Thursday, August 20, 2020

A Dubious Grasp of the Politic

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Dubious Grasp of the Politic." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 21 Aug 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Brandon Easton - #Kamala rocks.

I have spoken.

Muhammad Rasheed - Unfortunately, Trump/Pence/Biden/Kamala collectively rock for every single political special interest group except for the Black American former slave class. Systemic racism is a bi-partisan evil when neither political party will commit to economically including us into the wealth-building ownership class. It's a shame when the long neglected and exploited Black Americans agree to continue to allow the racial wealth gap to widen by continuing to vote status quo which does nothing to address the Black Political Agenda.

But if you happen to be of the LGBT, one of the immigrant tied groups or a Wall Street banker -- all who will absolutely benefit from a Biden/Harris2020 presidential win, then please by all means...

...rock out.

Every special interest group has the right to vote in their own interests. Personally, I'm voting Democratic Party down ballot since a vote for the status quo won't help me at all as a Black American member of the former slave class -- both Trump and Biden hate my guts. So I'll first need a commitment to my agenda and exclusionary policies that will make my group economically whole if either one of them wants my vote (naturally I will expect the blatantly diabolical Trump to reject it out of hand).

Staci Williams - I'm going to need you to take skee wee out your artwork, ESPECIALLY when you are using it for political purposes. It is trademarked. 

All that other stuff you are spewing I dont care about.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here you are:

Is Satire or Mimicking a Trademark Protected under Fair Use? | JHRLEGAL.COM

Staci Williams - did you sell it?

Staci Williams - if you placed this for sale or profit financially in any capacity then this does not apply. If you did then its still a trademark violation

Staci Williams - Furthermore:

It may be infringement if the trademark is used to invoke the idea of the trademarked business, product, or service and make fun of it in an attempt to dissuade people from using it. It may also be defamation if what is said is untrue. In this case using it politically as in voting one way or another. But hey maybe you should just consult the organizations trademark attorney

Muhammad Rasheed -

Staci Williams - I'm not the one you need to convince. My organization is very diligent especially when it comes to using their trademarks.

Muhammad Rasheed - Staci wrote: "It may be infringement if the trademark is used [...] in an attempt to dissuade people from using it."


Staci wrote: "IIt may also be defamation if what is said is untrue."


Staci wrote: "IIn this case using it politically as in voting one way or another."

lol No so. In this case it's being used to tease the satirized figure and her soror org that support her with uncritical Agape love.

Staci Williams - I said what I said. You trying to justify using it.. im not going go back and forth with you anymore. If you are comfortable with your disresp..."satire" so be it. You have nothing to worry about then. Lol, have a good one

Muhammad Rasheed - Staci wrote: "I said what I said."

You should fight just as hard for your people's Reparations and economic inclusion. #ThinkAboutIt

Staci Williams - @Muhammad… you know nothing about me or what I do. You also know nothing about what my organization does. I can say the same thing of you and supporting black women considering they are the most disrespected people in the country. As a Muslim the words of Malcolm X should be something YOU think about. If you are anti-Joe is one thing but to pick the black woman on the ticket to use her as your "Satire" is not practicing what you preach.

Muhammad Rasheed - Staci wrote: "you know nothing about me or what I do."

Staci ALSO wrote: "All that other stuff you are spewing I dont care about."

Staci Williams - now you are twisting words. "All that other stuff" means I did not (and do not) care about debating you on the legitimacy of what you said via your "satire" on social media. And that stands. "All that other stuff you spewing I dont care about."

Muhammad Rasheed - Staci wrote: "now you are twisting words."

Staci ALSO wrote: "I said what I said."

Muhammad Rasheed - Staci wrote: "You also know nothing about what my organization does."

Are they fighting tooth & nail for Reparations and economic inclusion for the Black American descendants of slavery? This is what my people need. If your precious org isn't doing that then they lack value.

Staci wrote: "I can say the same thing of you and supporting black women considering they are the most disrespected people in the country."

Only white racists and their treacherous "POC/BIPOC" support class use that kind of rhetoric to split up the Black Family. Both genders of our ethnic group are disrespected by the White Supremacist Ideology and the anti-Black systemic racism for which it stands. You are on the wrong side of history, but realize it not.

Staci wrote: "As a Muslim the words of Malcolm X should be something YOU think about."

As a Muslim, I bear withness that there is no God but the One God of Abraham, and the Ishmaelite prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him) was the messenger of the Lord thy God. Although I respect his story, Malcolm X is not part of my salvation. Please stick to the topics you are actually learned in.

Staci wrote: "If you are anti-Joe..."

I'm anti-white racist aristocracy which is quite bi-partisan. All that matters is the Black Political Agenda and policies developed from the same. Celebrity worship is a grift scheme of the diabolical 1% monopolist class. You should discard it.

Staci wrote: " one thing but to pick the black woman on the ticket to use her as your 'Satire' is not practicing what you preach."

This black woman you champion is of the Aryan Brahmin class who actually invented the oppressive caste system of India. More importantly for our purposes, she is a proud agent of the mass incarcerate state with a record of systemic racist oppression against my people specifically. She has point blank rejected the policies my people need to be made economically whole and I would be a fool to give her my vote for free.

