Friday, March 29, 2019

Playing the Coon Card

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Gary McCoy -

Muhammad Rasheed -

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... does that somehow discredit Mr felder's tweet? I don't think so.

Muhammad Rasheed - You expect me to validate the whining complaints of an admitted race traitor to a representative of the rival race he sold us out to?

Are you crazy?

Muhammad Rasheed - I really don't understand the logic behind you using these worthless jackasses to somehow substantiate your POV. Who do you think these people are to me?

How did you feel about someone like Eminem when he made that piece making fun of Trump?

Jason Holford - @Muhammad... why did your parents name you after slave trading Arabs? Were your parents race traitors?

"Figures on the Arab slave trade in Africa are hard to come by, but the historian Paul Lovejoy estimates that some 9.85 million Africans were shipped out as slaves to Arabia and, in small numbers, to the Indian subcontinent. Lovejoy breaks his figures down as follows:

Between AD 650 and 1600, an average of 5,000 Africans were shipped out by the Arabs. This makes a rough total of 7.25 million.

Then, between 1600 and 1800, another 1.4 million Africans were shipped out by the Arabs. The 19th century represented the highest point of the Arabian trade where 12,000 Africans were shipped out every year. The total figure for the 19th century alone was 1.2 million slaves to Arabia."

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Jason. Thanks for reaching out.

Since you brought up the topic, did you know that the skilled Dutch and Portuguese merchant managers who originally set up the international apparatus of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (they owned the great stinking ships, the Newport, RI rum distilleries, the fortresses on the African coast, and the Caribbean sugar cane plantations) all have thriving direct descendants living on the African continent today, whose numbers are in the mid-to high hundreds of thousands? As you know, the great wealth generated by the slave trade and the slave economy fueled the rising power of the Western World, and it's why our own 1% class American and European legacy families refuse to let go of the obscenely lucrative anti-Black systemic racism that enriched them.

With that being the case, why would any reasonable person assume that the descendants of those same Dutch & Portuguese master slavers wouldn't have continued the tradition of trading in Black flesh into the modern daysince they found it oh, so agreeable the first timeand all while using their classic false flag/misdirection technique of naming their enterprise "ARAB slave trade" to throw the gullible and silly masses off their trail?

I suggest you not poke this bear with me.

Jason Holford - @Muhammad... I don't have any Jewish or Arab ancestors. My ancestors came to the Midwest from Germany after the 1848 revolutions (like the majority of white Americans). When they came to American they were abhorred by the institution of slavery and decided to do something about it, so they became abolitionists and ran the underground railroad, and fought the civil war with the Illinois volunteer milita.

I'm actually the one of the closet living relatives to Abe Lincoln. His mother Nancy Hanks and my great-great-grandma were first cousins.

Jason Holford - I live a few blocks from all these historic sites. Two blocks away from my house are the graves of hundreds of Union soldiers who died fighting slavery.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... Based on how you initially intro'd yourself in this thread to me, I have zero reason to believe a single thing you've typed as a fact.

Muhammad Rasheed - Except for the German thing. I'll believe that.  ;)

Jason Holford - My grandpa's first cousin:

"Hanks Schrieber lived at 3500 Broadway, according to the lawsuit. The Hankses of Quincy were descendants of Dennis Hanks, a cousin of Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks."

Jason Holford - @Muhammad... it isn't fair that I still have my family history and yours was erased by slavery, but you shouldn't adopt a false history to justify your bitterness.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... You shouldn't spam me with false narratives you parade around as real in your effort to defend white supremacy.

Mike Busch - @Muhammad... Why are you talking like there are two different people.... YOU SIR ARE THE BIGGEST RACIST PIG I EVER SAW IN MY LIFE.

Muhammad Rasheed - What does "racist" mean when you say it, Mike?

Mike Busch - What your reply to Gary Muhammad

Mike Busch - that is what racist means to me

Muhammad Rasheed - That's too vague for me since I can't pretend to share your point-of-view on anything. Provide a more 'straight-talk' definition of the term, if you please.

Mike Busch - Let me copy and paste...give me a minute

Mike Busch - You calling a human being a race traitor, jackass etc.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, so in your opinion, "racism" is calling out a treacherous member of the same race using negative, mean-sounding labels in the description.


Muhammad Rasheed - I'm also interested in the implication that a Black man isn't considered a human being until he sells out to the rival white race. That's worth exploring all by itself, really...

Mike Busch - No, you great at putting a spin on whatever. YOU calling him those names makes you NO better then the people that are RACIST

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... I never listened to Eminem in my life. How do you feel about Jay-Z referring to black women as b****** and hoes?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Mike... I'm pretty sure your team is better at putting "spins" on things than I am (see: "ARAB" slave trade).

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... You didn't see that video Eminem put out just for Trump? It came out about six-seven months back or so. I didn't see it, but I got the gist. Funny you haven't heard of it at all.

