Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gorilla versus Alligator

Chastity Pratt Dawsey - So, a black baby gets into an enclosure with a gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo and the parents are vilified (you know where I'm going with this...) and people say the gorilla shouldn't have been shot to save the boy. Now a two-year-old baby from Nebraska (I will presume, a white baby because Nebraska is 82% white) gets into a no-swimming lagoon at Disney World and is killed by an alligator. Do you hear anyone saying the parents should be charged? Is the criminal record of parents under scrutiny? Anybody speaking up about the cruelty against the four alligators that were rounded up and killed as part of the search for the baby? Not judging you, America. Just asking...

Clyde Mize - Omg,we are all racist,what is the deal with some people who can't utter three words without bringing up race?You know lady it really gets exhausting after a while.

Byron Pitts
– Exactly

Daria Bryant
- Racism started when one race kidnapped, destroyed the culture, raped the women, discriminated, disenfranchised and suppressed the humanity of another. Yes you too are a racist because you refuse to see the difference between the treatment of blacks vs the treatment of whites.

Clyde Mize - Well,it damn sure never happened in your lifetime.

Muhammad Rasheed - The discrepancy in treatment between the two certainly is still going on in our lifetimes as a continuation of the effects of first slavery, then jim crow, then the current institutionalized racism. The willful ignorance of those on your level does not negate these facts.

Muhammad Rasheed - Shining the spotlight on racist practices isn't the point that the mention of race was first brought up. Chastity's post is the RESPONSE to the race issue, not the beginning of it.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Those who want the fed up to stop shining the spotlight on our nation's greatest evil is what is exhausting.

Clyde Mize
- Both incidents were irresponsible by the parents and treated as such.You just live your whole life looking to cry about something.Oh boo hoo,get a life,loser.

Muhammad Rasheed - You want to live your whole life pretending your people's historic wrongs don't exist so you can live in a villainous La-La Land inside of your psychotic head. Get out of my life and learn how to leave other people alone for once, please. Thank you.

Clyde Mize
- The issue of race would have been brought up either way.The only differance is if it resulted in the death of a black child,oh now we're going to burn down the city.How dare you use the tragic death of a child to further your activist agenda.

Clyde Mize
- No,I will can go on social media and spout off this bunch of nonsense crap,and the minute someone calls you on it,its get out of my life.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Racism keeps getting brought up as a reaction to your folk continuing to perform it.

2.) The riots happen out of frustrated reaction from your folks' racist practices. Stop treating people that way and you will have more time to get drunk, riot and destroy towns when your hockey teams win.

3.) How dare you pretend you care about human life to have a tantrum whenever the disenfranchised complain about your people's evil?

Muhammad Rasheed
- "Get out of my life" as a racism-perpetuating evil in the lives of non-whites. Stop spreading your evil around the globe and leave people alone for the first time in the last five centuries. "YOU" as a representative of all that is wrong with Western Society.

Clyde Mize
- I never treated anybody any such way my entire life,yet somehow I have been guilty of some unspeakable act since birth.The real battle is between rich and poor.Do you actually think anything ever got accomplished by a riot?The only ones who ever got hurt are other poor people just like you and I.

Clyde Mize - You can go down the road of violence,its just going to get you dead and me dead,and in the end for a brief moment someone might laugh and say,what a couple of dumbasses.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I didn't mention anything about violence, but reject the continuous infliction of violence and economic sanctions and unfair practices from your people onto my people. I reject your La-La Land fantasies designed to launder history so you can pretend you aren't the bad guy. I'm SICK of your evil, and especially your continuous penchant for pretending the "race issue" starts whenever I get mad at your evil. I'm TIRED of you inflicting your horror upon my people. Please sit down somewhere and focus on yourself, and stop exploiting the whole world like a monster of legend. Leave. People. ALONE.

WTF is WRONG with you???

Muhammad Rasheed
- You claim you "never treated anybody wrong," yet here you are furthering racism by denying its affects! Treating the historical victims of it like WE'RE the ones that are crazy, but you magically think that ISN'T harmful???

WTF is WRONG with you??????

Muhammad Rasheed
- White people riot and destroy towns when their favorite sport teams win OR lose, but you want to come in here and lecture ME when I riot from the powder-keg frustration of actual EVIL inflicting upon me by YOUR people, yet you somehow believe your unsolicited insane opinion isn't harmful?

WTF is WRONG with you????

Clyde Mize - What do you mean,my people??STATED REPEATEDLY!!I am part of no group.You are are unfairly judgeing me because of the color of my skin,but thats ok because its you doing it.YOU ARE INSANE!!

Clyde Mize - Have a good day,although its impossible because your miserable thinking everybody is screwing me 24 hrs a day.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm judging you based solely on how you've been responding in this thread. It's dismissive and disrespectful, and unworthy of respect. And I only know ONE ethnic type that acts defensive whenever Blacks get mad at blatant racism discrepancies.

The insane is anyone that defensively protests -- like YOU are doing -- whenever the historically exploited/disenfranchised push back against the ideology of White Supremacist Racial Contract.

Brooklyn Symone - The black parents at the zoo were completely negligent and need to be held responsible for the murder of a innocent gorilla! The white people, they are from Nebraska, I'm sure all the lakes,rivers and water ways are safe to put your feet in on a warm night! Maybe,the parents thought these florida waters are the same as their hometown!

Muhammad Rasheed - This is extremely divisive and racist. You want to throw the book at the Black family for negligence, but coddle and make excuses for the White family for THEIR negligence.

Your post is of the specific type of evil opinion that breeds hatred, and you lack value here. Everything wrong with our society can be traced directly to the mindset in which you typed this insanity.

Lillian B. Rowe - @Muhammad Rasheed... you are doing to Clyde Mize what racist do to Blacks on a daily basis. You're judging him for the sins of his forefathers. He made some valid points. There are stages of racism the first is monetary, rich against poor. While racism is very much apparent, all white people aren't doing it and if we gonna be totally honest we have to look in our own mirror.

Muhammad Rasheed - He didn't make a single valid point, and he is a fool who can't see past the end of his racist nose. The stance of racism denial, which is the active present action I judge him on, is not worthy of respect as it is a willful ignorance designed to perpetuate evil.  Clyde came in here in the self-appointed role of defending the entire race from its historic wrongs, and that is the role I based my counter argument upon... while he cowardly threw up his hands to suddenly retreat from his stance once receiving the push back.

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