Friday, June 12, 2015

Guerrilla in the Midst: The Agenteur

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Guerilla in the Midst: The Agenteur." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 23 May 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Muhammad Rasheed - "I like yo eyes. Dey so pretty. You got that GOOD hair. You should be president of this chapter."


Milton Davis - 'She ain't white! She high yellow!'

Radi Lewis - Im done with both of yall..LMAO

Kristopher Michael Mosby - Forget that Red Nation crap, I'm laying out and soaking up as much Sun as I can this year!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Better hurry up.

Muhammad Rasheed - We gone be checkin' papers in a minute.

Jerry Lee Brice - It's like arctic type of temperatures up in Spokane,Washington when I was forced to spend couple of days there, and frankly, they are lucky to have at least somebody up there trying to be black, because i ony saw one black person there for hundreds of miles..and that was me, and i could not stand it past 48 hrs...

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ "and that was me"

Muhammad Rasheed - What did they need that chapter there for then? Because Rachel found the Affirmative Action application?

Jerry Lee Brice - Who knows,..but one could think that if you are in a city where the black folks make up only 1.9 percent of the population there, they probably are getting dissed, and need some sort of lobbying in their favor, because i ca not see any scenario for theblack vote at those numbers ever being significant enough to care, they will need the aide and assistance of the NAACP and more, or we will be watching the cops there beat down black folks like in Ferguson, missouri, another small, got to think about being totally underepresented in every way in your town.

Muhammad Rasheed - Comes across more like a 'keeping them in line' org, all things considered.

Muhammad Rasheed - Let me see your papers, John. Something's fishy about you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Recite "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing," too.

Jerry Lee Brice - You could look at it cynically like that, or positively as i stated...but in reality, you could say that about EVERY organization in existence that represents the causes of any given people, or physical affliction, and of course it's just something that can be surmised to simply be a judgement of organizations, good or bad, but has nothing to do with the particulars of that any organization actually does.  It's more like a prejudgement of social organizations...kind of closed minded somewhat.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry Lee Brice wrote: "You could look at it cynically like that, or positively as i stated..."

Nothing motivates me to give them the benefit of the doubt considering the infamous racial wealth gap is literally wider than ever, I don't have my Reparations program, nor do I witness them helping the Black community fight to pressure the Democratic Party to commit to our Black Political Agenda. They need to try harder. I'll pass out another report card after our traditional enemy kills another unarmed Black next week.

Jerry Lee Brice - ...face it, religion keeps people in line, and is used as crowd control.That's what you need to fight, not social organizations fighting for the rights of any particular group...including the one we belong to via our race.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "...face it, religion keeps people in line..."

Who is being kept in line with religion? Does White Jesus keep white people from slaughtering innocents? Does their religion keep their savage racism in check?

Muhammad Rasheed - Hm?

Muhammad Rasheed - The NAACP was founded to nullify the Niagara Movement's Black empowerment efforts and Booker T. Washington's "Drop your bucket where you are" message. I am not surprised at all to find a fraudulent white woman pretending to be black in that chapter's post. In fact, I expect nothing good from the NAACP as they have indeed worked hard to make this so. They like to pretend fired-up superstar activist Thurgood Marshall's successes were THEIR successes, meanwhile they really tried to get him to sit the fuck down somewhere and stop disturbing white folks.

Muhammad Rasheed - Fake pro-black org, pretending to have my back, designed from the BEGINNING to kill the message I really needed, and LOOK! Surprise! Look what we found!

Muhammad Rasheed - "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure. "Religion" is the problem.


Muhammad Rasheed - W.E.B. Du Bois was an atheist, and his white supremacist puppeteered NAACP was full of shit. 

Muhammad Rasheed - Religion was the fuel that backed the Civil Rights Mission that got that act passed. I can fucking VOTE because of the efforts of the Black CHURCH!

Jerry Lee Brice - Tell the truth, you are against these organizations for whatever reason...but the NAACP was founded with white people, and being black has never been a requirement to run it...
You got white friends NOW, probably work for white folks, do business with them...

Muhammad Rasheed - But that pagan ass 'Talented Tenth' bullshit -- from a fucking atheist -- leads directly to this anti-Black, grifting white woman!!!!!!!

There's the fruit of your "talented tenth" idolatry right THERE!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - But, sure. "Religion is the problem."


Jerry Lee Brice - Religion is the opiate of the masses...

