Sunday, March 3, 2019

Face of My Brother, Words of an Enemy Agenteur

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Wilson Felix Clive - Will you please explain how this is not divisive??

If it is divisive is this division seen as necessary to have UNITY WITHOUT UNIFORMITY?

Why is Enemy appropriate and not Extreme?

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Identifying and calling out a wrong is not divisive. Staying willfully ignorant and allowing others to smile in my face while taking advantage of my subjugated state to join the white supremacists in exploiting me is divisive.

2.) In order to have unity, I must first self-segregate so I can get my own house in order. Then I can return to look former exploitative (and treacherous) rivals in the eye as equals. Then we can discuss the terms of our union/pact.

3.) Because "P.O.C. minorities" -- which includes the Black immigrants -- who exploit me just like the white supremavists do, are enemies. Should they cease the behavior and stop acting like an enemy, I will then remove the label.

Wilson Felix Clive - O_O

Patricia Toler - ADOS is Anti Pan African so this is weird.

Jo Jo Butler - Sadly, Pan Africanism has become Anti-Pan Africanism, Patricia.

Patricia Toler - Deflection

Muhammad Rasheed - ADOS is anti-Pan African only because the Black American ethinc group hasn't done the self work needed to be a strong interdependent partner. Africans will only take advantage of our unstable nation state if we try to form a league. First we have to work on our agenda and become empowered & independent, only THEN can we talk about Pan-African ideals.

Keith Tucker - if you wanna be ADOS you gotta drop the Pan African RBG flag tee of the dude with the poster.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm an American Descendant of Slavery whether I believe in the high ideals of Pan-Africanism or not. lol

My Activist character and I do both.

Keith Tucker - I dont know if contradictory is the right word but if you really believe in the pan african ideals of self reliance then doesnt that make any discussion with this system for a “new deal” a complete waste of time?...i mean if you are for african unity doesnt this feel divisive? I mean this aint even a smart way to go about getting reparations. Strategically all alone you lack the political capital and actual capital to get those demands met with out being set up simaltaneously. Pan africanism is the only way to go because in order to leverage properly you gotta have a hold on what these western powers need and those resources are in Africa. How you demand anything and not have a hostage they care about? Just think about what this country fears and the why they fear it (economic stability issue)then you will see how this ADOS thing a waste of time if not a boobytrap altogether.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) The #ADOS movement is about self-reliance. I really don't see the contradiction or conflict on that score. I can't be "group self-reliant" with a bunch of Black Nations who each have their own strong, proud national ethnic identities. I must also get strong and self-reliant, too, so I may have a voice to contribute to the collective in an interdependent relationship with my brethren Black Nations. I cannot unify with the other Black ethnic groups while I'm in my current unstable state, because it makes me prey to the greedy. The Black African has not proven to be immune to the temptations of exploiting me.

2.) It's divisive for me to allow myself to lie down as a living ATM machine for others to exploit. The situation creates a building resentment in me that can ONLY be cured by my self-reliance.

3.) The #ADOS movement is 100% the smart way to get Reparations. First, I definitively self-identify myself as a Black American Nation (composed of interconnected ADOS ideological tribes), then I pool my political force and leverage my Black Spending Power to demand that my Political Agenda is met. Obviously the way I've allowed others to bamboozle me into doing it during the last 50 yrs of the 'Assimilated Integrationist Token' era hasn't been working at all.

4.) Enough companies and institutions routinely get wealthy off of the Black Spending Power to enable me to get exactly what I want by applying the Black Economic Boycott. And at 40 million ADOS strong, the tactic will definitively work. My own spending power that they covet is my “hostage” since the white racist aristocracy is fed with it. They certainly fear an empowered ADOS, and have fought tooth & claw to prevent it since Reconstruction.

5.) A unified Black Race under Pan-Africanism would work for me as an ideal political philosophy, but the reality is that the Black African sees me as someone to exploit while I’m in my current weakened state, and looks upon me with contempt. I must first make myself strong and then join with the others as equals. Right now the different Black immigrant ethnic groups are only exploiting my numbers and civil rights benefits for political gains; they don’t care about me at all, while the Black people still on the continent long for me to move their to use my numbers to help their causes alone. A “Pan-Africanism” is the furthest thing from their minds.

6.) The #ADOS movement gaining momentum is the only thing that will get me what I want in the secular realm. Once the Black African sees me successfully fighting for myself, then he may loosen his love of greed out of a pang of conscience and water the seeds of the Pan-Africanism we all need. Whether he does or not, I must RISE and stand as a self-reliant ADOS.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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