Sunday, June 5, 2016

"What's My Name?!?"

Gary McCoy - "If Muhammad Ali weren't black, he wouldn't have had to fight so much."  ~Michelle Obama

Muhammad Rasheed - "I'm not going to help nobody get something Negroes don't have. If I'm going to die, I'll die now right here fighting you. You my enemy... you my opposer when I want freedom, you my opposer when I want justice...." ~Muhammad Ali

Lyn Ouvrier - I wish some people (Michelle Obama included) would one day wake up to the realization that the slavery period is over. It's long gone. Otherwise, they wont be able to stir racial wars the way they do now.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's a lot of history between slavery and today. I wish the folk who prefer to live in La-La Land about it would get out of the way with their willful ignorance.

Lyn Ouvrier - As much as I would love to debate you on this, I don't relish the thought of seeing my name and my FB commentaries in one of your 'blogs' again. So, I digress.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) You do NOT want to debate on this because you think slavery was the last time the country dealt with race.

2) I only have one "blog."

Gary McCoy - I'm down with the cause, brother. My great-great-great-grandmother was a slave. And I'm still ticked.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm not ticked about slavery. Is that the new thing y'all are floating around at the local pub?

Right now I’m beginning to get ticked as it dawns on me that [all of] y'all actually DO think racism stopped at slavery...

Lyn Ouvrier - 1) I do not want to debate with you for the reason I stated above. You know what I am talking about.

2) You have a blogsite. You post "blogs" regularly. More like excerpts in my opinion. Just saying.

Adios, Rasheed. Just stating my views, same as you. My commentary ends here.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) You do not want to debate about it because you are ill prepared.

2) The posts in a blog are not called "blogs." Perhaps you should study up on that too?

Lyn Ouvrier - Oh, pardon the ignorance. English is my THIRD language. Anyways... Assume all you want. It's nothing new. I mean, I'm used to the tactic.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hm. Perhaps you should bump it down to seventh...?

Lyn Ouvrier - Am I allowed to raise the racial card too? Just saying.

Lyn Ouvrier - I mean, just asking.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Sure, why not?

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary's folk invented it.  lol

Lyn Ouvrier - For your folks to stir? Ooops. #NeverMind

Muhammad Rasheed - Nah. "Race card" is the term that Whites (& friends) use when they get irritated when non-white people aren't willing to pretend racism doesn't exist.

Muhammad Rasheed - "My commentary ends here" obviously means something very different in Tagalog than in English. Apparently it's closer to "chatterbox."

Lyn Ouvrier - Women change their minds all the time. Get used to it.

Muhammad Rasheed - omG, believe me I KNOW they change their minds all the time. >:(

Muhammad Rasheed - Thank you for making it personal now. lol

Okay, you WIN! jesus...

Lyn Ouvrier - Sheesh.

Muhammad Rasheed - *flinches*

Gary McCoy - Muhammad, I'm white and my wife is Filipino. So we've got racism coming from both directions. It's hell, let me tell you.

Muhammad Rasheed
- "FilipiNA.” Unless your secrets are even crazier than I suspected. O_O

Muhammad Rasheed - Is this one your sister-in-law or something?

Lyn Ouvrier - And here's me thinking you are smart enough NOT to go personal when the issue being discussed isn't personal. Apparently not.

Tell me, are you really complaining about *cough* racism?

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Cause if she IS then it gives me remarkable insight into your household. #poorGary

Muhammad Rasheed - *yikes!*

Lyn Ouvrier - Keep digging your own grave, Muhammad.

Muhammad Rasheed -   :P   *PLLLTTT!!!*

Muhammad Rasheed - Whatevs!

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, I'm complaining about the evils of racism. Why? You have most of your stock portfolio in it?

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you think that if it is somehow cured soon, that you won't be able to bag one of Gary's [white] friends? awww... :(

I don't think it actually works like that, so you can relax. lol

Lyn Ouvrier - Well, with the way you are going now, it seems to me you are complaining about yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed
- About me? I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep you from moving up the corporate ladder, or deny you the job you want because you are Filipina. Racism doesn't work like that either. I'm at the bottom of that ladder, Lyn. #stillIllPrepared

Muhammad Rasheed
- Tsk.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad. ..FilipnO

I already defined her gender by specifying my wife.