Muhammad Rasheed - Right.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol smh

Jerry Lee Brice -'s just that you agree with religion, and you choose to not agree with social organizations like the that's that.

John Crosby - Um I'm just real light skinned. Real real light skinned.

This whole situation is....still don't have the words for it. Smh

Muhammad Rasheed - Black Church + effective politics = Civil Rights Act

NAACP = Deliberately sabotaging the Niagara Movement's Black empowerment program

Jerry says: "You like religion and hate the NAACP because of magic."

Muhammad Rasheed - Right. "Just because."

Muhammad Rasheed - Stop fucking with me, Jerry. Is this revenge for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao thing? I told you he wasn't going to win!

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "It's more like a prejudgement of social organizations...kind of closed minded somewhat."

This is a strawman. I have a beef with just ONE "social organization." The one designed specifically to nullify the efforts of one of my most effective black leaders in history. 

Your blind faith anti-religious stance is the very definition of "close-minded" since you are conspicuously ignoring the fact that the Black Church was the leading entity in getting the Civil Rights Act passed. How do you justify your "religion is the opiate" comment now? Oh, that's right... by conveniently ignoring it. Don't call me close-minded again.

Jerry Lee Brice - Not at all, i just like trying to negotiate and follow a argument fighting itself.I don't follow your devorion to a religion, yet you seem to clown others similar devotion to a social organization?..and if you are religious, you may have heard that satan is the author of confusion, and confused loyalties and priorities...i just see religious organizations as being on the same level as any social service organizations..  And i like white people, have issues with people of every i can't follow what you feel about white folks, because i can't follow the logic.

Muhammad Rasheed - This isn't a matter of not liking white people. Aren't they the first ones to point out that not all the members of a given group are all bad? Who doesn't know that?

My beef is with the ones who ARE bad.

Muhammad Rasheed - John Crosby up there didn't shoot any black kids buying some Skittles. I have no reason to hate him.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is yet another strawman.

Jerry Lee Brice - By the way, i am a follower of a religious organization, i just don't wear my religion on my i see other's are wont to do.  i just live it...

Muhammad Rasheed - Does the religious text you claim to follow point blank tell you to preach the message like both the bible and Qur'an do? If so, then you can't claim to "live it" can you?

Jerry Lee Brice - ..and I also understand the church is viewed by the government to be a not for profit organization, under the same tax code as all religions there is a vast similarity in these organizations...

Muhammad Rasheed - The church or the NAACP?

Muhammad Rasheed - There's a similarity in all organizations in which people gather for mutual benefit.

Jerry Lee Brice - I am not impressed by men who publicly proclaim their religion...that's your personal issue, as it is mine...but the business of the organizations religious or social are viewed as the same by the government.  THe only thing a person has to do is agree with the mission of the church/social group and champion their causes..

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "I am not impressed by men who publicly proclaim their religion..."

Well, why is that important? So?  GOD... the Supreme Creator of the universe... commanded the believer to preach His message. WHO ASKED YOU if you were impressed by it or not? 

I mean, really.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "that's your personal issue, as it is mine...but the business of the organizations religious or social are viewed as the same by the government.  THe only thing a person has to do is agree with the mission of the church/social group and champion their causes.."

Okay, so you want to downplay the fact that it was the religion that brought these people together to fight for this cause, because it 100% destroys your nonsense philosophy of it being an "opiate." Somehow the religion part wasn't at play, amIright?

Muhammad Rasheed - Right. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - "Magically religion didn't have anything to do with it that time because it messes up my personal philosophy."

Jerry Lee Brice - I did not say that anyone asked me, i just stated that, as you stated a lot that i never asked..all I can say to you for the additional information, is thank you for that.
You see, some of our religions do teach us social grace....because when we argue, fuss and fight over these personal issues, we are only singing praises to satan...because I believe that is satanic.
..but there again, religion, pretty personal....

Muhammad Rasheed - So, God said, "Preach my message to mankind," while Jerry says, "If you preach God's message to mankind (making me uncomfortable personally) it means you're really worshiping satan."

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... which one should I take seriously...?

Jerry Lee Brice - i se choose to beleive in a religous doctrine, and on the same note, you choose to disagree with the doctrine and mission of the NAACP...but let's be clear, it is all a choice to believe,...or not.But the groups pretty much serve a similar purpose...

