Monday, December 3, 2018

Tainted Culture

Cartoon illustrating the negative taint infesting the national culture
due to a hostile, unpatriotic special interest group being allowed to
dictate the narrative of what is considered normal and/or harmless.

Alan MacNeill - With all due respect, cartoons like that do nothing to help the cause. All they do is reinforce the Right Wing opinion “They’re looking down on us, why should we listen to them?” Please, for the good of the movement, stop.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Alan. The facts of history demonstrate that those who hold the Right Wing opinion are actively waging war against my group and aren’t even remotely interested in listening to me.

Rather than play that game with them, and look like a fool in the attempt, I’m more interested in digging up the root cause of their behaviors from well thought out analysis of the historical narrative and satirizing it in my art. I don’t mind that you don’t agree with my approach since I’m under no illusion that my product is of an universal appeal.

Alan MacNeill - Here’s your problem.

Yes, there are SOME on the Right who are as you say. Probably 10–15% of the Republican Party, and certainly the loudest of them.

However, in order to WIN ELECTIONS, which is all that matters (since without folks in office, you can’t fix the problems), you need to be attractive to the folks who aren’t strictly dedicated to that side, but might lean more conservative than you wish they did.

You have two choices: 1. Shove them away as being impure…then they vote for your opponents, who win the elections and have the power, and you and your pure movement are wandering in the wilderness, or 2. Be temperate in your attacks on the other side, point out their flaws when you can, but in a fair and reasonable and honest way, not lumping everyone in with the extreme 5%.

Your cartoons show you want to do #1…and that’s certainly your right, but realize that it means you are killing your movement. And, frankly, shoving away far more than just your targets.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alan wrote: “However, in order to WIN ELECTIONS…”

We can stop voter suppression and the GOP will never “win” another election again.

Alan wrote: “…but realize that it means you are killing your movement.”

I disagree. Being honest will reveal the true nature of the movement and the fight at hand. Walking on eggshells around my committed enemy has gained me nothing.


Alan MacNeill - I’m judging this from your profile picture alone…but you aren’t old enough to have enough experience to say “never”.

And stopping voter suppression alone won’t guarantee a Blue Wave. Sorry that the world doesn’t fit nicely into your blue sky fantasy, but in the real world you have to appeal to folks who don’t agree with you, but are at least willing to listen to your argument. Cartoons like yours shrink that pool, dramatically.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alan wrote: “…you aren’t old enough to have enough experience to say ‘never.’”

It’s just a prediction wrapped in a bit of hyperbole since I am not privy to the secrets of the unseen future.

Alan wrote: “And stopping voter suppression alone won’t guarantee a Blue Wave.”

The Democrats have the numbers. The GOP has to cheat to have any kind of longevity. We only put up with it because the Demos are guilty of using it too when convenient (that’s why they don’t like talking about it).

Alan wrote: “…but in the real world you have to appeal to folks who don’t agree with you…”

There are varying sub-groups within that pool. Research reveals which among them are worthy of the effort of appealing to. The ones I am in active war with can feel the sting of the toon.

Alan wrote: “Sorry that the world doesn’t fit nicely into your blue sky fantasy…”

lol That’s precisely how I feel about your expressed “Probably 10–15%.” That’s actually closer to what the percentage of ‘good guys’ looks like, and it’s about the same on the liberal side.

The anti-racism fight isn’t your fight, Alan, which is the root cause of my woes.

Alan wrote: “Cartoons like yours shrink that pool, dramatically.”

*shrug* I prefer to know the face of my foe. His ability to hide and slink around among those I can actually trust (possible only because I allowed myself to be convinced I should walk on eggshells around the creature) puts me at a disadvantage that doesn’t get me closer to my goals.

Alan MacNeill - Best of luck.

Hope your lance is sharp, because those windmills are vicious.

And with that, farewell donkeys…I'm off to find a group that embraces my values, those that made Democrats wi once upon a time.

Paul Haas - Before commenting on this cartoon, it might be wise to re-read the cartoon from Sunday. I don't want to become one of the army of white editors removing anything remotely uncomfortable to us. Or in today's case, comics that took us some time to figure out, so we feel the Elephants will never get it.
Dave Consiglio - Hi Alan. M. Rasheed is an invited guest here. Disagreements are what we save for Republicans, eh?

Furthermore, we have no idea is this comic is “shoving people away” or not. What we do know is that we welcome everyone here who supports Democratic candidates. I know that’s both you and Muhammad, and I’m sure we can find our common ground.

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