Saturday, December 29, 2018

Explicit Bias + Confirmation Bias = A Tool of Systemic Racism

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Gary McCoy - Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's illegal immigrant love-child shot and killed a police officer on Christmas day.

Muhammad Rasheed - What did the cop do?

Steve Kearney - @Muhammad... he wore a uniform ....

Muhammad Rasheed - ...while he was beating him.

Gary McCoy - Know the cop wasn't beating him. Cop pulled him over. The guy was already a criminal. And the thugs shot the cop In Cold Blood.

Muhammad Rasheed - Cop pulled him over because he wasn't white and then started harassing him, huh? Cops should really stop doing that to people. Everyone isn't going to be as passive and patient as the late Philando Castile, am I right?

Gary McCoy - The murdered cop who had a five month old son and wife back home was from Fiji. Not one of the white supremacists who hides under your bed at night.

Muhammad Rasheed - He should have thought about his family before he started abusing his power and harassing non-whites, huh?. Too bad. Maybe his Bros-in-Blue learned a lesson from this.

Probably not though.

Ken Leong - @Muhammad... the illegal was DUI. Had previous DUIs and should had been deported. There are plenty of illegals that DUI. You want them to hit you or a family member?

Muhammad Rasheed - The cop could tell he was DUI by how dark he was, am I right?

Gordon Campbell - Cop killers don't get to live well, no matter where they are from or end up. Oh, and Muhammad has some virulent issues, no?

Ken Leong - @Muhammad... you a "Victacrat"?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm more concerned with the savage cops who randomly kill civilians for no reason other than to quench their psychopathic fetishes.

How come y'all never talk about that? Since I'm NOT a cop, I'm not likely to care about the other thing since cops aren't the good guys in my neighborhoods.

Bill Bauer - @Muhammad... maybe you should become a cop and be part of the solution to solve the problem you see.

Muhammad Rasheed - So I can get shot in the back by my Bros-in-Blue?

No thanks.

Muhammad Rasheed - A Baltimore police officer was killed before testifying against fellow cops

Ken Leong -  @Muhammad... you should go through this training to get a better view on why shootings happen.

Muhammad Rasheed - smdh

Muhammad Rasheed - @Ken... Racism training? No thanks.

Gerry Harris - @Muhammad... I wish a cop would beat your sorry Muslim ass.

Gerry Harris - @Muhammad... I hope a white supremacist cop pulls your ass over and beats you to a pulp.

Bill Bauer - @Muhammad... It's much easier to be part of the problem than the solution.

Bradley Doyle - Muhammad Rasheed screw you, you worthless piece of trash. You race bait everything.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Bill... That doesn't mean very much when you lot talk, since you invented and maintain the problem.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Bradley... This is how you act when all I did was point out how you really are in good faith? Wow. Take a pill and lie down before you blow out a heroin vein. Geez...

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... let’s see 1) he was an ILLEGAL ALIEN. A crime. 2). He was driving a car without a license A crime. 3.) he was in possession of a gun not purchased A crime. 4). He discharged that gun in public. A crime. 5 he shot AND KILLED someone a crime. I am sure where you come from this is completely ok. And before you EVEN call me a racist; YOU are the one who sees this guy as no big deal. Have a nice day. 6). He was driving drunk. Do you wanna guess? Legal or Not so much

Muhammad Rasheed - @Chris... 1) So? You're probably shooting up heroin right now and that's a crime, too. You routinely pick-n-choose which crimes you consider a big deal or not based on the race of the accused. Your all-caps emphasis means nothing because none of that is a big deal coming from you lot. 2-4) So? White people in rural areas do all of these things all of the time and always get away free or get slaps on the wrist. If you don't care when your people do it then I don't care when you pretend to care when non-whites do it. 5) White racists are lynching Ferguson activists and their kids and the racist cops are calling the murders "suicides." Don't act like you care about people getting murdered when you don't. You just get off on cops harassing people that aren't you. 6) You were driving drunk yesterday. How come you didn't care about that?

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