Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Devil You Know

Cartoon illustrating the fact that the white conservative presence
within the Republican Party means it is NOT the party
Black Americans once knew. Joining the GOP would
be same as fighting on the side of the Confederacy.

Jarvis Christian - How can we as Republicans connect with the African American community?

Muhammad Rasheed - The biggest problem that the African-American needs addressed is the nation’s enduring sin of anti-Black systemic racism. Now that the traditionally pro-racism white conservative has taken up residence there, the Grand Old Party is no longer the partisan platform Black people once knew and it is inherently hostile to their interests, property and persons. In this current “Make America Great Again” climate, what does the GOP actually have to offer Black Americans?

  • Black people will receive pro-business class tax breaks, favorable interest rates, and other perks that come with joining the anti-capitalist tradition/anti-open free market/pro-crony capitalist/pro-corporate cartel/pro-monopoly party
Both white liberals and white conservatives are pro-racism, they merely express the issue in different ways. The liberal dangles empty anti-racism & Black Empowerment promises like the proverbial carrot, but has zero intention of helping Black people achieve these goals as they will distract from their own political aims. The white conservative is traditionally more blunt about his anti-Black hatreds (although he has learned to take on a crude ‘code’ to mask his public face in the ‘politically correct’ era which he loathes), and neither party offers what Black people really need—both representing a lesser of two evils position:
  1. Join the Democratic Party and be champions of the poorer classes without any material benefits
  2. Join the Republican Party and help prey upon the poorer classes while receiving some business perks
To truly connect with the African-American, serious (and moral) leadership—from whichever party wants to use their vote—needs to meet them where they are and work with them to help them reach their true goal of FREEDOM. To be clear, pretending to work with Black people to reach this goal while actually grifting them out of their vote to enrich your own interests, is NOT how to connect with them.

Jo P. Lindsey - 4 thumbs up.

Henry Rogers - Conservative Republicans are wolves. Liberal Democrats are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Paraphrased from Malcom X.

Sathyajith M S - No offence intended ,but dont the liberals champion your cause ?

Asking everybody to meet you and give you work is almost like asking why God susnt give you a hot girlfriend .

Muhammad Rasheed - Liberal party leadership pretends to champion our cause, but without an active political agenda and aggressive pro-Black representation to be the dedicated "squeaky wheel" to pressure them, it will never be a real thing.

Sathyajith M S - I think the liberals are trying to represent all non-whites and women ,a coalition whose wants and needs are disparate.

They are to play to the gallery too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Those other special interests under the 'liberal' umbrella do possess the necessary active political agenda and aggressive, hand-picked elected representation to be the dedicated "squeaky wheel" to pressure the party into getting their needs met. Black people are uniquely discouraged -- and even sabotaged -- from doing the same.

Sathyajith M S - Special interests being women. Hispanics, or Asians ?

Muhammad Rasheed - Those, the LGBTQ community and any others who typically use the model Black Americans developed during the civil rights era.

Sathyajith M S - But aren't there concerns legitimate enough to try yo address ?

I wasnt aware that there was apraticualr model of protesters developed by Black Americans during the Civil Rights era .Could you shed some light on that ?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sathyajith wrote: "But aren't there concerns legitimate enough to try yo address ?"

Of course. Why would that automatically mean the concerns of Black americans should be shelved or ignored? because that's what's actually happening... party leadership has decided the concerns of black people are not worthy of addressing at all for whatever reason.

Sathyajith wrote: "I wasnt aware that there was apraticualr model [...] Could you shed some light on that ?"

Here you are:  Black citizens boycott white merchants for U.S. voting rights, Tuskegee, Alabama, 1957-1961

This is the highly effective political activism model developed by politically astute Black people during the civil rights era, that has since been copied/appropriated by other special interest groups to achieve their goals.

Sathyajith M S - Okay , let's look at it this way.Black Americans seem to be a reliable voter-base for the Democrats and it would be illogical for them to ignore the same.

With regards to boycotts , no form of struggle is any class's alone.For example , I come from a country where people have used boycotts as a form of protest since 1905 .That doesn't mena tagt teh8e cause isn't legitimate.

Isn't it a lot wiser to build a consensus around what most peole require and then move forward ?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, it’s not wiser. That’s the literal party line that Democrat leadership have fed the Black community for 50 yrs now, and the result is that they are now completely disenfranchised, the wealth gap between the races is wider than ever, and their rivals have been allowed to put numerous anti-Black policies in place with little pushback.

If the Black community aren’t aggressively engaged as a special interest group with a focused political agenda, accountable elected representation and the force of the economic boycott, then they are losing. Their political “allies” have proven without doubt to be exploitative phonies looking out ONLY for themselves.

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