Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Classical Delusion, pt one


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Classical Delusion, pt one." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 20 Jul 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by a more hypocritical than usual idiotic comment from my foreign white racist stalker.

“…it just goes to show that the BWW community still lives rent free in his head, because he keeps making comics based on what we post, even if he keeps taking everything out of context to suit his own deranged narrative.” ~webkilla

Huh? So to be clear on that first point, even though this same silly guy is maintaining two shrines dedicated to my art, one of which is regularly updated, it means they’re living rent free in my head when I go to see what slanderous, racist nonsense they are putting out in the world about me. Interesting. In actuality, I have them so triggered, that they stay keeping these shrines updated, which means, I’m actually living rent free in their heads. Plus I think it’s quite reasonable to regularly check certain sites (this one, the ones on kiwifarms, on reddit and of course the psycho ones on 4chan) that have material literally dedicated all about me. lol Even more so if you happen to be a cartoonist who pulls inspiration from dialogs and comments about your chosen fields of interest, right?

On his second point, he literally has an 8,800+ word “review” of my comic where he literally spins every single point into the white supremacist position. He’s foreign (Denmark), knows almost nothing about the history of race-relations in the United States, all of my and his colleagues' historical references go over his head, and yet he enthusiastically takes the hardcore white supremacist stance while dismissing all historical evidence that his position is the wrong one. He’s an aberrant dumbass (lol) in every way, shape and form with zero redeemable qualities, but when I mock his racist, hateful foolishness he calls it “taking everything out of context,” because he’s even too stupid to know what basic satire is.

Anyway, since I’m here now, I may as well scroll up further in his “review” to directly address some of his other jackass comments. Normally, I just make a cartoon as my response (which I’ll still do), but I think some of these are worth pointing out right now while I’m looking right at them.

webkilla wrote: “For extra hilarity, consider the following description from the comic: ‘This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the craziest member of a certain message board, whose most notable trait is the power to make casual, joking death threats on the board at will with impunity.’ Uhm... Rasheed darling, it was you who posted that death threat. What you've written sounds like it was us threatening to kill you. I think you got something mixed up here. Oh well, just another example of Rasheed re-writing history to suit his narrative of being eternally oppresed.”

This one is a perfect example of this jackass “taking everything out of context to suit his own deranged narrative,” since I was originally banned from the message board because for the first time in 52 pages of ‘flame war’ as he calls it, I started posting cite links to back my anti-racism position. This 100% triggered all of them to the point of savagery and they decided I had to go. Instead of just saying that’s why they wanted me gone, or just banning me instantly without saying anything, they decided to invent a fake reason by pretending my joking around that I was going to go all the way to Denmark just to kick webkilla to death was a serious terrorist comment worthy of being instantly banned – a nonsensical ruse webkilla continuously repeats as if he’s trying to convince himself it’s real. The scam was already sloppy and clearly fake at face value, but what made it even more sloppy and transparent was that during their silly teleplay, one of them accidently admitted that member Crazy J makes fake death threats on the boards ALL THE TIME, hence my reference to him having the apparent power to make joking death threats on their boards without being banned for it.

webkilla wrote: “Of course, Rasheed being rasheed, seemed to entirely ignore this and instead mock a strawman that says things nobody on the forum ever said”

The satirical version of what I had Crazy J saying in the ‘Obvious Downside’ comic comes from this actual quote from him:

“I would like to point out to The people constantly demanding reparations for slavery that the wealth that slavery built Was actually destroyed. The wealth of pre Civil War South was based on the production of cash crops; I.e cotton, tobacco, sugar, and rice. So what happened to it? Non liquid capital was primarily real estate and slaves. The slaves were freed with no financial compensation to the owners and the plantation farms were ruined. This also happened to warehouses, railroads, ships, and other transportation assets. Liquid Capital, ie. hard currency was invested into Confederate Bonds for the war effort, which became worthless after the war. The South didn't really recover until the 1940's.” ~Crazy J

Anyone with a lick of sense can see that this rancid turd is trying to say that we shouldn’t demand our Reparations from the government because the original slave holder monied class lost their wealth when the free slave labor economy collapsed and that’s where all of our money went, too, ‘so leave those poor guys alone.’ But of course, since he’s an unrepentant dumbass, webkilla lacks any sense.

Now I’m going to end this here and skip up to an especially stupid comment he made in his ‘Religion’ section…

webkilla wrote: “Oh and of course he doesn't like jews either

So, because I critiqued the well-documented “gradualism/paternalism” that even the Jews themselves condemned certain of their own members for performing during the Civil Rights Movement era, actions that stifled my own group’s socio-economic progress, in webkilla’s dumbass eyes it magically means that I don’t like all the Jews because they are all Jews. This was the cherry on top of this fool’s deliberately taking everything out of context to suit his own deranged narrative, while he is clearly incapable of recognizing satire because he is stupid as hell.

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