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RESPONSES - The Killer & the Law, pt 2

Hank Mansfield[after posting a link bomb of YouTube music videos] heh heh, evil dumbass.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm genuinely amused by the fact that you've abandoned all pretense to intellectualism, Hank, and decided to fully embrace the role of the clown/fool.

You know what that looks like from here, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - Keep it up. I don't mind.

Hank Mansfield - Just speaking truth to imagined power.

Muhammad Rasheed - Nooo... you've stopped trying to actually engage me in a rational discussion, and are prancing around like Ken's court jester. It means you've given up. In other words:

Muhammad Rasheed - But keep it up. I don't mind.

Hank Mansfield - We're discussing what, again?

Muhammad Rasheed - Right. You admit you don't even have an argument, because you can't speak rationally on the very topic that brought you here.


Hank Mansfield - The topic that brought me here was YOU editing out your own insults from a conversation I took part in, one where I showed integrity, knowledge and common sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - Please stop talking foolishness. The material you are referencing is right above your lying head.

Hank Mansfield - Yeah, foolishness seems to your specialty.  You'd be the first to spot it in others.

Muhammad Rasheed - Instead of posting that, a man with integrity would be scanning the Note to prove what he said about me editing out insults was true.

Hank Mansfield - Everyone knows it, and you're not the only one that's learned how to take screenshots.  A man would apologize.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - "Everyone knows it" means that all the racist cowards I have ever met have falsely accused me of "heavily editing" the discussion I have with them, in which they show how bigoted and stupid they are. It's their flimsy way of saving face among their fellow racists.

Muhammad Rasheed - (which is apparently enough for them since you all lack integrity)

Hank Mansfield - Oh, this isn't the first time?

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... did the prancing court jester just attempt to tell me what a man would do...?

Hank Mansfield - I didn't attempt anything, I did it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hank Mansfield wrote: "Oh, this isn't the first time?"

Did you somehow think you, Ken Tim, Elizabeth, Peggy, Randy, etc., were the only racists on Facebook?

Hank Mansfield - So, you admit guilt.

Hank Mansfield - Not like you need to, or anything,lol.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hank Mansfield wrote: "So, you admit guilt."

Yes. I'm guilty of calling racists and prancing fools such as yourself out on your semi-literate bullshit.

Hank Mansfield - I never called you a racist, but you just admitted it yourself.

Hank Mansfield - I KNOW you're a misogynist, the negative character traits are adding up fast.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hank Mansfield wrote: "I never called you a racist, but you just admitted it yourself."

Racists don't mean the same thing when they call a minority a racist. When you say it it's a nonsense term of misdirection.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hank Mansfield wrote: "I KNOW you're a misogynist..."

lol Then you don't know what 'misogyny' is.

Hank Mansfield - You're dismissed, you may resume your psychosis.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're on MY timeline telling me I'M 'dismissed?'

lol You don't know what 'psychosis' means either then. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Let me help you out:

I responded to a [stupid] status post my FB Friend created that strolled on my public newsfeed. He deleted the thread and I haven't been on his page since. You on the other hand, in your prancing clown butthurt state, have continuously stalked my timeline. You haven't attempted to engage me in a discussion of any type, or provided any kind of intellectual stimulation, but instead have been link bombing your shitty music, and trying to clutter up my Note comments with lies and flip foolishness.

And then you said -- on MY timeline now -- that I was 'dismissed.'

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you recognize that you are actually helping my "racists are crazy" thesis?

Muhammad Rasheed - It seems you are quite content to continuously prove you are not worthy of respect. You actually seem proud of it, in fact.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm open to an explanation for this behavior as I genuinely want to understand the mindset. Please do.

[Hank link bombed some more]

Muhammad Rasheed - More of the same, eh? Fascinating. [takes careful notes]

Hank Mansfield - Wiki link - Psychosis

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll let that one stay. lol

Hank Mansfield - You need to read it, should be like looking in a mirror if you're as smart as you keep trying to say you are.  Get help.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm also enjoying the fact that the racist group is cowardly lurking, content to allow the prancing fool to represent them.

That fact alone is pregnant with potent symbol. (and yes that is a gauntlet thrown down)

Hank Mansfield - It's the only fact you've got, may as well get the most out of it.

Muhammad Rasheed -

Muhammad Rasheed - Bam. *drops mic*

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the one that represents the full force of your argument, eh? *nods*

Muhammad Rasheed - Is this all you have? NONE of you want to step forth and challenge me? This fool is your strongest Aryan Warrior?

Muhammad Rasheed - Pathetic.

Hank Mansfield - You haven't read the definition for dismiss( past tense), have you?

Muhammad Rasheed - This comments section will make a weak trophy if you don't provide me a better challenge.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you see him? Your Hank? Nipping at my heels like a yorky pooch?

Do you really want THIS to represent you all? Come forth and face me, you pigs.

YOU! the one called "Tim." Step forth and face my scimitar.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you a man?

Muhammad Rasheed - THROW DOWN YOUR ROD!!!!

Hank Mansfield - LOL

Muhammad Rasheed - I know, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - *sighhh*

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm done with you now, Hank. I'm about to send your head back to the group.

Hank Mansfield - Is that a threat?

Muhammad Rasheed - I cannot in good faith encourage cowardice. You understand, don't you, old boy? I DID give you a chance. You can't say I didn't.

Muhammad Rasheed - ***block***

Muhammad Rasheed - Poor Hank has been blocked. It saddens me, because that was literally the first time I've ever used that FB feature, but even my patience has a limit.

Muhammad Rasheed - Who will you send to replace him?

Muhammad Rasheed - What about Randy the Drummer Boy? He seemed to have much to say. Send him.

Muhammad Rasheed - I wish to test the strength of his argument. He refused to in the PM challenge I issued, instead electing to hide his cowardice behind a shield of fake trailer park machismo.

Perhaps once on the battlefield he will show the courage that he demonstrated in the original thread when everyone was watching? What have thee, Randy?

Muhammad Rasheed - Darren Wilson killed an innocent teenager. He deliberately provoked and attacked him so the teen feared for his life and desperately sought to defend himself, walking right into the corrupt and savage officer's trap. In his version of events, Wilson weaved a tale based on racist white fears of the "Big Scary Black Guy" myth ("he was like a demon!") and of course you bought it hook, line & sinker. Darren Wilson is from a corrupt police force, with a well-documented history of abusing the residents of Ferguson along race lines, as the DoJ report revealed, yet all racists only hear/see what they believe based on the mythical tale Wilson cooked up to cover his ass. You WANT to believe him because in your twisted psychotic minds, YOU are the "Good Guy" of the story. Of EVERY story.

After many years of racist corruption, the Ferguson PD had become expert at evidence altering/tampering so there was no tangible forensic evidence that could prove Wilson's story yea or nay. Absent anything concrete, Justice was forced to accept the subjective story of a cop's word as the only evidence. And a savage killer goes free.

Muhammad Rasheed - My summary is what the DoJ report actually revealed. Ken's original status, shown in The Killer & the Law, is based on nothing but his twisted racist bias, clouded by his blind faith that Wilson's ridiculous story was true in all detail.

Muhammad Rasheed - How do you counter, pigs? Demonstrate in the report findings how my interpretation is wrong, and your white power fantasy land version is true, please.

When you cannot -- and assuredly ye cannot -- then you may slink back to your lair.  

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