Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Odd Packaging Around the Black Man's Message

Muhammad Rasheed - QUESTION: Did Elijah Muhammad really talk like that, or was he deliberately mimicking an Indian accent to come across as more exotic to his audience?

Clifton Hatchett - The second one.

I don't think we're allowed to have this discussion though.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol "Allowed" by whom?

Jeremy Travis - Didn't people during his time have a weird way of talking anyway?

Muhammad Rasheed - You mean like in the Color Purple?

Jeremy Travis - No, I mean more like this...

[VIDEO] Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird?

Muhammad Rasheed - People in old movies talked "weird" because it was the pre-Marlon Brando era and they couldn't act yet. lol That weird delivery was considered acting.

Muhammad Rasheed - That just helps the "Elijah's stage craft" argument though.

Jeremy Travis - But it was how everyday people of the day spoke in public as well.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Like fake Indians? smh

Muhammad Rasheed - You just want to help him, don't you?

Jeremy Travis - I feel sorry for Muslim assholes like him and you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Funny how I never watched an old Ossie Davis or Sidney Poitier performance and thought: "Is he an Indian? Okay then wtf?"

Jeremy Travis - Did you watch the video I posted or are these words falling out of your ass and onto the screen. The dialect is a way in which people were taught to speak starting in the early 1900s, right around when a young Elijah Poole would have been learning to speak.

Muhammad Rasheed - I believe you. Then how come only Elijah Muhammad sounds like a fake Indian then?

Muhammad Rasheed - How come Step-N-Fetchit didn't sound like a fake Indian in his normal interview voice?

Muhammad Rasheed - *people's eyebrow*

Jeremy Travis - *sigh*

Elijah Muhammad's theatrics are to blame.

Muhammad Rasheed - I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - You were just trying to help the Nation. awww...

Clifton Hatchett - No.

Muhammad Rasheed - "No" what?

Clifton Hatchett - "Didn't people of his time have a weird way of talking anyway?"

Muhammad Rasheed - Next time quote above the "no" so you won't waste so much Internet Aether Juice®.  >:(

Clifton Hatchett - It was the next comment while texting.

Salaam Thompson - Who raised this question?

Muhammad Rasheed - Me.

Salaam Thompson - Oh okay. Well...Dear Apostle was dainty in his delivery. But while he was dainty, he did not mince words! Love that interview he did on The Hate That Hate Produced.

Muhammad Rasheed - It wasn't a question directed at his content... the NOI were always on point when it came to the race issue... just one directed towards his choice of delivery. I think he was deliberately mimicking his contemporary Jiddu Krishnamurti, probably on the advice/instruction of Fard.

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