Saturday, May 1, 2021

Night Ridin' Again


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Night Ridin' Again." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 01 May 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by this article about predatory white people having a fit over just the idea that the US gov would side with their prey after complaints of racism. The gov is forging loans of the victims as part of a reparatory process, and the diabolical, greed-fueled whites who caused the problems in the first place are suing because their systemic racist schemes made sure to make the laws wishy-washy enough to enable them to legally steal a portion of that loan forgiveness deal for themselves. That's of course the entire point of their "skin color" politics double-talk and refusal to support any specificity policies that they can't also dip their stealing-ass fingers in. For example, the part of the article that stood out most to me was this:

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines 'socially disadvantaged' farmers and ranchers as those who 'have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice because of their identity as members of a group,' including Blacks, American Indians, Hispanics, Alaskan natives, Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders."

Based on the trends of history, I'll expect very few Black Americans (ADOS) to qualify for this loan forgiveness due to biased white gatekeeper magic, while all of the so-called "American Indians, Hispanics, Alaskan natives, Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders" that receive it will suspiciously look reeeeal Caucasian. You know how they do.

As I Twitted earlier in response to an old white woman being caught on a surveillance camera stealing a car radio, white folks steal. That's their thing. Apparently they NEVER grow out of it. The funny part is that the worst nightmare whites have is of Black people taking back what was stolen from us.

White folks FAVORITE movies of all time? Anything involving trafficking, heists, colluding racketeers as the charming protagonists, et cetera. #WhiteFolksSteal

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