Monday, October 17, 2022

Women's Rights or BUST! (This message was brought to you by War Profiteers, Inc.)


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Women's Rights or BUST! (This message was brought to you by War Profiteers, Inc.)." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 18 Oct 2022. Permanent marker w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Ray Alma -

Homa Ghaemi - Write to your representatives in congress please

Muhammad Rasheed - To do what? Start a war with Iran?

Muhammad Rasheed - No.

Ray Alma - @Muhammad... Even if you wrote to congress asking them to go to war, I very much doubt a war would result.

I assume the request is to ask that the US offer support for the women of Iran.

Might not mean much on a practical level but I assume that the Iranians on the ground protesting would appreciate it. ✊🏼

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pretty sure this is actually xenophobic propaganda trying to socially engineer the American people into being okay with going to war with Iran on behalf of Israel and the war profiteer usual suspects.

Trust that those woman would not want their homes bombed over a diabolical grift scheme pretending to be compassion & concern for their "freedom."

Ray Alma - I don’t agree.

If my Iranian Facebook friends that live in Iran are reporting the truth, then this isn’t propaganda, but an actual glimpse into the mood and the movement happening in Iran currently.

There isn’t much America can do beyond speaking out in support of the women of Iran.

I’d say that war with Iran over this is a pretty far off possibility right now.

Meanwhile, empathy for the Iranian people isn’t much to ask for.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ray wrote: "If my Iranian Facebook friends that live in Iran are reporting the truth"

As if there aren't professional propagandists living in every country publishing messages that the 1% wouldn't benefit from...

Meanwhile, the average Iranian citizen doesn't want Western corporate powers and their allies turning their home into a war zone on behalf of greedy corporate powers pretending to care about their rights.

Muhammad Rasheed
-  Zero good comes from the foreign interventionalist policies of the US government & friends. ONLY the 1% benefit from it. Ever.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Prior to the revolution, Iran was ruled by a monarchy headed by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. The Shah was heavily US-backed and promoted westernization which many Iranians believed was diluting their indigenous culture and values."

Apparently, "heavily US-backed" means "Iran's oil industry was run by private companies, largely controlled by foreign interests." lol

In 1951, Mohammad Mosaddegh was appointed as the Prime Minister of Pahlavi Iran. After the nationalization of Iran's oil industry, he became enormously popular. He was deposed in the 1953 Iranian coup d'état, an Anglo-American covert operation that marked the first time the United States had participated in an overthrow of a foreign government during the Cold War. (

The entire point of US intervention was to return Iran's oil to private foreign company control, not to bring them democracy or women's rights. "According to the political scientist Mark J. Gasiorowski, [Mosaddegh's] oil nationalization movement had two major results: the establishment of a democratic government and the pursuit of Iranian national sovereignty." (

Ray Alma - I’m not sure why you’re so cynical about the situation.

Again, I haven’t heard any talk of war and the idea that America would/could do anything overt beyond more economic sanctions is alarmist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ray wrote: 'I’m not sure why you’re so cynical about the situation."

lol Because the entire history of Western Civilization demonstrates that zero good comes from the foreign interventionalist policies of the US government & friends. ONLY the 1% benefit from it. Ever. (

Muhammad Rasheed - Ray wrote: "I haven’t heard any talk of war"

Israel is literally always demanding the USA go to war with Iran.

Ray Alma - I think you’re jumping the gun (so to speak).

Who says America will intervene?

The original point of this particular comment was a vague (write to congress) comment.

How often has that act resulted in a war?

(Or even ANY response?)

There’s no need to have such a visceral reaction.

Chill out.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ray wrote: "Meanwhile, empathy for the Iranian people isn’t much to ask for."

The fact that I don't want the US and her allies to bomb Iran into the stone age while pretending they are doing it for their freedom/democracy with the usual song-n-dance routine is very much a demonstration of my empathy for those people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Stop being a mindless puppet. Thanks.

Ray Alma - You brought up Israel. And war. And bombing Iran.

This post.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then you are gullible and stupid.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's 100% the point of pushing that "women's rights" narrative.

Muhammad Rasheed - So they can destroy a sovereign nation and take their sh*t for empire.

Muhammad Rasheed

Ray Alma - Stop being a heartless, insulting ass.

I didn’t like the tangent you’ve gone off on but I TRIED to be respectful.

Since you have to resort to name calling (“gullible and stupid”)I’m going to ask you to refrain from commenting anymore.

Believe what you like but keep it to your own FB wall.

I’ll give the situation and the people of Iran the benefit of the doubt and my support for what it’s worth.

Good day sir

Muhammad Rasheed - Ray wrote: "stop being a heartless, insulting ass."

So, you think my advocating to NOT destroy a sovereign nation so war profiteers can get wealthier at their expense is me being "heartless," huh?

That means, like I thought, you are just propagandizing on behalf of corporate while PRETENDING to care about wOmEn'S RIgHtS.

Muhammad Rasheed - What a dick...

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, actually the sellout Iranian elitist families will probably get an all expenses paid trip to US citizenship, so that's probably the ("I feel bad that those beautiful women") group among them you're propagating we all take manipulative pity on. lol

All the rest of the citizenry will be turned into charbroiled road kill by the USMC in the usual clusterf*ck.

Y'all are evil. Truly. Every one of you.

Victor Charles Juhasz - @Muhammad... So why are you in Raleigh, NC? You need to be in the Paradise of current Iran. Understanding and acknowledging past shitty US intervention in Iran doesn't lessen the shitshow that is contemporary Iran.

Muhammad Rasheed - Victor wrote: "so why are you in Raleigh, NC"

uhhh... Because I'm of the Black American ethnic group and this is my home, immigrant. Why are you here instead of back in Hungary?

