tell you something contradictory to what the scripture says, as a random example.

Gregory Allum - Of the first human worshipped the One God, shouldn't all African's be Jewish? What about the ancient religions that were recorded prior that time?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why in the world would the first human be Jewish? The "Jews" were established with the 12 tribes of Jacob.

Muhammad Rasheed - There were ancient religions going back ages in Africa, and the most important one is where the people were instructed to worship the One God, following an unbroken line of anointed messengers from distant antiquity to connect to the Semite tribe chronicles.

Gregory Allum - Because Judaism was the basis of Christianity and Islam prior to the Messiah and Prophet arriving

Riley Freeman - The people of Jerusalem are called Jews, are they not?

Gregory Allum - So what are your thoughts on the Asian religions that were recorded thousands of years? BTW, not starting an argument, just getting your view point is all

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gregory… "Judaism" is a very specific religious practice, composed of very specific rituals and beliefs. It is primarily composed of study and knowledge revolving around the Talmud, which didn't exist prior to Jacob's prophethood.

The faith practiced by Abraham was stripped down to raw submission to the One God on a simplified template. He believed, he prayed, he fasted, he performed tithes and charity, and protected the faithful. His distant descendants wrapped "Judaism" around the pure faith he provided to mankind with the mercy of his Lord.

Muhammad Rasheed - Riley Freeman wrote: "The people of Jerusalem are called Jews, are they not?"

The Muslims and Christians that live there aren't.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gregory Allum wrote: "So what are your thoughts on the Asian religions that were recorded thousands of years?"

It's the same. God anointed messengers among them, too, to instruct the people in scripture & wisdom. But the people rebelled, and worshiped other than the One God who made them, necessitating more prophet-messengers to guide them back to the path. As in the pauline Christian example, some of those messengers the people ended up worshiping as deities themselves, drawing down the wrath of the Creator. These ancient people, too, could have been in the running to be guardians of the final message, but their continuous rebellion caused them to fall out of favor.

Gregory Allum - Hmm, interesting. Thanks for your response.

Muhammad Rasheed - No prob.

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