Monday, October 3, 2022

A Suspiciously Lowered Target


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Suspiciously Lowered Target." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 04 Oct 2022. Permanent marker w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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A Message To Black Rappers Destroying The Afro Black Community!

To all black rappers, hip hop, R&B singers, artist, entertainers and musicians who are destroying the African American community with your degeneracy, vulgarity, pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, violence, thug behavior, loud, disorderly conduct etc. we the good people of Black America are asking you to stop making our African American community a mockery of the entire world with your rap music of Death, Violence, Drugs, Murder, Killing, Sex and deviant behavior that is complete destroying our black community and causing our young generations of children to become extremely unstable; therefore, promoting, vulgarity, indecency, violence. and crimes against other members of our African American community.

This new generation of rappers and hip hop music are nothing else but garbage and poison to the minds of our black children and you as male and female black rappers and entertainers are creating chaos in our communities that is leading to death. destruction and more deaths. How many children have to die for black rappers and hip hop artist to realize that your rap music is death to the ears of black America! How many rappers have to died because of other rappers and musicians singing songs about killing other musicians and seeking revenge over nothing?

I’m asking all African American rappers to wake up, open your eyes and realize that your music that is sponsored by the white demons of Hollywood and the mainstream media of the west are promoting your own destruction and the collapse of our black society while the elite and Hollywood are laughing and making a mockery of you your music and your entourage.

Please Stop! Stop! and Stop making and singing rap music about death, violence, drugs, sex, revenge, pedophilia, etc.,, because your music and the words that come out of your mouth is creating chaos and destruction in our black community, while every other community is prospering and laughing at you but not with you.

My African American Black Male rappers you are very unique in your own way and very talented; whereas, you have tens of thousands to millions of followers who love you, adore you and some that hate you’re for what you do. You have the power to change minds and move mountains with your music and talent.

Muhammad Rasheed - Who are the folk who reap the lion's share of revenue generated from the popular mainstream music that notoriously holds the negative messaging? Who are the folk who prey upon talented Black youth to sign them onto exploitative contracts and guide them into producing "the music that sells!"? Who are the folk who use their unlimited deep pockets to pump this product into our communities, pointedly overriding any alternative indie messaging?

Follow the Big Money to see the face of the true culprit in this. The artists themselves are rarely the ones driving that negativity, since they perform under the terms of their contracts, contracts that are part of a financial assets folio owned by the kings of mass media. We've already seen what happens when one of these contractees decide to violate the contract and "take a knee" for what is right. Very few are willing to put themselves out there like that and risk being ostracized from their beloved industries (or sued by a soulless megacorporate entity) when it is easier to just medicate their social conscious into submission.

The true audience for your message, Terry, are the consumers themselves... an economic boycott to make such product unprofitable will force it to change.


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