Staci Williams - im not having this conversation with you. If you REALLY wanted to know you would have asked before hand instead of make assumptions. Now you just want to argue and debate and ive lost interest. I have no desire to discuss with someone with no genuine interests. Have a good one.

Muhammad Rasheed - Staci wrote: "im not having this conversation with you."

We're already 861 words in. lol

Staci wrote: "If you REALLY wanted to know..."

Ma'am, it was rhetorical. All of these groups have proven impotent in the fight for the actual needs of our people. The infamous racial wealth gap is wider than ever and is an embarrassing testament to the failure of 50+ yrs of 'Integration' era leadership across the entire spectrum.

I suggest you repent and help our people politically unify under the banner of #ADOS that we may pressure our Democratic Party into meeting our needs as they so enthusiastically meet everyone else's,

American Descendants of Slavery (#ADOS)

Staci Williams -

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. - Service to All Mankind Since 1908

Staci Williams - There. Fixed it.

Muhammad Rasheed - What did you fix by posting a marketing piece showcasing exactly how impotent this group has been to our people's actual needs?

Please stop and instead work to direct that group's focus towards a cause that actually matters. #ThisAintIt

Staci Williams - lol. If only you knew. Have a good one sir.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, I do know.

You also have a good one. Peace.

JG Haynes - Your criticism of Kamala Harris’s ethnicity makes you a victim of the Willie Lynch Letter. I don’t believe in blindly supporting people however, out right denying her as a member of the black community is continuing the legacy of Willie Lynch. Stop being a slave so openly, proudly and ignorantly. You’re very articulate but if you haven’t read the Willie Lynch Letter recently then you should and maybe you’ll wake up frfr and create something useful & that will better our community. not this fake woke mess you call satire. It’s toxic to our community and we have enough issues.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kamala Harris is a Jamaican-Indian American who identifies as Black through her father's Jamaican family line. I do acknowledge that she is a Black woman both through that line and by way of physical racial phenotype as she does look like a lightskinned Black woman.

But she is not a member of the Black American descendants of slavery ethnic group who are identified by way of our unique lineage & heritage. We are a completely different people. The history of anti-Black systemic racism has left my people as a wealthless bottom caste, while her mom's people were literally the highest caste of her nation. Kamala is a "Black woman," but that does not mean she is me anymore than any other rival group in the diaspora is me. We all have our unique lineages & heritages that define us far more than shallow melanin does alone.

Kamala spent her career actively attacking my ethnic group, and actually gives the impression she hates us and will absolutely throw us under the bus -- as Obama did -- for political gain.

Mark X Moses - Reparations what. I guess we have to do same for every other race on this earth reparations my foot

Muhammad Rasheed - lol My specific ethnic group has a legitimate and righteous justice claim with the US government. That has nothing to do with anyone else.

Mark X Moses - everyone can say same

Muhammad Rasheed - What does that have to do with my own people pursuing our own debt owed to us by our own government?

I don't understand your point.

Mark X Moses - my point no one owns you nothing, you can’t keep blaming someone for your failure or the fault of their ancestors

Muhammad Rasheed - Just because you yourself happen to be unlearned in the history of my ethnic group and our government, doesn't mean I'm not entitled to pursue the debt owed in my ethnic group's political interest.

Your point doesn't make any sense and comes across as unfairly hostile to my group for no reason. On one hand you admit that my legitimate Reparations claim is "the same as everyone else's," then you pivot and claim I'm not owed anything in a perfect imitation of what my traditional enemy says all the time. I don't understand.

I thought you were a Black African? Is this not true?

Mark X Moses - yep fighting for something you have no right to own, and even after you achieve that, let see how much of a change it going to bring to you, and if that will make you guys stop blaming everything on others.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mark wrote: "fighting for something you have no right to own"

I'm the group who was exploited and plundered to build this nation and her great wealth. Obviously I'm entitled to a significant portion of this country's benefits.

Mark wrote: "and even after you achieve that"

I will, Insha'Allah.

Mark wrote: "let see how much of a change it going to bring to you"

The point of a robust Reparations program is to duplicate the exclusionary wealth-building programs that poor whites received in the previous 150 yrs that enabled them to become the middle class. They were given free money, free land and numerous educational programs to help them manage the multi-generational windfall my group was pointed excluded from. I only ask for the same thing for my people. It is only fair.

Again your hostility and negativity against my people as an outsider is confusing me with its intensity. I don't understand your point.

Tasha Brown - I think she would make a good president if she’s giving that chance not because she’s half black and Indian it’s because she’s a strong woman that might make a difference in this world.

Don’t judge the book by the cover judge what’s written inside she might surprise you and do something for the black communities

Muhammad Rasheed - At no point have I ever "judged the book by its cover" in this context. Instead, I reject her nomination purely based on her well-documented hostility towards my own ever-abused ethnic group.

What difference does it make to me if she's a "good president" to everyone except me? I don't need a repeat of the Obama confidence scam where a candidate pretended to be for me only to leave me in worse economic conditions than I was in before I was convinced to believe in their faux-Hope.

Tasha Brown - Lol I wasn’t commenting you. You have every right to vote for whoever you want for me I want to see a woman president:)

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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