Saturday, May 22, 2021

Successfully Convincing the World That Your Signature Selfish Greed Isn't Hatred


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Successfully Convincing the World That Your Signature Selfish Greed Isn't Hatred." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 23 May 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by a circulating meme describing the idea of a random, indiscriminate love-fest to counter the seemingly indiscriminate hatred we deal with on the daily. Unfortunately, this idea of "hate for no reason" is a fiction when held up to the scrutiny of historical fact. The American Civil War, plus the Lincoln assassination, plus the dismantling of Reconstruction and the subsequent rise of the 1% criminal overclass fueled by the 150 yrs of accrued discrimination by the racketeering white racist aristocracy demonstrate without doubt that hate absolutely has a reason behind it. The usual suspects hate because they refuse to share wealth, land & rue with the American Descendants of Slavery.

Larry Young - What’s in the tea? LSD? Psilocybin?

Just tea. And a little honey.

Muhammad Rasheed - By "honey," do you mean "LSD?" 

Larry Young - I understand Feige coming out and saying he regrets casting Tilda as the Ancient One but I don’t. Having that character just be the latest androgynous holder of the office gives it a depth and resonance throughout the ages that upset some with the “whitewashing” while others feel “seen” as it really serves the story.

And then when Shang-Chi shows up and you deal with the Fu Manchu issue by making his father the “real” Mandarin? No, Kev, you’re fine.

Gender fluid Ancient One isn’t a misstep and anybody who regrets your decision can just stand by for SHANG CHI and as far as I’m concerned you’re still batting an unprecedented 1.000 on these films.

Shawn Richison - @Larry... it still blows my mind that people were all worked up that they cast a blond guy as Danny Rand.

Donna Pearl - @Larry... i thought it was a great role.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't care about the 'gender fluid' thing, but whitewashing the Ancient One sabotages the "ancient" part of the role. The rise of the European Age took over from the previous much older non-white ages. Making the Ancient One white implies whites invented all civilization and it's some self-serving vanity project bullsh*t.

Shawn Richison - @Muhammad... well, sure, but ancient one is a title rather than a name. So Tilda is the current Ancient One, rather than the original ancient one. I didn't think that they were trying to imply Tilda's Ancient One invented much of anything, but I'm a white guy, so maybe I don't have the same perspective...

Muhammad Rasheed - @Shawn... Based on the lens of history, particularly the beginning of the rise of Europe and those early scholars' conspicuous respect for the civilizations whose lore they inherited, had many of them nearly drunk on the concept of 'prisca theologia' with figures like "[Isaac] Newton believed that ancient philosophers and religious persons had gained insight into the truth of the nature of the world and universe, but this truth having become hidden within the language of the recording of the truth at the time and by later medieval scholars that required deciphering in order to be understood," it makes the whitewashing of the Ancient One give the impression of retconning history in a sneaky way by hiding the racial motive underneath the "gender fluid" one.

Muhammad Rasheed - Shawn wrote: "ancient one is a title rather than a name"

It's a title that has a very specific meaning, and combined with the carefully chosen visuals of the mass media platform, indoctrinate an entire generation for very specific purposes. This is not a light matter. Companies routinely pay millions of dollars for mere seconds of screen time also for very specific purposes, and the expressed idea that a "white guy's perspective" would be alien to those very specific purposes doesn't come across the way you may think it does.

Shawn Richison - ok.

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