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - The mission and doctrine of the NAACP was to sabotage the Niagara Movement. Knowing my people's history is why I take that stance.

I would be a fool to subscribe Al-Islam to the mission of the NAACP saboteur spy-ring.

Jerry Lee Brice - I believe that to Prosthelytize is satanic...that is what my religion teaches me...and my family, so i tend to view these type of public displays as satanic.
i am aware that some religions teach the exact opposite, i just do not believe in those religious practices...

Jerry Lee Brice - On the other hand, a social organization publically proclaiming and fighting for their mission and cause, is a good thing.that's what they are set up to do...

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "I believe that to Prosthelytize is satanic..."

Which is literally the exact opposite of what God said about the matter, and of course, anything that is literally the exact opposite of what God said, is by definition "satanic."

Please stop pretending that you "live" God's tenets when you just publicly documented yourself throwing them in His face.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "On the other hand, a social organization publically proclaiming and fighting for their mission and cause, is a good thing.that's what they are set up to do..."

You need to learn Black History, sir. I'll wait for you to catch up.

Muhammad Rasheed - The KKK is also "publically [sic] proclaiming and fighting for their mission and cause" so and?

Jerry Lee Brice - That's the problem, you are reading from s different bible than me, which is a free choice..our religion does not believe in public demonstrations of our religion, more about living the life and being an example to draw men to our beliefs, rather than diss others in their beliefs, which is what most religions do.

Muhammad Rasheed - Before Jesus ascended into heaven he gave his followers this reminder, “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.” Luke 24:47-49.

When Jesus reminds his disciples that repentance would be preached to all nations he was telling them to convert others from their way of thinking to his. The word repentance (“metanaeo” in the Greek) means “to change one’s mind.” In Acts 2:38 when Peter called the crowd to repent he was challenging them to change their view completely about who Jesus was and why he came to earth. He was no mere carpenter turned rabbi turned revolutionary. He was Christ (aka “the Messiah”) and Lord (aka “God”). As a result of Peter’s proseltytizing efforts there was a mass conversion of 3,000 men on the spot.

Jerry Lee Brice - Standing up for the rights and respect in society for a specific group is all good....publicly.  The other, beating folks over the head with a personal religious belief, will send folks running away from you...imo.BUt, i believe in the teachings of our church elders, and I can see, that when a person publicly beats his chest about his personal religious beliefs, not only arrogant, egotistic, but is does nothing to draw men to

Jerry Lee Brice - ..again, you assume we are reading from the same's not helpful to assume all religions are to be viewed from the perception and frame of your own.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the bible. A Christian on the bible. That's not Islam.

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU just demonstrated an assumption. NOW what?

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "Tell the truth, you are against these organizations for whatever reason..."

Actually, I am interested in getting to the truth, the bottom line of why you are here. Are you upset, and here to defend the honor of this woman because you hooked up with her when you passed through that town? Is that the issue? "Stop talking about my woman?" Is that it?

What's REALLY going on?

Muhammad Rasheed - This is personal, isn't it? Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Or is it as simple as you saw her picture in the article and said, "She cute. I ain't mad at her! I would hit. She can be MY president! Sheeeiiittt!" and now you are upset and defending her from that standpoint? 

Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why are you here arguing with me truly? Because nothing you have said so far has made a lick of sense, and is noticeably fact devoid. This isn't a real debate. Why are you defending this woman, Jerry?

Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "BUt, i believe in the teachings of our church elders..."

And I believe in GOD and His commands for humankind that His worshipers may prosper according to His promises. Is it your "church elders" who told you to hate and reject the bible's instruction on proselytizing?

Good luck in following those people straight to hell. The bible told you one thing, but these people told you another, but you believe you are on the right path?

And you have the NERVE to tell ME whose 'religion' is "keeping in line???" 

I follow God while you follow MEN, while nearly tearing your own arm off to come here in defense of this fraudulent lying white person. WHO has she helped in that community? WHO? 

Other than herself to a position of "president." I'm sure she was proud of how THAT looked on her over-inflated resume when there were 7 black people in a 200 mile radius...

Jerry Lee Brice - No never personal...I see that you assume all religions are reading from the same text, and with that, i doubt if it's worth putting in time to try to convince you otherwise on line, so...if we meet each other, i will take you to church with me!LOl..other than that, i have stated my religious belief on public demonstrations and pronouncements of a faith as being satanic and divisive, and you have stated your personal beliefs on this topic...which I get. you may understand somewhat my reactions to people who constantly pronounce their religion in public...and how I perceive that...if you ask or not.  i do see that action as being satanic, as it only causes public discourse and division...

