Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Most Beautiful Nation

Rafay Khawaja - Which country has the most beautiful women?

Muhammad Rasheed - That’s easy. It’s the United States of America, of course.

American Women are not only the MOST super gorgeous in the world, but the sheer amount of hatertude they receive from their rivals is as legendary as it is comically sad.

American Women are looked at with mock-disdain and over-the-top disrespect, but all the while it is their beauty, swag, and style that are mined/stolen by the world’s industries.

Even when American Women try the styles of others, they create a whole new standard, and blow everyone else away. Afterwards you can ONLY see the American Women’s version!

American Women are very diverse, as you can see here within my own family’s example (wife & 2 daughters):

From button cute, to fresh-faced pretty, to the irresistible sexy swag of the seasoned tigress, American Women have it ALL.

Bahram Amiri - Good answer , but why did you neglect whiter skinned American women ?

Muhammad Rasheed - I didn’t “neglect” them since I focused on the ones most beautiful to me personally. Why do you care since white-skinned people are well represented in the other 81 Answers. They don’t need my help or interest, so why is it bothering you that they don’t have yet another prominent spot within my own listing? Tell me.

Dolu Divine - Omg ikr!!

Rafay Khawaja - Very biased answer.

Muhammad Rasheed - bias - inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

I do have an inclination towards the women of my own group. Very much so. lol Thank you for your amazingly astute observation, genius.

Rafay Khawaja -This is why beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a bogus statement.

Realistically western European women are the prettiest women in the world. As per several different rankings.

Muhammad Rasheed - “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” isn’t a bogus statement, but it is tainted by many toxic societal traits that disrupt the purity of the statement. You are from a culture that has been conquered by Europeans in the recent past, indoctrinating you with an severely unhealthy idea that European beauty standards are inherently better than your own. I pray that the sad psychological damage your embarrassing confession has reveal will eventually heal so that you may know at least a modicum of peace.

Rafay Khawaja - But I haven't. You're assuming things, lol.

I was born and raised in canada, both my parents were too. You saw my skin color and assumed that is why I was biased. Literally no ranking or measurement has ever put American women at number one, especially black women.

Also, Pakistan was never conquered by Europeans, lol.

Your answer just reeks of bitterness and frustration (and most likely jealousy) which is why it's biased.

Basically every ranking puts European women, especially Swedish women at the very top. Generations of clean water, healthy food, and a willingness to breed with other races has rendered Europeans significantly better looking than the rest of the world. Africans are extremely culture driven and will almost always marry in their own race and have had generations of poor food and eating practices. Plus, due to the ease with which they are conquered or affected by colonization (due to the primitive nature of Africa) it has reduced the likelihood of a higher quality of living.

Symmetry of the face and proportion of lips and noses will always be prettier.

And it's not say that African women are not pretty. Some of the prettiest women are from Algeria, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

But global rankings, votes, and beauty pageant winners, prominent actresses do reveal the complete opposite of your psuedo answer.

Your atrack on my race and using it as an argument is very childish and ben Shapiro esque.

Plus, you literally put American women and put only one race. America is the second most diverse country in the world and you only put one race.

So you didn't actually answer the question.

Muhammad Rasheed - Rafay wrote: "So you didn't actually answer the question.”

So because I didn’t name the type of woman you’ve been proudly brainwashed into lusting after, it means I didn’t answer the question at all, huh? smh

Rafay wrote: "You saw my skin color and assumed that is why I was biased."

Not so. You revealed your anti-Black psychological damage by way of what you typed in this thread.

Rafay wrote: "Literally no ranking or measurement..."

...means anything at all in a civilization dominated by the maintainers of the White Supremacist Ideology who have taken pains to force their European beauty standards on a subjugated populace for centuries.

Rafay wrote: "Also, Pakistan was never conquered by Europeans, lol."

1) "The gradual decline of the Mughal Empire in the early 18th century enabled the Sikh Empire to control larger areas until the British East India Company gained ascendancy over South Asia."

2) "A rebellion in 1857 called the Sepoy mutiny of Bengal was the region's major armed struggle against the British Empire and Queen Victoria."

3) "The independence movement attained its objective with the independence of Pakistan and India on 14 and 15 August 1947 respectively."

Heitzman, J., Worden, R. L. & Library Of Congress. Federal Research Division. (1996) India: A Country Study. [Washington, D.C.: Federal Research Division, Library of Congress: For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O] [Pdf] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Elde, Maria. HIST 2260: The Modern World. (2016) Sepoy Rebellion of India 1857. Article. WebChron: The Web Chronology Project.

Moss, Peter (1999) Oxford History for Pakistan, a revised and expanded version of Oxford History Project Book Three Oxford: Oxford University Press.

So your name is Rafay Khawaja, and your cultural heritage is Indian, yet your family left there and fully assimilated into a Western nation, where they not only completely forgot the history of their birth land, but have allowed you to be fully indoctrinated in European beauty standards to genuinely believe the 'white woman' is the prettiest in the world over your OWN women. That's extremely sad and pathetic. Truly.

Rafay wrote: "Your atrack on my race..."

Not once have I attacked your race.

Rafay wrote: "America is the second most diverse country in the world and you only put one race."

I depicted the most beautiful race in the melting pot. Logic dictates they can't ALL be the prettiest. Note that if I had chosen all white women instead, you would have scrolled on pass my Answer without a blink.

Rafay Khawaja - Your answer is quite emotional and somewhat wrong and you assume that if someone disagrees with you they are attacking blacks. You wear your race on your sleeves, sadly.

Every poll would say you are wrong. Global rankings regularly rank Russian, Swedish, and Venezuelan women as the prettiest.

