Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Classical Delusion, pt two


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Classical Delusion, pt two." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 20 Jul 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was created as the cover to a sequel post in which I decided to go ahead and directly address some genuinely stupid comments made by my foreign white supremacist foe. This one was inspired by his clownish, twisted take away from a dialog we had days ago when he thought I was a white liberal university academic named “CartoonFun.”

webkilla wrote: "Months after the review was finished (though its being continualy updated, for the lulz), after the forum was hacked and most of the original forum thread where that lovely 52 page flamewar between Rashit and the BWW forumites took place, a new discussion arose in the remnants of the thread. It wasn't with Rasheed, but some rando"

Curiously, although he acknowledged the dialog with my fake account doppelganger, he refused to acknowledge my successful infiltration of the boards once I was once again banned and I revealed myself on my blog. It seems like, since I never blew my cover in their actual thread, they have all decided to pretend CartoonFun was a real random M. Rasheed apologist in an attempt to save face. I created the account when I saw that the thread dedicated to my work had been wiped back to the scant few posts it contained when I first found it last year, and took the opportunity to rekindle the flame war, but from a different angle. Here’s my silly foe’s take on the reset:

webkilla wrote: "Suffice to say, NOTHING claimed about Rasheed regarding his statements have been embellished here, there's no need to do so."

Hilarious, since the entire “review” as he calls it is literally just the very taking everything out of context to suit his own deranged narrative that he directs at my satire of their foolishness. But my favorite of his recent comments is this one:

webkilla wrote: "The problem was that it wasn't difficult to pick appart the poor soul's arguments"

Meanwhile, he has zero idea of how to pick apart an argument, especially on the USA’s race relations history that he rejects while psychotically picking sides with the white supremacists. When I cornered him in one of his favorite pet dumb complaints - -namely that I should tailor my work to the people who care the least about the topic so I can waste time trying to recruit racist jackasses – this is how his superior ‘argument picking’ actually went:

WEBKILLA: its also an interpretive nuance lost in that its not pointed out that that's what he's talking about in the comic. Again, he doesn't exactly make the comic "outsider reader friendly"

CARTOONFUN: As an independent comic artist with a specialized product intended for a specific demographic? What you're suggesting goes against business 101 principles that instruct not to try to make a product for everybody... choose a demographic to craft it towards. It would seem that your critique is making unreasonable demands upon this particular artist that do not align to business norms.

WEBKILLA: Perhaps, but I would critique his entire business model then because if all he wants to do is preach to the choir, then why even bother with the comic - I honestly believe he'd further his cause more by trying to appeal to people outside his community to support his political goals - that's another point of critique really.

CARTOONFUN: I wanted to explore this topic more because your position has me a bit confused. I suspect it's because they do things different in the Danish local business markets? In American business practice tradition, entrepreneurs are instructed to define a specific target market and create content for them. This is not only normal, but widely recognized as a business best-practice. You seem to be saying, and please correct me if I'm interpreting your position wrong, that Rasheed should actually do the opposite of the industry standard business best practice in order for his work to be acceptable to you.

WEBKILLA: CF, were you active on the forum here before the hack? I don't remember you being active here. How did you come across us?

Because quite frankly, you seem to project really hard on us.

CARTOONFUN: When you said that I was projecting really hard on you, was this in reference to my question about defining a specific target market for content? It was not my intention to sound like I was projecting hostility, I was genuine in my interest in your breakdown of it. I just wanted to know. I wasn't trying to offend you.

WEBKILLA: I suspect we're done here - [...] By the power of the internet, I castigate thee CartoonFun as Rasheed 2.0

His self-lauded powers of picking arguments apart looks a whole lot like running, ducking and looking like a cowardly weakling to me. Perhaps they do arguing different in Denmark then? Idiot.

This cartoon summarizes the back-n-forth posted below he had with my doppelganger, which puts on dazzling display his inability to process any kind of information:

WEBKILLA: he also seems to think that the US school system is still somehow segregated.

CARTOONFUN: It is. It's literally more "separate and unequal" segregated than it was back in 1970. The most segregated state in the union is New York, and the liberals there will tear your head off for trying to increase the number of African-American kids in their schools from their 15% cut off. We hoard quality education from them and always have, giving two big middle fingers to the landmark Supreme Court Brown v Board of Education decision.

WEBKILLA: I think black people are able to solve their own problems far better than what you give them credit for

CARTOONFUN: Then why are you so concerned about Rasheed offending potential outsider allies if they can just do it themselves?

WEBKILLA: not that a shitload of barriers of entry haven't been lowered already. Harvard and a number of other ivy league universities are well known for having lower SAT score requirements for black applicants while in turn discriminating the shit out of asian immigrants by requiring a much higher score from them, higher than even what they ask of white people.

CARTOONFUN: A white-controlled government and white-controlled institutions have sabotaged the American educational system to keep the highest quality education out of the reach of African-Americans, while still mandating the "13% diversity hire quotas" for their Integration policies. That means African-Americans are ill-equipped to enter the Ivy leagues, so white gatekeepers need to cheat to make the diversity numbers (obviously it doesn't matter if they graduate or not).

CARTOONFUN: The only real competition whites have since they artificially took the black community off the table are the Asians, who have just as much access to higher education programs as we do. Since we cheat to prevent entry of any African-American competition, should we be surprised that we also cheat to stifle the competition that is present? We hate competition, webkilla, that's why our best & brightest are professional monopolists. Racism at its heart, is selfishness.

WEBKILLA: if they have to lower the barrier of entry just to meet that quota, what does that say about black people?

CARTOONFUN: That white people refused to comply to the Supreme Court Brown v Board of Education decision. What else? Because African-Americans are not prepared for the workload of the Ivy leagues; they get in but they are no competition. There's no way they can graduate.

WEBKILLA: That is the single most racist thing I've heard you say so far - and yet you probably think nothing is wrong with such a statement

CARTOONFUN: Pointing out the effects of racist policies is racist?

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