Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Original Head Start

Cartoon illustrating the over-the-top violent domestic terror
tactic—by numerous harmful entities at all levels—of
treating Black children like they are adults.

Christopher Finch - Why don't Black Lives Matter activists protest inner city, black on black violence?

Muhammad RasheedBlack Lives Matter (BLM) is one of numerous Black activism groups, with most focused on specialized categories within the spectrum of multiple issues affecting the Black community. BLM's specific scope addresses the trauma of police brutality and other attacks on Black bodies by non-Black people, while there are several other groups that do address the self-inflicted violence symptomatic with the chronic poverty found in urban Black neighborhoods.

The emotionally-triggered vocal critics of the group seem to be unaware of these basic, easily-researched facts, and prefer to treat the "Black Lives Matter" title as if the movement's scope is supposed to be much broader based on their own uninformed assumptions. This gives the impression that the strawman effigy faux-criticisms are unreasonable attacks from people who actually support over-the-top police violence against Black people even on the off chance the teeth-gnashing critic really didn't mean to be [completely] unsympathetic.

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