Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Monarchy? No Thanks.

Just Ceakou  - [shared photo] HAHAHA (for the parts I did read - kinda long - FB is being a time vampire right now)

Muhammad Rasheed - "From the queen?"

I don't have a damn queen.  >:(

Just Ceakou - That's what's funny about it. No? 

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, I found the idea of a powerless, puppet figurehead thinking she's going to order me around when "the colonies" have the most devastatingly, genocidal, powerful military in the world pretty funny.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Actually the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear mentions of "royalty/king/queen/prince/princess" was when God told the children of Israel that they didn't need a king, in response to their whining for one. He told them to just do as He commanded and they would be all right.

Consequently, I don't get all warm & fuzzy over queens. So she can go sit down somewhere (joke or not).

Muhammad Rasheed - The late Sir Henry Cooper used to rant about how he was a "royalist," and expressed disdain at our own "elected common citizen" system. So if God said "the divine right to rule" of a human was nonsense, but Cooper doubled down on his support of that nonsense...

...that sounds like he supported a form of paganism.

Dina Johnstone Brophy - Lol!

Just Ceakou - Dude, you are so deep. I appreciate that.

I posted this because this parody made me laugh.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know. I read it about a year ago and was amused. This time around it triggered the rant. lol

Just Ceakou - Believe me the support and promotion of imperialism and genocide is no laughing matter. I feel you!

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