Muhammad Rasheed - Victor wrote: "You need to be in the Paradise of current Iran."

Foolishness. Western intelligence destroyed Iran on behalf of corporate, that's why the US overthrew Mosaddegh and put "fundamentalist" agents in his place so you could talk trash.

Delete your account.

Victor Charles Juhasz - I acknowledged the wrongs of the CIA overthrow of Mosaddegh (for British petroleum interests. Fact: Truman wanted no part of it, said it was not what the CIA was supposed to do. Eisenhower and Dulles went along with the British to overthrow the Mosaddegh government for oil interests.) However, for you to imply that the CIA also planted the Islamic fundamentalists is a riot. Better than fiction. It's the law of unintended consequences.

Victor Charles Juhasz - Because I was born here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Victor wrote: "However, for you to imply that the CIA also planted the Islamic fundamentalists is a riot."

Then you are stupid while you riot. The US and her allies don't take losses. They play the long game.

Victor wrote: "because I was born here."

lol You are immigrant-tied, chief. One of your recent forebears came to my country "looking for a better life." Since you want to be disrespectful to the ethnic group that made the opportunities your ancestors came here for, you may go back to the home country they escaped from with my blessing.

Ray Alma - @Muhammad... I SAID “GOOD DAY”


Victor Charles Juhasz - Sure as hell don't want to live in Orban's Hungary. You comfortable with Ayatollah Iran?

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you illiterate, jackass?

Victor Charles Juhasz - @Muhammad... Have a drink, Muh, and relax. Like Ray suggests, desist.

Muhammad Rasheed - You all are actually advocating to destroy a sovereign nation while pretending you care about sjw stuff, but I'm the one that needs to relax.

Stop being evil. Let's try that instead.

For once.

Ray Alma - @Muhammad... You obviously have issues and you’ve taken the initial topic in an ugly direction that no one except you was bringing up.

I’ve tried to be patient despite the insults you’ve been hurling.

Knock it off or I’ll block you. 😡

Muhammad Rasheed - @Ray... It was already in an ugly direction, bud. You were just pretending it was something else ("THEY HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! BOMB THEM!!!").

Muhammad Rasheed - Ray wrote: "You obviously have issues"

I'm allergic to evil it turns out...

Mehrnoosh Mojtahedi - Even in my time we were like this, there was no internet back then. women hated them since the beginning of the Islamic regime. We lived a sad life, childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Same is for Afghanistan, it's nothing like what they say on the news. Afghanistan was a modern country too, just like Iran.

Gary Lazarus - @Mehrnoosh... All of that history and hyperbolic talk of war is irrelevant to those of us who are simply rooting for these ladies to fight and prevail over these ass-backwards thinking troglodytes who still think women are chattel.

It doesn't mean we are bombing anyone.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "to those of us who are simply rooting for these ladies to fight"

There's NO ONE in this thread doing that. lol All of you are advocating to destroy Iran on behalf of corporate & Israeli intelligence.

Shame on you. Enjoy hell.

Gary Lazarus - @Muhammad... No. Actually, I feel bad that those beautiful women are still being subjugated by those f#ing ignorant apes. 🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "No."

Yes. Keep your lies.

Gary Lazarus - Primitives with their silly Sky God, creating fake reasons to keep their own women down..

Muhammad Rasheed - The only "f#ing ignorant apes" there are the ones deliberately empowered by Western Intelligence to sabotage those people's lives for exactly these propagandist scenarios (see: agent Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi).

The people who don't believe in the One God are the ones who want to destroy Iran's national sovereignty because they refuse to join your world bank profiteering scam. You reject God, but bow down to mammon, but speak as if you are superior to me. Curious.

Gary Lazarus - They were living a helluva a lot better under our Proxy Leader. The religious lunatics took over in 1979 and began forcing them to cover their hair.

Apparently, they can't control their boners..

Muhammad Rasheed - The "religious lunatics" were planted there by western intelligence to keep the nation unstable. lol

But nice try. Enjoy hell.

Muhammad Rasheed - Under their own leadership, their oil was nationalized like it is in Kuwait, and the wealth was shared with the people. Under our proxy leadership, their oil industry was handed over to foreign corporate powers, so OBVIOUSLY the people were not living better. lol

Are you lot ever not full of crap?

Muhammad Rasheed - You are all wealth-hoarding, xenophobic, lying scum bags. And you are proud of it. smdh

Gary Lazarus - These young girls don't seem to be blaming the 1950's coup for their problems.

Muhammad Rasheed - Right, because "young girls" can't be used as pawns by powerful corporate billionaires trying to destabilize a sovereign nation for profit. #WhatAManipulativeDick

Gary Lazarus - Fundamentalist religion is the planet's cancer. Be human and let these beautiful women live in the modern era.

Mehrnoosh Mojtahedi
- @Muhammad... lol!!! Do you think you're more Iranian than me and know more about my country and the history of the past and the present situation of my country more than we do??? Please just keep your worthless opinions in your own weird head. And just stfu when you're spreading lies about the national oil and shared wealth. Just STFU.

Mehrnoosh Mojtahedi - @Gary... Don't speak to this person.These people are like cancer in the body of any supportive group.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Mehrnoosh... There's nothing about the shia that's "fundamental" to Al-Islam, since they worship the prophet's cousin as a semi-deity, so stop.

Second, stop being a jackass on behalf of war profiteers and stand up for what's right for once in your silly life.


Muhammad Rasheed - Mehrnoosh wrote: "These people are like cancer in the body of any supportive group"

Supporting war profiteers while pretending it's social justice is the cancer, ma'am. lol

Mehrnoosh Mojtahedi - blah blah blah. Not even reading any more of your bs.


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