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry wrote: "No never personal...I see that you assume all religions are reading from the same text..."

Tell me which translation you prefer. I have them all on speed dial.

Jerry wrote: "...with that, i doubt if it's worth putting in time to try to convince you otherwise on line..."

So you admit you've been proselytizing even though you believe it's the devil's work, eh? You're adorable. Anyway you're not going to convince me of anything when you've revealed you don't have foundational knowledge of the topics we're discussing. Convince me from what basis?

Jerry wrote: "i will take you to church with me!"

A California church? Does the preacher wear tie dye? [skeptical]

Jerry wrote: "i have stated my religious belief on public demonstrations and pronouncements of a faith as being satanic and divisive..."

I remember. Those were the ones that were literally the exact opposite to what God said about the subject, which would make you the devil's imp. Congratulations. You made it. lol

Jerry wrote: "...and you have stated your personal beliefs on this topic...which I get."

To be clear, I said that I prefer to believe what God revealed over what you and your mysterious 'church elder' cult conjured. 

Jerry wrote: " you may understand somewhat my reactions to people who constantly pronounce their religion in public...and how I perceive that...if you ask or not."

lol Ironic since you're the one who brought up religion in this thread.

Yes. People are not used to strong arguments over those topics, and they make them uncomfortable. Their gut reaction is to scream for everyone to just shut up talking about it. The feeling is called "cognitive dissonance" when the discomfort comes from the argument shaking your flimsy belief system and you don't have a way to respond. Burying your head in the sand is actually typical. I'm a bit disappointed because I hold you in high regard as a pillar in the professional community I love, but I'm not surprised at this stance of yours. Over the years I've only encountered one true religious scholar who actually gave me a run for my money. I'm still on my quest to find another. 

Jerry wrote: "i do see that action as being satanic..."

lol It doesn't matter. What you think you see doesn't trump what the Supreme Creator commands.

Jerry wrote: " it only causes public discourse and division..."

I cannot help those who are repulsed by the Word of God. I respect and support those who courageously embrace those concepts that challenge their intellect and make them uncomfortable, because doing so makes you level up by knowing yourself better. Cowardly running from new ideas that sting isn't worth coddling. 

From anybody.

Jerry Lee Brice - Muhammad,..there are many versions of the Christian bible...which one are you quoting text from, as opposed to the one I follow?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me the one you prefer and I'll post the bible's commands to proselytize from THAT one. Easy.

Muhammad Rasheed - I always use the King James Version by default, but I have them all at my disposal. Which one does your 'church elder' cult use?

Muhammad Rasheed - Please tell me the 'church elders' didn't write their own bible... 

Jerry Lee Brice - I don't talk publicly about my personal religious beliefs, other than to rarely mention that i do have i believe that to Prosthelytize is satanic.
Arguing this point the way you seem to want to do, in my view is satanic.

Muhammad Rasheed - Stop calling God's instructions for the believers to proselytize "satanic" for the sake of your own soul, please. Thanks.

Jerry Lee Brice - ad hominem disparaging my personal religious belief's!LOl...okay man!LOl..

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't have to tell me about your beliefs, just tell me which translation you like to use.

Muhammad Rasheed - (why is this so damn difficult...?)

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU'RE A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - NO WONDER YOU'RE TRIPPIN'!!!

Jerry Lee Brice - ..going down that path will ultimately end up as i stated at the beginning of this, all it will do is divide me from you.   At this point, all i can say is that I respect your personal choices, and if you disrespect mine, that's on you.I will not join you in that sentiment...

Muhammad Rasheed - Me: "What's the big deal about telling me what translation he prefers... OMG!! Because he uses an unusual one!! Which means...!"

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm not going to disrespect you. I'm just going to comb through your book and quote God's commands to proselytize so you'll feel low. That's all.

Jerry Lee Brice - I see...

Muhammad Rasheed - Seriously. You can take it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're tough. You live in CA and actually rooted for Pacquiao to win like a dummy.

Jerry Lee Brice - When i was younger, the muslims used to come in front of our church and prrotest the artwork we had inside of our, i see nothings changed with ya', it is what it is...

