Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Dream One-Hundred Years in the Making

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Dream One-Hundred Years in the Making." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 15 May 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Existential Comics - When debating about communism one point that people often forget is that communism is good and we should do it.

Muhammad Rasheed - What are you going to do about the 1% grifter monopolist class? What would keep them from forming a self-serving elite cult-of-personality that administrates the all-powerful State for business as usual?

Bobert Dale Carmona - @Muhammad... by abolishing the state. Communism is a classless stateless society.

John Stanton - @Muhammad... I think that we have been living as you suggest in a self serving elite cult of personality state for ages . We just may be considered to be victims of our own collective apathy . There are many of us that are truly concerned but it would appear the we lack the numbers to affect positive social / economic forward motion . In this respect would one be wrong in subscribing to the “ Let the Mthrfkr Burn “ crowd’s theory ? In earlier times in my life as a working person that was a part of organized labor I remember that during such times of turmoil that the “ old guys “ would tell me that it has to get worse before it gets better .... meaning that until enough people feel the bite of the wolf at the door nothing will change .

Muhammad Rasheed - @Bobert... How do you get pass the 1% class' crony corporatism where they have their buddies attack the rebellion with the US Armed Forces?

Bobert Dale Carmona - @Muhammad... I would assume through a class war where those forces are defeated, but I'm not clairvoyant lol.

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: "I think that we have been living as you suggest in a self serving elite cult of personality state for ages"

We have and it's been a slow grooming leading towards the formal system depicted in the cartoon. How are we going to get pass the 1% class and their unlimited control of the US Armed Forces?

Muhammad Rasheed - Bobert wrote: "I would assume through a class war"

Right. I'm genuinely interested in the logistics of it. During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the European monarchies gave their private trading company partners autonomy to have their own armies and wreck havoc across the world as they liked so long as those profits kept coming. There has been zero change in those companies' descendants in how they function, only now they don't have to pay for their own military arms, the US gov provides that service free-of-charge.

The dangerous part from my perspective, is the class and race have been fused together in the USA since 1619, creating a white racist aristocracy joined across all class lines against the black American descendants of slavery. History has shown that the lower classes of the aristocracy are 100% willing to have less just to keep Black Americans from achieving equal share in wealth, land & rule with white people, and poorer whites are willing to allow the 1% white legacy families to continue monopolizing wealth & power just to keep the black former slave class subjugated -- this is the number one way the class war you describe is kept at bay. Whites hate me more than they hate the white rich.

Bobert Dale Carmona - As far as my fellow whites, we are indeed an opportunist and spineless people.

Without a police force to enforce white supremacist society, I'd imagine that racist attitudes will get knocked the fuck out of us.

Muhammad Rasheed - I wish it didn't have to be like that...

Muhammad Rasheed - Bobert wrote: "If i had to make a best guess, strategy it would be that mass education..."

That's the exact same strategy the 1% class used to keep us all in this boat. They use both the school systems and popular mass media to "educate" us in how they want us to think. Even in this very FB group...

Bobert Dale Carmona - You're right about that lol.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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