Sunday, March 17, 2019

Careful Handling of the Delicate Whitopian Bubble

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Anonymous - Will we ever get pass racial division here in the United States?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure, it is technically possible. The ever increasing tensions caused by the deliberate subjugation and exploitation of the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) by the white racist aristocracy cannot continue like this forever. Eventually, some incident (probably seemingly trivial) will ignite the fuse and cause a major societal upheaval on par with the intensity of the American Civil War. Afterwards, just like before, a reconstruction period will have the leaders attempting to build a new society that protects the highest ideals of the nation for all of its citizens in opposition to those insisting to return us all to the bad times of the white supremacist era.

Hopefully the good guys will win this time.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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  1. I luv your work, and I'm in need of an album cover. I was wondering if you did that type of thing for others, and how much would it be?