Muhammad Rasheed - If you can live through THAT bullshit you can survive a discussion with M. Rasheed.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry, I'm an artist and a practicing Muslim. You read my cartoon books! Stop trippin' and deflecting to this 100% irrelevant anti-art rant and tell me which translation you use.

Muhammad Rasheed - STOP STALLING!! hahaha

Jerry Lee Brice - ...all we did was serve them water, and if they accepted, lemonade from our church kitchen.

Muhammad Rasheed - I promise I won't make fun of it. I swear.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dude, I LOVE lemonade! See we're practically kin!

Muhammad Rasheed - Just tell me!

Muhammad Rasheed - It's that Mormon book, isn't it?

Jerry Lee Brice - Oh, i'm not stalling, i am just not going to participate in arguing a religious belief with any man in public, as it goes against my religious beliefs, practices, and I have stated above a couple of times...

Muhammad Rasheed - (i'm pretty sure they're allowed to proselytize tho)

Jerry Lee Brice - No, we are not, as that is viewed as satanic.We look at that as praying and singing praise3s to satan.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay fine. we don't have to have a discussion about it, just tell me which translation you like so I can admonish you with it, and then we can go home.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's all.

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU SAID "WE!!!!" YOU'RE A DAMN MORMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - did you vote for romney? you had to, didn't you?

Muhammad Rasheed - OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JERRY'S A MORMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahha I'm just kidding.

Muhammad Rasheed - You can be a Mormon, bro. It's cool.

Muhammad Rasheed - [whispers]holy shit!!![/whispers]

Jerry Lee Brice - I mentioned it at this point in our relationship, because you seem to not undrrstand that I do in fact hold relgious belief's that you may not be familiar with, who knows.nd thought FYI. you might like to know how I perceieve you or any man of any racetrying to argue and preach your own religous beliefs to other people...I just see that as satanic,that is what i was taught, and more importantly thatn that, it is what I truly belive to be so.

Muhammad Rasheed - I heard you the first time. I don't believe it for myself because it conflicts with God's command, but if that's your thing then we're good. At first I thought you just made it up and was going to continue to clown you, but now that I know it's actually your doctrine, i'll let it go (until I find out it says different in your mormon book).

Muhammad Rasheed - (then the clowning will commence because you lied to me)

Muhammad Rasheed - (you better not)

Jerry Lee Brice - LOl!...if you clown me or not, I always have my hand extended to you my brother...and bottom line, if your religious belief's make you happy and are working for you in your life, then I am happy for you.
Because you are my brother.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, I'm coming across a lot of contradictory info regarding Mormons and proselytizing. Are you in a sub-group that doesn't allow it?

Jerry Lee Brice - I am not a mormon...

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU SUCK!!!

I was all excited! lol

Muhammad Rasheed - I was totally going to bag & tag you to add to my collection...

Muhammad Rasheed - I KNOW you're not a Witness because everybody in the universe knows THEY proselytize. You can't lie to me on that one.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me what your thing is. Pleeeease!

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll be good. I promise.

Muhammad Rasheed - PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - California... defending super-liberal white people... 

...cartoonist... worked for Disney... frowns upon proselyz...!

Muhammad Rasheed - HOLY SHIT YOU'RE A JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Muhammad Rasheed - JERRY'S A JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - :*faints*

Muhammad Rasheed - Meh. I already have Jews in my collection. At least eight of 'em.

Muhammad Rasheed - *throws jerry back in the water*

Muhammad Rasheed - Hm. I don't have any BLACK Jews though.

You can stay.

Muhammad Rasheed - *tries to remember if you 'Liked' any of my Sammy Davis, Jr. posts*

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay! That was exciting & interesting!

Speculation time!

Muhammad Rasheed - Why would a Jew frown upon proselytizing (assuming he's actually a real Jew and not just using it as a front to some shady Hollywood cult stuff)? hmmm... the answer is obvious. In fact, they actually try to discourage folk from joining. A Jew converting to another religion is probably also highly frowned upon... probably as serious as it is in Islam... so of course to witness people proselytizing would be bad to them (the work of "satan"). "Church elders" would be the rabbis, who have a special authority outside of the Torah and their Talmud, so it also makes sense why Jerry would lean towards what they say over what the Book says. The modern Muslim community tends to do that over the "scholars" and sheikhs, too, so I'm already familiar with that quasi-blasphemous mindset. 