Muhammad Rasheed - Stop messing up Tagalog before this one struts around all her language certs again.

Lyn Ouvrier - "Do you think that if it is somehow cured soon, that you won't be able to BAG one of Gary's [white] friends?"


Muhammad Rasheed - It was a yes or no question. Relax.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you think my semi-serious probing into the real reason for your passionate dislike of the racism topic more serious than pretending that racism doesn't exist?

Because it really isn't. Calm down.

Muhammad Rasheed
- It would've been MORE interesting if you would have posted a 500 word essay on the male/female conjugation of Filipino. lol

Muhammad Rasheed
- (which is what i was actually expecting)

Lyn Ouvrier - I have a feeling if I push your hypersensitive race bones further, you will be able to dig a hole deeper than 6 ft. With the way racism is defined by some people today, I'm glad I don't have a single insecure bone in my body. I would really hate parading that race card everyday when what I actually feel is inferiority complex.

Oh btw. Most of the true racist people I've met by far are actually blacks, not white. Just my experience.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's adorable that you used the term "true racist people" after proudly establishing you are very ill prepared for any kind of discussion about the race issue.

Muhammad Rasheed - Stick to your non-love life, and other topics you are far more expert on.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Multilingual boasting?"

Muhammad Rasheed
- Hey, how are you a "political blogger" while thinking that the individual posts in a blog are called "blogs?" How does that work?

Did you just jump in and start doing it without reading up on it first? Like that?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's admirable though, if your blog is doing well.

Lyn Ouvrier - The last time I checked, this is not your post. So, unless the owner himself says I bug off, I will. And hey, saying FACTUAL information is not boasting.

Stay to your true form. Asshole.

Muhammad Rasheed - I didn't order you to leave (maybe you should downgrade your English to eighth...?), I just said to stick to a topic you are less likely to embarrass yourself on. I'm HELPING!

You're welcome. Sheesh!

Muhammad Rasheed -

'boasting' - to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself; to speak of with excessive pride or vanity

Muhammad Rasheed - Note that it doesn't say whether what you're boasting about is true or not? "Factual" is a strawman in this case. I believe you that you are multilingual, sure.

Muhammad Rasheed - Never doubted.

Muhammad Rasheed   :D

Muhammad Rasheed - It's also adorable when racists and/or racism deniers consider ME the "asshole." awww...

Lyn Ouvrier - I don't normally engage in this kind of low level conversation, Rasheed. But I'll make an exception of you if only for tonight. And since we are on the original subject of racism (before you started down the personal attacks path), let me be very frank with you:

Most people I have met who are racist, discriminatory and arrogant so far are blacks. Blacks. Deal with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I heard you the first time, and since you obviously have zero idea what you are talking about on that topic, I'll just as quickly dismiss what you posted as fanciful & vain nonsense. Again.

Muhammad Rasheed - I consider folk trying to engage in topics above their intellectual pay grade as "low level" too. Take a class, or read a book about racism first, and then come back.

Lyn Ouvrier - And lastly. I hope this thread does not end up somewhere else again, just like the rest of your uhm, what is it again? "Blog" (without an S)? Just saying.

Copypasting debate threads --without the permission of their post owners-- isn't exactly what I would call "blogging".

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, fortunately at no point did I ever feel the burning need to ask you about it, so... *whew!*

Muhammad Rasheed - THAT was close!

Muhammad Rasheed - [looks up "And lastly" in the Tagalog-to-English dictionary]

Muhammad Rasheed -

'and lastly' - (tɐˈɡaːloɡ tongue) to type fiercely; to pace back-n-forth uttering profanities in 3 or more languages of varying proficiency; to get the really, really, REALLY last word in

Muhammad Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed
- Bye bye, Lyn.

Thanks, Gary! It's been fun as always! Keep those pencils sharp!

Lyn Ouvrier - Feeling proud of your 'accomplishment'? I did say you are an asshole, and I am not going to take it back.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meh. I'll keep it as a souvenir of our One Night Stand.


Love you, Lynn!  ;)

Lyn Ouvrier - Oh I am sure you will.

Muhammad Rasheed - Get your game up for next time, please. Start with this:

When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America by Ira Katznelson

Lyn Ouvrier - No thanks. Your uh "blogsite" is more fun to read. No doubt, you are a very 'talented' blogger.

Muhammad Rasheed - *shrug* Suit yourself.

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