Thursday, April 16, 2015

So Close and Yet, So Far: The Sequel?

Muhammad Rasheed - I know a lot of folk are expecting Hillary to take it in '16, but I remember watching Ted Kennedy's sons get interviewed during the 2012 Democratic Convention, and wondering if another charismatic guy would come out of nowhere and take it from her again...

Geoff Freeman - I'm British, please explain....

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, leading up to the Obama election, everyone pretty much just assumed Hillary Clinton would be the first female president in 2008, but Barrack Obama came out of nowhere and snatched the Democratic Nomination out of her very surprised hands to become president. A lot of Hillary supporters were confused as to how an unknown could do that to the highly favored to win Clinton, so much so, that many of them jumped ship from the Democrat side and supported McCain when he nominated a female to run as his vice president.

Now once again a lot of people are just assuming Hillary has it in the bag for the 2016 election, but what if one of the legendary members of fabled Camelot decided to make a strong bid?

Kennedy > Clinton

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