Now how would Jerry be a Jew? He's been in the high-level cartooning community his whole life... he's actually a prodigy. The Jewish culture values those traits a great deal, and with Jerry's high-level talent and work ethic, honed at one of the best art schools in the world, they wouldn't have a problem inviting him into their close-knit fold.

Muhammad Rasheed - #SolvedIt

Jerry Lee Brice - LOl!..that was some funny sh-t man!You are crazy!?!LOl..

Muhammad Rasheed - Elementary, Watson.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the Tanakh does indeed command the believers to preach the One God's message to the people, since the Lord thy God has not changed His message. Dare me to find it.  

Clifton Hatchett - Fard Muhammad immediately came to mind.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't think Fard did the 'Black Like Me' routine. He just used a front man.

Clifton Hatchett

Radi Lewis - Hey she was like "shit! im doing so much for the black community, why not be black?!" Most folks called Bill CLinton the first black president and all he had to do is smoke some weed and play some jazz.

Muhammad Rasheed - Radi wrote: "Hey she was like 'shit! im doing so much for the black community...'"

So much work like WHAT?

Radi Lewis - Like pretending to be black. I don't know if you know but this shit is exhausting.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahaha

Muhammad Rasheed -

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... was this supposed to be an example of all the great work this person has done for the Black Community in her NAACP president role? Painting Black men & boys up to look like Tarzan extras, and parading them around in front of a crowd of white people? Did they carry her out onto the stage, too? [frown]

Riley Freeman - There are actual people out there that not only approve if this hot mess of a ginger bitch but who also claim that she is "blacker than many of the black people in the world". That's like saying C. Thomas Howell would have been a good choice to play the new Shaft because of the ground breaking performance that he gave in Soul Man.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's your people, dude. You better go talk some sense into them.

Riley Freeman - Can't. They on that "blacker than thou" bullshit. They know it all judges of everything black. So I asked them, how in the hell did you almighty judges let her not only sneak her ginger ass in the gate but start helping you judge your own people? They have nothing to say to that.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ "Judges of everything black."

That sounds suspiciously like you are admitting that you don't vote democrat, smoke weed in mom's basement, and shared 'black fight videos.'

Muhammad Rasheed - I hope this isn't true or you need to give up that Black Card®, playa.

Riley Freeman - Sir, I vote for whatever candidate pisses me off the least at the time. They are both out for their own personal agendas first ands foremost. I don't share black fight vids unless it shows someone intervening to at least try to stop it. And I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. That shit is poison that has already affected the black community enough.

Muhammad Rasheed - [holds hand out for Black Card® turn-in]

Riley Freeman - Judge me all you or anybody else wants to. I have never seen anything in my lifetime that has made me want to be anything less than black. It's what I am. But if all your judges feel that I ain't black enough, then your must also accept responsibility for her getting in under your noses.

Muhammad Rasheed - I agree with you on all points, Riley.

Muhammad Rasheed - Unfortunately the Judges of Everything Black have made up their minds. You're just not black enough because they said so. I'm sorry.

Go stand in the corner with Obama.

Riley Freeman - Thing is this. Many of the so called "judges of blackness" have never experienced real racism in their lifetimes. But that's okay. They can judge me all they want because it doesn't phase me one bit.

Riley Freeman - And I refuse to stand in the corner next to a man that I don't trust.

Muhammad Rasheed - You can stand in the opposite corner then. No fighting.

Clifton Hatchett - What in the entire phuq? I think my right eye nearly exploded. We are descending further and further down the rabbit hole.

Tony Steed - I'm still not hating on her. She did do good. We all got bones in the closet. The hate is ridiculous at this point. People speaking from emotion rather than reason. I do good for people. I still lie, and try to get away with as much as I can. I take short cuts, and make questionable decisions. Some people identify heavily with a culture, some don't. Race is a society thing not a human reality. We're humans not keeblers.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "She did do good."

Like what?

Tony Steed - check my feed..

Clifton Hatchett - No emotions here bro. She was a con who got exposed. She cheated an actual minority out of a scholarship because she lied. Those are facts Tony. Poisoning the well with ''People speaking from emotion rather than reason,'' is disingenuous, or at the very least a tilt towards your, Good try though.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "check my feed..."

This isn't in reference to that ignorant justice award nomination is it?