Mike Busch - @Muhammad... Pretty sure??????? I'm PRETTY SURE your team is....but since your not racist, I'm not sure what you mean about ( team)

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... nope. Never saw it. I'm not a fan of rap or hip-hop. Actually it makes me vomit.

Gary McCoy - but I'm interested in your views on Hip Hop's misogynist lyrics and disrespect for black women.

Mike Busch - @Gary... He won't answer that.....he can't

Usagi Goya - M. Rasheed wrote: "I'm also interested in the implication that a Black man isn't considered a human being until he sells out to the RIVAL white race. That's worth exploring all by itself, really.." 

Words of a racist, loud and clear.

Dave Olsson - Rasheed's meme is a logical fallacy called false equivalence. Benedict Arnold swore an oath to the Continental Army and betrayed his command and the trust Washington and political leaders had put in him. That's what made him a traitor. Demani Felder swore no such oath to his race or to Muhammad. He owes no allegiance to Muhammad or to his "color." He has the freedom to make choices based on his conscience and convictions, which make the man. He's a "traitor" to those whose identity is literally only skin deep. Martin Luther King, Jr. epitomized this best in his speech declaring that he wanted his children to be judged not the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.

Bret Rasch Sr - Drug testing before trump kills the useless Obamacare... let’s celebrate my boy!! I think this is the last thing to be eliminated from the obama era!!! Yea! Now we hope we can fry his ass for all the illegal crap he has done. Cockroaches coming out of the wood work!!

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dave... The content of Felder's character is as a traitor to his ethnic group, the community with centuries of creeds & traditions composed of significantly more than just epidermis pigment cells.

But leave it up to the hardcore white racist to try to reduce the entire group to just such a trivial point in order to push his barbaric agenda. *slow clap*

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... Since your tu quoque logical fallacy is hiding behind a faux-interest in my music tastes (lol), I'll play along and share my pet rant about it with you. How I feel about HipHop is in there.

Dave Olsson - So, Muhammad, I'm a "hardcore racist" because I'm defending a black man from a black man using a black man's quote? And I'm defending the black man's freedom to reject the party that wanted to extend slavery throughout the United States so he can join the party that was established to oppose that expansion? And not only so, but my family who were in the country at that time fought with the Union to free the slaves. And you argue that rejecting Democrats and joining Republicans is somehow betraying your race? You don't know the first thing about me, yet because I'm white you label me a "hardcore racist." As I said, skin deep.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're a hardcore racist because, like the hardcore racists before you, you reduced the entire Black community's culture down to "color of their skin" to push a manipulative agenda.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... Facebook posting rule number one. You don't open My Links then I don't open yours.

Dave Olsson - I'm not the one reducing people to the color of their skin, Muhammad. I demonstrated your false comparison, then said that Demani Felder "has the freedom to make choices based on his conscience and convictions, which make the man" which is expressly NOT his skin color and, as support of my argument, quoted MLK who wanted his children to be judged not on their color, but their character.

Then, with absolutely no proof, other than that I'm white, you accuse me of pushing a "barbaric" and "manipulative agenda," by which I can only assume you mean that I'm encouraging Mr. Felder to forsake his "ethnic group" and "creeds & conditions."

No, if anyone is reducing a whole group to just a "trivial point" to push an agenda, that would be you. You label me a "hardcore racist" and assume the worst about me because I'm white and only because I'm white.

You're also the one who thinks all blacks come from the same "ethnic group" which is a "community with centuries of creeds & traditions." Do you really think that anyone who is black shares the same creeds and traditions as everyone else who is black? That's like claiming that whoever is white shares exactly the same "centuries of creeds & traditions" as anyone else who is white, which is demonstrably false. Thousands of blacks presumably have a shared ancestry, but for your assertion to be true requires you to boil everything down to the color of their skin.

You're the one driving division and it's plain to see. I could truthfully tell you that I welcome anyone of any color or "ethnic" heritage into friendship, that I have and have had friends of color and of varied ethnic heritages, and you would still accuse me, as you did, of having a barbaric agenda. There's no getting to common ground with you, because you won't let me.

Mike Busch - @Muhammad... So does the people of your color

Mike Busch - @Dave... This Muhammad guy HAS to keep racism alive just like so many of his constituents because that is the only thing that gives him self worth... and amongst other things.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... Your link was unsolicited. You deliberately asked for my opinion on the HipHop item which is why I amusingly provided my link. lol

But either way, I'm good. You were only asking as a deflection from the main point anyway.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: "I'm not the one reducing people to the color of their skin"

Meanwhile, yes, you are. You specifically worded your defense of that worthless coon in that way.

Dave wrote: "You're the one driving division and it's plain to see."

White people drive division by politically disenfranchising and economically excluding ADOS and trying to neutralize all of our civil rights efforts in order to keep us there. That's evil.

