Thursday, October 29, 2015

Respect the FLOTUS

Muhammad Rasheed -

William H. Foster III - Yikes Almighty.

Bakkah Rasheed-Shabazz - Zombies???? Real zombies???

Riley Freeman - It's 2015, this meme is 2 terms late.

Muhammad Rasheed - Not while they are still calling her "Moochelle."

Riley Freeman - And? She's now joined the same club as Bushes wives, Nancy Reagan, and so forth and so on.

Muhammad Rasheed - And they've never stopped disrespecting her, proving their oddly proud low class status.

Riley Freeman - And the still say Barbara Bush looks like a man, even have made comedic parodies of such with men playing her. They called Nancy Reagan anorexic. And they still call Hillary Clinton a pants suit wearing lesbian. How are the rest considered comedy while this is disrespect?

Muhammad Rasheed - Was the GOP doing that to Bush and Reagan?

I've never called those two FLOTUS' those things, nor have I thought that was comedy. Humor is subjective, but there's no way I would consider calling my First Lady of the USA a "fat cow." I will never understand how that is supposed to be funny. Unless, of course, I put on some racist-tinted glasses...

Riley Freeman - Sir. The example you showed was not GOP members. But democrat party members did it to those examples that I mentioned. And not one person, GOP or democrat came out in their defense while outlets such as Saturday night live feed into those insults.

Your post is not about you. Your post is about someone daring to insult a first lady. I'm pointing out that it has been and continues to be done. But I'm unsure as to how you don't think calling someone's wife an old man, a perceived coke addict, or a lesbian dictator is less insulting. Or are you just glancing over that?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'll tell you what my post is about, no need to guess.

The President set an easy, low-hanging fruit trap for the low class to out themselves, and they predictably marched their goofy asses through that door, grinning with teeth all askew. The posted image was designed to showcase that.

No more, no less.

Muhammad Rasheed - As an added bonus, you enabled me to mini-rant regarding my disdain for racist jackasses calling my FLOTUS a 'fat cow.'

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks.

Riley Freeman - So the fact that no traps were set in the past no traps were set insults were still nationally run means that the other side had to reach while the people who you are criticizing had to be be baited? Wouldn't that then be entrapment?

Riley Freeman - Get a tampon sir because you're both reaching and dripping at the same time and it's making a mess.

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, the insults had already started, thus necessitating the President's quote above. The trap was designed to reveal the culprits for what they were, despite any delusions to the contrary.

RE: Your 'reaching' comment, I'm going to continue to not take ownership of the nonsense you invent about me. That last convo underneath that Tea Party meme you found demands that all attempts to read my mail from you be heavily screened. lol

Riley Freeman - To be clear, if you have to spot someone the f, the c , and the k, then you can't then you be made that someone says the word FUCK. I guarantee you that they already know who made the initial insult. To try to bait others into saying it is entrapment.

And as far nonsense being invented about you, you're just reaching because I'm not high fiving and patting you on the back and am instead providing contradictory well know information. Now if you feel that you need to keep changing your story, then I will certainly take your bait and point it out.

Muhammad Rasheed - They were going to say it anyway; such is the nature of the beast. The trap was just designed to have the culprits peel off the label and press it into their greasy foreheads themselves.

I'm not reaching at all, and I'm sidestepping your own attempts to label my arguments because they are without substance and I disagree with them. You "pointing out" something that I don't even remotely agree is true is merely a waste of your own time. Your attempts will only result in enabling me to flesh out my argument in more detail. You may keep trying as you like.

Riley Freeman - My point is this. If you choose to use the same tactics as those who you ate against then it's no different than the Klan and Skin heads. They go by different names and claim that they are different and above one another add far as their historical prestige goes but, in the end, they have the exact same goal. And none if it is good. Plain and simple.

Muhammad Rasheed - That doesn't make a lick of sense. You may keep your point.

Muhammad Rasheed - I reject out of hand the idea, weirdly packaged as a "plain and simple" one, that the two opposing camps are possessed of equal force on an equal ground. There's no way. You're going to have to submit a strong argument indeed to persuade me of THAT.

But I'm open. Let's hear it.

Riley Freeman - You're fighting for a camp that has the same self indulged goals as the other camp. They just use different means by which to do it. Two different camps, same end result. Don't believe the hype or follow the sheep.

Muhammad Rasheed - Not likely since I don't self-identify as a Democrat. I'm a fan of the Obama clan from reading his two celebrated books early in his original presidential run, and I became a bigger fan of his Administration after his Moderate policies demonstrated he thinks closer to my own preferences than I originally suspected he would.

And I am the least sheep-like person you know.

Riley Freeman - Then you are, like me, an individual. I salute you. Unfortunately the political machine is who keeps race an issue, who keeps classism an issue, who feed never ending debates where their campaign promises day that they have the answer when they know they don't. When the people actually take action themselves instead of depending on these carrot danglers then, ands only then, real change will come

Muhammad Rasheed - I agree that the ideals the country promises are 100% wrapped up in the initiative and hard work of the people themselves, and not in the magical wave of the hand of leadership. What leadership can provide is vision, enabling the people to see more, or better, options than they had grown used to. I think Obama can help many citizens do so, the ones who needed it most.

I disagree with the concept that politics is what keeps racism as an issue, when the entire Western civilization is based upon exploitation of nonwhite/non-Europeans. Only the conqueror class need the illusion that all we have to do is stop bring up race in order for it to disappear. Class will always be an issue as well because we live in a society in which there are differing levels of communities who live along a hierarchal tier of income differentials. Why wouldn't these things be brought up considering they are major components of the world we live in?

Riley Freeman - When I say that things are kept an issue it's due a lack of proper political action to curb or prevent. We all know that it will never be eradicated but the political system often plays dumb when it comes to these issue instead of being proactive.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, the political machine doesn't have the ability to fix the race issue, and it will never be fixed. Not when members of the conqueror class are more than willing to pretend the infamous historical atrocities were exaggerated fictions, and the exploited classes should just shut up and accept the way things are. These conditions will guarantee a regular feeding of traditional resentments from the one side, and a continuing patronizing dismissiveness from the other.

Riley Freeman - So the fact that the political machine openly recognizes atrocities inflicted on Jews and native Americans but chooses to brush off slavery is a sign that they don't have the power to do something? They have the power to at least acknowledge, but they choose not to.

Muhammad Rasheed - They don't have the power to fix it because exploitation of nonwhites is a major component of Western Society. Western Society is all about a Eurocentric monopoly for whites at the expense of all others. The political machine will always sabotage a genuine competition against that power. But they can certainly continue to pretend to fix it by instituting more of those popular polarizing partisan policies that don't work though.

Riley Freeman - Acknowledgement is step one. If you're saying that those effected need to just "let it go already " or history books are allowed to describe slaves as "unpaid workers" while empathy is given to the holocaust, the trail of tears, etc then the givernment, itself, becomes the oppressing force.

Muhammad Rasheed - The gov has always been a tool of the oppressing force, which is a fundamentally White Supremacist society.

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