Monday, May 25, 2020

Interview with a Racist

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Interview with a Racist." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 25 May 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Muhammad Rasheed - [VIDEO] Angela Davis on Not Endorsing Any Presidential Candidate: “I Think We Need a New Party” | Democracy Now!

I like the not endorsing any POTUS candidate part as a flex move to force the Dems to commit to the Black Agenda. They wouldn't even have a party if not for the Über-loyal black American Descendants of Slavery vote.

Debra Ann Collins - In more rational times, yes! Please let’s not idealize our political needs while there is the possibility Trump could posture himself to steal the Office, again.

Muhammad Rasheed - It doesn't matter who is in office if no matter who it is they are actively ignoring my own groups political agenda and allowing the continued discriminatory abuses and exploitation.

What is needed is not more of the same (increasing the racial wealth gap), but a violent shakeup of the system to force change.

Debra Ann Collins - Of course, I respect you, always. It does, however, sadden me that an abstained vote is by default an actual vote for Donald Trump. There really are degrees of not good, bad, horrible, and OMG horrific. Donald Trump is beyond the OMG horrific category (and I know this is not news to you.) Would I LOVE for America to own accountability for systemic racism and actively pursue a course of correction? Absolutely YES!!! Is it ever likely to happen with the efficacy of flipping a light switch? We both know that will not happen. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. YES! The vote challenge is Donald Trump actually moves our culture, our fight, to the battleground of 1850. With Biden we potentially get a running start 170 years in advance of Trump. There is really is a reason to vote for Biden. No, he is not the perfect candidate, but Trump offers a zero sum platform to make any gains for our culture, our community, our people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Debra wrote: "It does, however, sadden me that an abstained vote is by default an actual vote for Donald Trump."

Voting down ballot is a boycott flex of our political capital. It shows we are engaged and it also messes with the establishment's plans and forces them to listen to our demands. I'm actually working of the follow-up cartoon to this one based on the triggered responses. Stand by.

Debra wrote: "There is really is a reason to vote for Biden. "

Not without a commitment from him to my #Reparations and #BlackAgenda there isn't. A vote for Biden as is will guarantee more of the same nonsense we've experienced in the last 50 yrs. White men in power HATE US. Giving them my vote for free is cowardice.

Debra Ann Collins - I had no expectation of dissuading your view/position. You and I believe and stand on the words shared. The broader discussion is too large for FB.

Muhammad Rasheed - The time now is for our ethnic group (identified by lineage & heritage NOT skin color) to unify politically and pressure government to cave to our demands. Period. Nothing else is worth discussing about it.

Debra Ann Collins - There are two options. No, I am sorry, there really is only one option.

Muhammad Rasheed - Agreed. The one option is to vote down ballot.

Voting down ballot is a form of boycott flex that will force them to listen while still showing engagement in the process. They wouldn't even have a party if it wasn't for Black American loyalty. MOST whites vote GOP. Using our political capital to pressure gov to give in to our agenda is how the game is played.

Literally everyone is playing the game except Black Americans who have been brainwashed into stupidly giving our votes away with nothing in return.

Debra Ann Collins - Down ballot definitely matters!

Debra Ann Collins - Sadly, there were key, popular, Black politicians who, likewise, supported mass incarceration in the early 1990’s... three strikes you’re out, etc. Biden is not perfect. To his credit, Biden is not a psychopathic narcissist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Debra wrote: "Sadly, there were key, popular, Black politicians who, likewise, supported mass incarceration in the early 1990’s."

The entire CBC needs to be replaced, Debra.

Debra wrote: "To his credit, Biden is not a psychopathic narcissist."

Biden is a psychopathic anti-Black terrorist with the power of the 1% class at his disposal. His presidency will be TERRIBLE for us.

Debra Ann Collins - I refuse to believe anything could be as terrible as the current fiasco, and to give that wanna be tyrant a second term would be the height of my personal irresponsibility. No, white men are definitely not out to relinquish their privilege to ensure AAs are properly supported and represented,, However, Trump openly slaps and spits old-white-man phlegm on us, and then challenges us to support him. #KMBFBA (think about it, you will figure it out... I just made it up.)

Muhammad Rasheed -The Black American has been disenfranchised and locked out of access to capital, credit and the ownership -- creating the ever widening racial wealth gap -- way before Trump showed up. In fact, in an unbroken stream as a series of counter moves designed to nullify the potential economic inclusion intended by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Black leaders held the 1972 Gary Convention with the sole purpose of putting together a working Black Political Agenda and sending out an army of new Black Politicians to enforce it. Right after the Black Agenda draft was completed, the NAACP seized it and kept it out of the hands of the legions of Black Politicians who saturated US government over the next 50 yrs. The visual was spectacular as a symbol, but without our Black Agenda they proved to be worthless in general (Coleman Young, Richard Hatcher and Harold Washington were notable exceptions). So after 50 yrs of being trained NOT to be accountable to their Black constituency, Black politicians have adapted to work directly for the parties themselves and to use their talents and our votes to support the agendas of our liberal rivals along the way while our own ethnic group got poorer and poorer from neglect.

It's not about the personalities involved, it's about effective politicking through our own political unification and engagement, commitments to our Black Agenda and policies built from the various Civil Rights Acts that previous eras of effective Black Politics provided.

It doesn't matter who the president is if we aren't doing our part to manage the system to make sure our needs are getting met. We've been tricked into giving our votes away for free based on indifferent Black politicians and manipulative white people fear mongering, such as what you are parroting here. Our job isn't to vote for whoever our rivals say we need to vote for with nothing in return except more pride in whoever the personality symbol is, but to use our vote strategically to get the actual tangibles of our Reparations and economic inclusion into a protected ownership class and all other Black Agenda items we deserve. Other than that, nothing you've expressed is capable of returning our plundered generational legacy wealth to us. I don't care about the political class' contests of personality. That's how the establishment tricked us. Please shake that indoctrination off and see with the eyes of a free woman.

Debra Ann Collins - I wish I had the answers. We have been “squeaking” for hundreds of years. There are more ways that MUST be explored and deployed.

Muhammad Rasheed - No. In addition to our victories during Reconstruction, we quite effectively 'squeaked for the grease' during jim crow and it scored our 1964 Civil Rights Act. Then we abandoned that same effective squeaking for the next 50 yrs, so that today, we don't even recognize it when we hear the activists call for its return -- we're literally now incapable of discerning between the effective 'squeak' of real politicking from the current impotent whining that white liberal politicians haven't followed through on their pandering campaign lies.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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