Tony Steed - Clifton nobodies trying anything. You are reacting from emotion. I'm not justifying what she did wrong, just that she wasn't trying to be an enemy. Sad you think we all need to be innocent in order to do good. Anyway as Muhammad Rasheed likes to tell people about me running from discussions, I'm actually running from this one, people sometimes have opinions, that they become concrete with. No sense trying to change it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "... just that she wasn't trying to be an enemy."

Of course she was. She's a con artist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "I'm actually running from this one..."

Because your opinion on this issue is fueled by emotion. If you had facts, you would stay and discuss it.

Clifton Hatchett - Tony,You have to find a better tact. Regurgitating that ''so and so is emotional,'' doesn't make the person actually emotional, it just means your record is skipping. ''sad you think we all need to be innocent in order to do well,''...lollollol... Muhammad...I informed your buddy of the fallacy he used ''Poisoning the well,'' And he did I thought you guys were all egg heads. Apparently eggheads have forgone logic. One more thing... ''people sometimes have opinions, that they become concrete with.'' That's a crystal clear example of projection. This has to be a joke. You guys are both in on it. I know this is a joke.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony is the atheist member of my Rogues Gallery. There are no brains in that crowd. Sorry.

Muhammad Rasheed - Apparently he also wants to replace all black leaders with orange white women.

Clifton Hatchett - Thank you. I was perplexed, but considering this new information. Everything adds up.

Muhammad Rasheed - *nods wisely*

Clifton Hatchett - lol

Muhammad RasheedNAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims

Muhammad Rasheed - So your girl went to Howard University, tried to sue them over discrimination, the judge dismissed her complaint, the D.C. Court of Appeals affirmed the judge's decision, and "she was ordered to reimburse Howard for a 'Bill of Costs' totaling $2728.50. During the case, she was also ordered to pay the university nearly $1000 in connection with an 'obstructive and vexatious' court filing that sought to improperly delay her examination by an independent doctor."

She tried to use her white privilege to scam a Black University and build a lump sum of wealth, and when the plan fell through, she cooked up an elaborate revenge scheme involving this "president of a NAACP chapter" thing, and Lord knows what her ultimate plan was. At no point was she ever trying to do "good things for the Black community" the way her Black apologists keep repeating.

She made a career for herself in the Black Community for her own interests alone, taking advantage of disenfranchised attitudes when it came to how whites are treated by us, and even by our colorism issues that are the clear side effect of the greater racism problem. I mentioned years ago how Blacks tend to be extra friendly to other races, and forgive historic wrongs done to us easily, and although the hardcore militants gave me pushback over the idea, these pro-Rachel apologists just confirmed it. She showed up at that NAACP chapter and they made her president, she didn't have to work for it, and it was EASY ("We like your eyes"). It was a pure example of the effects displayed by the Racial Contract of a white supremacist-fueled western society in action.

Leslie Hardin - So, why is so important? If she lied, that's between her and God. She's not calling no one the n-word.

Muhammad Rasheed - Seeing her modus operandi of entering black institutions and working the system for her own gain to the detriment of the institutions and the people they serve, is important so that we can analyze the behavior and guard against it. Similar to the reason why sexual predators (or Deebo) must be announced when they show up. "Fool me once, shame on you..."

Karla Holland - Just because we didn't hear her say the n-word doesn't mean she never said it. 

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Did she need to? Considering she just tried to destroy Howard U? 

Muhammad Rasheed - Does a white person saying "n199er" encompass the full scope of racism's evil? 

Karla Holland - Only to Leslie, apparently. I'm sure Rachel's abused the n-word privilege some stupid classmate "gave" her, too. 

Muhammad Rasheed - If only. 

Muhammad Rasheed - He certainly didn't invent that concept. 

Karla Holland - Oh, it's cute when they think racism has to be as obvious as a neon sign to be true, isn't it?

Muhammad Rasheed - If by "cute" you mean a diabolical misdirection technique when coming from whites, and a symptom of inferiority complex indoctrination when coming from blacks, then I agree. 

Muhammad Rasheed - A classmate or her step-brothers.

Karla Holland - No, Muhammad Rasheed, I meant literally cute. It's adorable. Im in love! C'mon now! Your sarcasm detector broken too?  :/

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I was trying to antagonize someone into battle. lol

Karla Holland - Oh, no prob. Go get Leslie.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already told my wife I was trying to hold back on this particular subject because it's making me feel so mean about it. Stop getting me hyped, Karla. hahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - "TRYING."

Everyday there's a new reveal that makes me hate this woman even more...

Muhammad Rasheed -

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