Dave wrote: "There's no getting to common ground with you..."

lol What is THAT supposed to mean in light of you encouraging Black race-traitor sellouts? That's adorable.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "This Muhammad guy HAS to keep racism alive..."

So what does "racism" mean this time when you use it?

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... you prove my point.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your point only makes sense in your head, dude.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...and among your tribe.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: "Do you really think that anyone who is black shares the same creeds and traditions as everyone else who is black?"

No, and that's a strawman effigy. The American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) are one ethnic group with our common heritage. Black immigrants aren't ADOS and have their own ethnic heritages.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: "You label me a 'hardcore racist' and assume the worst about me because I'm white and only because I'm white."

lol No, I've labeled you a hardcore racist because of what you argue for and argue against, and what your actual position is in this discussion. You've told on yourself.

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... is Demani Felder an ADOS?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dave... From what I could tell when I skimmed his background the other day. Do you know if he's an immigrant or not?

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... please link me to where you found his background. All I saw was his Twitter account.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's all I could find when I skimmed through a search, too.

Muhammad Rasheed - So until other info surfaces, he's ADOS.

Muhammad Rasheed - (Black immigrants never have a problem proudly announcing where they come from unless they're pretending to be ADOS to steal some kind of civil rights era affirmative action benefit)

Mike Busch - @Muhammad... It means the same to me as it does to you

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahahaha No, the hell it doesn't.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Mike... Tell me what racism meant when you used it in that last post, please.

Mike Busch - @Muhammad... It would be better if you could explain this to me

Muhammad Rasheed - You've literally dismissed every single thing I've typed ever. So how would me providing a definition that the entire white racist aristocracy have taken pains to hide from for 150 yrs make our relationship "better?"

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... you may be right, but it's inference only. I would take his first sentence in this video as supporting your assertion that he is a descendant of slaves. But he doesn't directly say so.

Muhammad Rasheed - What's the name of the logical fallacy when the opponent takes a teeny-tiny point and tries to blow it up into a grand point he then throws all of his weight behind?

I only mention it now because suddenly it seems relevant and I'm coincidentally amazingly bored.

Dave Olsson - Wait, is that a response to me, Muhammad?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes.

Dave Olsson - Oh. Good to know. Here I was typing in good faith and suddenly realize I can identify with "You've literally dismissed every single thing I've typed ever."

Muhammad Rasheed - So what if we can't find his definitive bio stating whether he's ADOS or not? I stopped reading at "you may be right."

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dave... I'll have to take the "in good faith" part with a grain of salt considering you're part of the crew literally supporting a race-traitor sellout against me. lol

Do you even hear yourself?

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... I was conceding the point and offered a resource that supported your point. Writing is the worst way to communicate because you can't hear tone or watch my expressions. I thought it mattered because you took pains to make the distinction. I've never heard of ADOS ... you're the first to mention it to me.

Muhammad Rasheed - The activists who coined the hashtag movement only relatively recently made it. I thought it was LONG overdue myself, and it's much more appropriate than Jesse Jackson's "African-American."

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... got it and thank you for explaining it.

Bev Erly - @Dave... I've never met you, but I've read your comments here on my friend Gary's post, and I think you must be a very kind and considerate man. Patience of Job.

Bev Erly - @Muhammad... I know nothing of you, save for what you've put here for us to read. (You don't know me, either.) I did take the time to read all your comments. Having read them, I daresay you come across as a young man who is determined to hang onto anger, no matter the cost. I feel sorry for you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bev wrote: " come across as a young man who is determined to hang onto anger..."

My ethnic group has been subjugated, exploited and plundered continuously by our greed-fueled rival group for the last 400 yrs. My anger is Righteous. How do you justify your opinion that I should release this anger considering that the original offense has never been addressed and repaired by the offender? I am at war.

Bev wrote: " matter the cost."

The white racist aristocracy obviously has every intention of continuing to prey upon my people whether I am personally angry or not, so I have no idea what this comment means.

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  1. Sorry to be rude, but while I agree with you, the comparision with Benedict Arnold is a terrible insult against the honorable General. For example, he was passed over CONSTANTLY and was falsely accused as well. He also won many battles for the Americans. His plan at the Battle of Valcour allowed them to last another day and his victory at the Battle of Saratoga (which caused him to lose his left leg, leaving him crippled for the rest of his life) won America the Revolutionary War because France sided with them afterwards. To add insult to injury, afterwards, he was charged with insubordination. Then, he went to Philadelphia, where he was falsely accused and a mob of Patriots threw stones at him. All this while he was still a Patriot. When he asked for guards to protect him, Congress and the Pennsylvania Executive Consul refused to protect him. Eventually, he couldn't take it anymore and left. Kayne West, Clarance Thomas and Danami Felder cannot compare to him. They are not nearly as honorable as him. They are more like Charles Lee and Aldrich Ames.