Saturday, December 8, 2018

American Obstacles in the Pursuit of Happiness

Cartoon illustrating a technique of race soldiers designed to
terrorize Black people into immobility that quasi-well meaning
intellectuals explain away as natural tribal skin color prejudice.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP), under Army Regulation 381-12, says it’s mandatory for a list of different groups who have been trained on it (all U.S. military and Department of Defense personnel, government contractors, etc.) to report suspicious behavior to the government counterintelligence hotline. The material explains that terrorism has nothing to do with race, religion or nationality, but has everything to do with behaviors and actions of individuals. The government counts on Americans to use their basic, decent common sense to identify potential threats and promptly report them to prevent something horrible from happening to innocent American people. This is real.

“Racism” as we know it has nothing to do with the regularly circulating gaslight spin job that describes it as a “primitive, natural, tribal skin color prejudice.” This is a deflection from the truth. Racism is actually a diabolical economic system that was birthed at the beginning of the American experiment when a trade in African Black flesh by ‘crony capitalist’ Western powers became YUGE/BIGLY international business. Several factors contributed to the decision that a special aristocracy would be created based on the dramatic physical difference between the light-skinned members of Europe’s ethnic tribes versus the enslaved African, in which the latter would be permanently delegated to a chattel bondsman class. The centuries old wealth gap between the two races within the white supremacist era, getting wider and wider with each passing decade, is a direct result of the dominant group protecting their manufactured Whitopia from the possibility of the socio-economic pendulum swinging in the other direction. Should it so swing, it would first create an equality between the races scenario, with the potential for a total flip in the balance of power. The elaborate effort to prevent that pendulum from swinging—using psychological mind games, financial sabotage/property theft, domestic terror tactics and police/military force—is the true nature of racismThis is real.

White Americans have been in the habit of using their basic, decent common sense to report Black people to the police just for doing normal, regular activities in public places. All efforts to explain away the behavior are disingenuous; it is a terror tactic with the intention to control Black behavior. The ‘golden rule’ of treating others how you would like to be treated does not apply, because the people doing the reporting cannot empathize with the Black victims due to generations of anti-Black systemic racism programming that has now become normalized among the Whitopian residents. They do not see themselves and their foulness, they only see their hatred for the idea of Blacks behaving as if they are not subjugated lower class citizens controlled for white exploitation. This is real.

As a Black American, my number one political issue is the freeing of my people from the savagery of racism’s chains so we may live the fullness of life as we deserve. White people benefit from the aristocracy by default and hold a bi-partisan vested interest in working out problems among each other AROUND the anti-Black systemic racism that feeds them. So when I watch white liberals and white conservatives attempt to come to a common ground in their ideological differences and mutually seek to take anti-racism off the table so they can make faster headway during the talks, or not wanting to aggravate the other, it does leave me feeling some kind of way.

I am not interested in hearing another 150 yrs of more empty words with more empty promises and inevitable betrayals behind them; I am instead only interested in what is real and making informed decisions from a place of correct analysis of very real behaviors. I pray for peace and the reasonable unobstructed liberty to pursue my God-given rights as a natural-born U.S. citizen, but it seems like I may be alone in wishing this for all Americans.

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