Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't Complain... VOTE THEM OUT!

"Former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday said that black voters should vote lawmakers who support voter ID restrictions out of office.

Powell, who served as secretary of state under George W. Bush, said that he was troubled by the voter ID laws, but that that they were 'hurdles that we can get over.'

"'What I say to my friends in the African-American community, is whatever those states do, you meet the standards and then you make sure you register,' Powell said during an interview on ABC's 'This Week.' 'You make sure you vote. You make sure you vote for the people who tried to put these barriers, these hurdles in your way and then you vote them out.'"

Colin Powell Has A Pretty Good Suggestion For Fixing Voter ID Laws

Ba Sheer A. Musawwir - So true, but this message will still fall on deaf ears. Some one needs to set up a Voter registration booth at some of these protest and marches

Jeremy Travis - How does he speak against his fellow Republicans while still maintaining membership in their party?

Muhammad Rasheed - Probably because he's not running for office and has the freedom to be critical.

Jeremy Travis - Sure, he can be critical, but why be a member of such a shitty party?

Muhammad Rasheed - Because he believes in the things they stand for, and works to make them stronger in society himself. What other people do isn't his responsibility. He's a grown man.

Jeremy Travis - Does he REALLY believe in what they stand for if he has to always be critical of them? At what point does he say that the party no longer represents his values if and when they are so vehemently wrong about so much?

Muhammad Rasheed - Individuals will always differ from each other. Individuals will always stand at varying distances from the ideals of whatever doctrine. My neighbor falls short, what does that have to do with the ideals themselves, or my own walk to achieve them and make them manifest?

Jeremy Travis - I'm not talking about individuals, practically the whole damn party has gone apeshit. The 'moderate' Republicans are simultaneously the least vocal and the most like old-school Republicans from 20-30 years ago. Where are the members of his party with whom he is in agreement, what are the party's ideals that he supports and who in his party supports them with him?

Muhammad Rasheed - The only republicans I know are the celebrity ones. For all I know the bulk of them are doing good things with only pockets of them following folk like Palin around and drooling.

Jeremy Travis - Then explain the party leaders and just about everyone beneath them.

Muhammad Rasheed - The party is older than those people, J. Like the modern psycho ones like to point out, that's the party that freed the slaves. The party itself is not inherently fucked up. It's the individuals who are fucking up and smearing it's name.

Jeremy Travis - What is the difference between the party itself and its members?

Muhammad Rasheed - The party is the ideals the individuals are supposed to be striving to uphold and provide for America. Everyone isn't on the same page because individuals often aren't on the same page in much of anything. "We had the best damn organization black people ever had. N1ggers ruined it." ~Malcolm X

Jeremy Travis - It's interesting that you mention Malcolm X as he left the organization once he saw that it had become too corrupted for him and it no longer represented his ideals, or at least the ideals that they once upheld.

Muhammad Rasheed - smh

Muhammad Rasheed - Stupid racist lurkers.

Muhammad Rasheed - The org was still everything he loved, it was jealous asshole people that made it where he couldn't be there any more. They talk about a version of that in manager's training. When a really bad manager will make the high performers want to leave, even though they love the job.

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