Friday, June 24, 2016

Curing Racism: An Objectives Plan from History's Lessons Learned

Muhammad Rasheed - Study Confirms Black Boys Are Not Safe: Whites Associate Black Faces as Young as 5 with Violence, Criminality

Tony Boyd - Now that research has backed up what has been known for at least century, can we get some solutions and actions on how to stop it?

Muhammad Rasheed - There are solutions:

Reparations/ending Black poverty + only Black cops in our communities + dedicated protection/defense to keep savage, jealous people from destroying our communities as they begin to rise in success (again) + Black political control-representation of our communities + lifted business-economic restrictions on Blacks

There are no mysteries here based on a study of what has gone on before regarding when we were at our most successful, and what happened to take it away from us, time after time after time. RETURN to us what was stolen (you can attempt to make up for the stolen lives by padding the wealth coffers) and then LEAVE US ALONE.

Tony Boyd - I agree on reparations, protection from those specific ones that would do us harm, derail our development, lifting business restrictions on Blacks but I disagree on isolating ourselves, if that is in fact what you are advocating.

Muhammad Rasheed - Not "isolation," but a certain amount of dedicated, community-wide "Me Work" is necessary to make up for lost time, Hype.

Muhammad Rasheed - Turning inward... the way we had to do to a more extreme degree during Reconstruction, in order to get our literacy and political knowledge up... as a "cocoon phase" just before we Launch.

Tony Boyd - Gotcha.

Eugene Argent - Good video. But the race soldiers who shot Tamir Rice knew that he wasn't a threat. That's why they drove right up to him, instead of stopping at a distance. It's not all about misperception.

Muhammad Rasheed - They perceived him as easy prey...

Eugene Argent - Correct.

Jeremy Travis - In what way(s) would we not be isolating ourselves from the larger US society?

Muhammad Rasheed - It wouldn't be any different than the model other successful ethnic groups used... fresh off the boat as immigrants, took the time to build themselves up first by investing into their own communities and controlling business/local politics... and THEN had influence and their own unique contributions to the greater national society. During the build up period (when everybody was making fun of them for being raggedy immigrants, or former slaves, or whatever), it represented a certain amount of limited isolation, because they needed to work on themselves. They needed "desegregation" to keep people from trying to deliberately restrict their growth because of either ignorant hatred, or jealous, fearful hatred of their potential.

The LAST thing a building community trying to get its socio-economic legs under it needs is that fake "Integration" to sabotage the effort, and prevent the community from first establishing/maintaining its own power bloc base of support, like every other successful ethnic group has. How could they do so while devoting all of their efforts towards working in that other community to build HIM up -- in a perfect imitation of the the work that went into building him up over you in the first place during the slave/maid eras? It doesn't matter what your actual title is if you aren't doing it to help YOUR community. If no matter how successful you are, there's still some of that "glass ceiling/racism is real but I'm trying to overcome it in this company" kind of talk on you, then get out of there and do that work for your own people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Be that hard-working "slave-maid" for yourself and build up your own community, and then step onto the world stage as a sovereign nation within the greater nation (the way the Jewish community functions, which is the sole secret to their phenomenal success). All of that "The white man won't give me a job! Capitalism is bullshit!" kind of talk is old now. I'm tired of that ignorant shit.

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