Thursday, July 8, 2021

Fake, 'Feel-Good' Morality


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Fake, 'Feel-Good' Morality." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 08 Jul 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by a video shared on LinkedIn that showed a person off camera using a leafy branch to force a constrictor into letting go of its baby deer meal. The comment added to the vid was “An Act of Kindness” which in turn triggered me. There is nothing “kind” in making an ignorant value judgment on whether the snake deserved to eat or not. In the comment responder efforts to get me to change my mind, one of them pointed out that the vid was shot in Florida, and that the snake was in fact an intrusive species.

How was that knowledge supposed to change my mind? So you're telling me that some jackass basically Middle Passaged a bunch of snakes to a foreign land, and the same demographic of jackasses passed a jackass value judgment that the snake didn’t have the right to thrive in the new alien environment it found itself in?

Yeah, that’s not going to trigger me MORE or nothing, right?


Majid Abbara[VIDEO] People force constrictor to release deer | LinkedIn

Small act of kindness but means a lot !!!!! 🙏

Muhammad Rasheed - Chasing the constrictor off of its meal is NOT an "act of kindness." It's an act of interference.

Robert Casson - would you feel different if it was wrapped around you

Muhammad Rasheed - Irrelevant, since I'm not part of the constrictor's food chain. This is the same type of thinking that incorrectly labeled an interference as an "act of kindness." #LeaveStuffAlone

Muhammad Ramzy - Crazy and stereotype of human thinking over the incident all are thinking the man should allow the python for preying.

A same python try to prey a men instead of deer? Will you allow ? this is called human kindness irrespective of human being or creature he will save definitely.

There are billions of fishes and other creatures in the sea. How many time one will loose while preying and try another to prey, ultimately all will get its feed in the same day, Billions of birds start their journey in the morning to quench the hungry and all billions will return to it's nest with full of feed in the stomach in the evening, During the prey many of them will loss the prey at first or second effort, but thereafter it will catch it's prey before returning to the cage.

I am wondering of the qualified, educated and executive professional narrowed thinking over the incident.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you doomed the snake to starve to death because you deemed it less worthy of kindness than the animal Allah created for it to feed upon?

Lord, save us from nonsense pretending to be wisdom. lol

Mitch Drimmer - I see your point but the issue here is that the python is an evasive predator species introduced into Florida.

Muhammad Rasheed - What does that have to do with the python needing to eat? That certainly wasn't the spirit in which this vid was posted here. The "act of kindness" blurb represented an ignorant value judgment against the "icky" undeserving snake versus Walt Disney's adorable Bambi.

Is it the python's fault it finds itself in Florida? Then why are we being mean to it as if its life doesn't matter at all? The same human species who introduced this particular species of snake into the area is the same one interfering with the snake trying to survive in its new environment. The root cause of the problem is humans doing things they have no business doing. #LeaveStuffAlone

Mitch Drimmer - I can’t argue with that. It’s the whole cycle of life thing. My point was that the python should not be here except foolish humans think living creatures are playthings and make bad decisions. We have been trying to eradicate these pythons from the Everglades and it’s not going to happen. It’s an ecological disaster.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, in the end, the earth will adjust to the situation, so in the big picture, it's not a big deal that the area now has these constrictors dug in deep into the local ecological system. What are the chances that there were megafauna serpents living there in the past that went extinct after some nature disaster struck? It'll be alright,

I'm just pushing back against the idea that MORE interference is an 'act of kindness.' Similar to US foreign policy issues where we think that the blowback from our greed-fueled empire meddling in other people's affairs requires our "global policing" as an act of kindness or whatever.

Mitch Drimmer - Again, I cannot disagree with you. I am intrigued by your analogy and don’t disagree. Even though we are probably on the opposite sides on some political issues we can still agree on the bad effects of Post Modern Colonialism.

Muhammad Rasheed - Possibly. Although my analogy was confined to how the layman has been trained to see the foreign policy "policing" by self-serving war profiteer propaganda and not the colonialism effects themselves.

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