If you had started your answer with “this is my version of beauty” I'd have skipped past it.

You haven't evolved to look past your race. Pakistan has caused thousands of issues in the world and is a known propogate of wahhabism and salafism. Am I supposed to let these things pass because I'm Pakistani? No. I can't defend Islam or the Pakistani people. Bias would be if I turned a blind eye to these atrocities. Plus, when I go to Pakistan they have an extreme bias. For them, the reality is that Pakistani women are a lot prettier than the average women. Just because I am from a country, does not mean I have to find those women gorgeous. That doesn't mean some childish conspiracy exists where whites control the world and create an image for beauty. Toddlers have pointed out what they found beautiful and it was rarely in alignment with your biased answer.

Plus, Pakistani women are absolutely gorgeous. But, the ones who are truly pretty are from the kashmir area or are of mixed heritage.

In relation your answer…Michelle Obama is charismatic at best, but she has extremely masculine future. I will never question here extreme intelligence, but that usually is a byproduct of being less than aesthetically pleasing. Society expects less from attractive people.

And again you assume, you are so upset and traumatized that you assume I'll just scroll past your answer if it had all whites in it. Wrong again.

Now you are calling me sad and pathetic, so you have basically debased to insulting me due to your bias and me not agreeing with it. So, I'm just going to leave at that. I feel no need to interact with people who insult others.

Muhammad Rasheed - Rafay wrote: “If you had started your answer with “’this is my version of beauty’ I'd have skipped past it.”

I’m not interested in your opinion of this topic. I think it’s toxic and a diabolical symptom of the major wrong that’s been inflicted upon the world.

I’m not surprised that you didn’t understand my response, and started throwing off and projecting at me again from your white supremacist brainwashing (that you somehow believe is being “evolved”). I’m no therapist and I can’t pretend I can fix you just by my expressing complete disgust (in EVERY way) with your mentality about this topic. I pray that any kids you have are eventually able to break this curse you are afflicted with.

Egi Vila - Im sorry, but why did you only show Black women? American Women consists of many other races and ethnicities.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don’t consider ALL American Women to be beautiful from my subjective view point. As diverse as the country is, that would not be realistic. I posted the images of women that were of the apex of beauty to me. If you feel other types of women are more beautiful then when you answer the question, please feel free to post the images of those you prefer. I don’t understand why you are confused by this.

Egi Vila - The question refered to what country has the most beautiful women, you said American women which consists of a lot more races and ethnicities then black. The question didn’t ask others what race or ethnicity has the most beautiful women. If i would say Russia, I would put all ethnicities and races of women in Russia. Your answer was very biased and also incorrect.

Muhammad Rasheed - My answer is very correct. The most beautiful women in the world are found in the USA, as the samples I posted demonstrated. Women happen to be represented within the categories of “race” and “ethnicity” it turns out, so you may notice that all of the Quora Answers to this question provide women of certain races and ethnic groups. :)

Tell me, if I had avoided the American races and ethnic groups that you yourself dislike when I made my choice, would you magically consider my post “fair” then?

Egi Vila - I don’t dislike any races or ethnicities, but you should have refered to them as African-American women if you want to use pictures of them only. American women are very diverse, they do not consist of only black women.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I should not have. These are ALL American women, therefore, my post is correct. I posted images of the American women who are at the apex of the beauty spectrum from my own viewpoint. When you answer the question you may post women who fit your own subjective viewpoint as well. Please have fun while doing so. Perhaps I will take the time to admonish you on not conforming your Answer to what I subjectively feel is “correct” based on my own personal opinions the way you are doing here. ;)

Egi Vila - Ok then lets agree to disagree.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am using this forum  that actually asks me my personal opinion on which nation has the most beautiful women  to celebrate the women I genuinely believe are the most beautiful in the world. You coming here to tell me my opinion is wrong offends me mightily, especially considering the women of my ethnic group are the most unfairly disrespected in the entire world.  I can not help but read a nefarious, anti-Black Woman purpose into your actions.  I do not respect your opinion on this topic, as it leaves an impression of villainy on me.  Please improve. Thank you.

Egi Vila - The original question I asked was, why did you only put black women images when you said American women. I didn’t know that other people referred to only one ethnicity or race when they said they liked women from a particular country. I would have had zero problems if you put different ethnicities because there are different ethnicities in America. I have nothing against black women. I would have asked the same question even if you put only white women, Asian women, Hispanic women etc. Please stop trying to make everything about race.

Muhammad Rasheed - You are making this about race. lol I posted the images of the American women I felt best represented the beauty of the USA’s female population, and your inner racist erupted over it.

Your problem is something YOU need to work out for yourself. Have fun with that.

Bahram Amiri - Because you used Americans and Americans don't mean the black ones. It was fair to make your answer non-biased. I didn't check other answers. If they only represented specific Americans, then they were biased too.

I don't know , maybe you're right by doing the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - “Maybe?” lol

Since all the samples I used ARE Americans, I don’t understand the problem you believe you see. Did you wish me to post pictures of all 150 million American women so my post would be artificially “fair?” lol Please be reasonable.

Bahram Amiri - Good, no objection!

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, I’m certainly glad my personal, subjective opinions regarding loving my own people have your official stamp of approval, Mr. Whoever-You-Are. lol

I swear that sometimes I can’t tell whether I’m reading you all’s comments on Qurora, or on YouTube. smh

Muhammad Rasheed - Bahram wrote: “…and Americans don't mean the black ones.”

I’m still thinking about this comment. Are you saying you think that native-born Blacks in the United States of America are somehow NOT US citizens? Please explain the true message of your comment and presence in this thread.

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