Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Re: whites giggling over rap "jokes"

Muhammad Rasheed
- Not that I'm the world's biggest rap fan or anything close, but what's this regular crapping on a whole music genre that you don't even listen to whenever the subject of popular music comes up? Honestly, it looks weird.

My music critiques attack the crappy popular music WITHIN the genres I actually listen to, I don't waste all my uninformed 'zingers' on polka, country-western and whatever else that are never, EVER found within my playlist.

Y'all are a trip. Is this some kind of residual freakout from when you were under the impression that disco was going to take over and be the only music allowed, or from before that when Black music was appropriated and mimicked by White teens as "rock"? Going out of your way to attack a music genre that everyone knows is yet another signature Black item THAT YOU DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO ANYWAY is just yet another piece of your schizophrenic "Adventures in Whiteness" racism shtick.

Please improve.

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