Tuesday, November 20, 2018

GateKeepers of Dubious Black Safe Spaces

Cartoon satirizing the curious practice of white founders
of Black social media discussion groups that are
uncomfortable entertaining topics that are actually vital
to the empowerment of the Black community.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are black social media discussion groups that are founded by white gatekeepers who don't allow anti-racism and black empowerment topics inherently racist?

"The main lesson most whites absorbed from the Civil Rights Movement wasn't that they have a personal responsibility to fight systemic racism, but rather, that they have a responsibility to maintain a public appearance of being 'non-racist' even as racism pervades their lives." ~Shannon Sullivan; Good White People: The Problem With Middle Class White Anti-Racism

It seems odd to see so many “Black” social media discussion groups that don’t allow discussions that whites feel uncomfortable discussing. It gives the impression that the point of the group is to figure out how to force the narrative of Black history and Black philosophy into a pro-white supremacy direction as part of the anti-Black systemic racism marketing campaign.

If you're not trying to actually help solve the problem, then what ARE you doing? Creating a small space within the Black experience that you can make personally lucrative for yourself?

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