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Notes While Observing: The Doodles

As a cartoonist at heart, I tend to build up stacks of doodles while doing pretty much anything.  No stray piece of paper is safe.  Consequently there are quite a bit of informal cartoons laying around, illustrating whatever is on my mind at any given time, in various stages of roughness.  I've decided to start posting my favorites of these otherwise unseen/unpublished drawings within this blog.  I'll be adding to it relatively regularly so make sure you peek back here often to check out the new additions.

For some of them, I'm interested in seeing if you'll be able to match the drawing to whatever the subject I was studying/reading/watching at the time.  Perhaps I'll give out a prize at some point.  :)

Thanks for watching, all.

Very respectfully,

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Second Sight Graphix


2017 is the 100 yr anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.  I wonder if Putin plans to proclaim himself Tsar or something?

"The Other Nixon"

Considering the obscene amount of massive wealth generated by slavery's free labor economy -- that saturated every aspect of society from Wall Street to the cotton fields -- it's pretty naive to believe the lie that the American Civil War wasn't chiefly about the economic system of slavery.

In what other circumstance, especially in the context of western civilization, would anyone leave that kind of wealth on the table and willingly walk away from it without a fight? Britain freed their slaves without a war, but here was a very practical reason why that happened: They paid off all the slave owners what their slaves were worth. After Lincoln paid the Washington DC slave owners to free their slaves, the rest of the US slave owners outright refused Lincoln's offer to buy them out, and opted to fight for the potential long-term greater profits promised to them if they kept slavery going. The rivers of blood spilled during the deadliest war in American history was all about greed. Does this surprise you? Western civilization's core evils were all about enslaving and exploiting people, and that's what it owes it's economic successes which enabled it to dominate the world. No one would give up all that money willingly, and certainly not the key architects of western society.

The efforts to soften the harsh brutality of Western history to make it look kinder than it really is -- even while it continues to enslave, subjugate and exploit while pretending it's not -- is the very reason why we don't progress, and why the ideology of White Supremacy continues to hang over society like a foul stench.

Despite the passionately expressed opinion of my debate opponents, this depicted scenario is quite far-fetched, especially in light of sharecropping, how Reconstruction ended, and the former slave owners' ready exploitation of the 13th Amendment's "except for prisoners" loophole.

"Woke" is a slang word applied to people who identify as members of the Black Empowerment Conscious Movement. Over the decades, the informal conscious community has formed a loose subculture, which uses a lot of Black civil rights era terms, iconic Black leader quotes, Afrocentric slogans, political agendas, philosophical arguments, reading lists and other tropes to define it.

One of the inevitable side effects of such a movement are the many people who grew up in proximity to it who become familiar with its most popular tropes and have exploited them for base personal gain in a caricatured form. Such as using similar-sounding speech ("You see, you need to free your mind, mah Brotha") for picking up gullible women, selling quasi-Afrocentric merchandise as a side hustle income stream, etc.

The number of folk running around like that are enough to give the movement itself a bad name alone, but when people who otherwise should know better use the noble terms of the Black Empowerment Conscious Movement itself to label the scam artists, hustlers, exploitative goons, and even black-faced 'alt-right’ infiltrators, it serves as only a self-sabotage of the movement itself. Instead they should make an effort to properly label good as "good" and evil as "evil." Protect what's yours from being defiled, or else you simply contribute to transforming a potent tool for your own growth into a joke that not even your children will take seriously, and they’re the ones that need it most of all.

The seeds for this were planted during the campaign. 

The GOP are going to pretend that the Trump Administration didn't have ANYTHING to do with the party or its principles, the GOP voters will applaud them for the effort of their lack-of-integrity song & dance teleplay, and they will continue partisan business as usual. 

And the die-hard Trumpamaniac true believers will go on to subscribe to Trump's proposed [threatened] cable news channel.

"The president denounced his own attorney general in public..."

Obviously Trump agreed to take this one for the team. That's what that immediate closed door meeting with all of his former GOP primary opponents was about.

White People: "This is a story that NEEDS to be told!"

Also White People: *starts all Black stories at the RESPONSE to their racist shit so they can pretend Blacks are always "riled up" and crazy*


"No matter how long a log stays in the water, it will never become a crocodile." ~African Proverb


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