Sunday, November 4, 2018

Properly Harnessing the Power of the Black Vote

The first in a series illustrating the four tools needed
for Black Enfranchisement: 1) Black Vote
2) Focused Black Political Agenda 3) Loyal, Black Representation
4) Black Economic Boycott.

Dr. Boyce Watkins - [ARTICLE] Voter drive raised millions, but Abrams won't say from whom | AJC

Honestly, I really think the people should know where politicians are getting their money from. As a finance professor myself, I can tell you that it’s a mistake to assume that finances don’t define how a politician makes their key decisions.

I won’t be the one to say this, but I hope this isn’t a red flag. Many black elected officials are secretly paid by donors who help them market to get black votes, but then serve he interests of those who funded the marketing.

They tend to lean on the fact that many of us automatically assume that black Democrats always have our backs. But the fact that she won’t disclose her source of funds makes you wonder what they are hiding.

BeatsMaverick - So, Dr. Watkins, who should we vote for because all I’m getting from you is problems,we all know the problems,give us the solutions Sir! Problems problems problems! Like we don’t already know them.

Cynthia G - The fact that they're using celebrities and aggressively trying to get you to vote means you should use your power and DON'T VOTE. Change only comes through deprivation.

Must black people continue to be the only group of people who ALWAYS fall for the same okie dokes? Must we continue to show our learning disability by repeating the same non effective solutions? Voting only shows that you still believe that the system can be changed but, does nothing to change the plight of black people. Your ancestors did not die so you could vote, they died so you could choose whether you want to or not. #DontVote #ChessNotCheckers #BlackPower

Muhammad Rasheed - @Cynthis G... Or better yet, use the power of our vote for a focused Black Political Agenda checklist of items that benefit us. We haven't done that trick since Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Act.

It's time we pulled our old Black Empowerment kit out of the mothballs...

Cynthia G - @Muhammad... Who's presenting the black political agenda tho?

Muhammad Rasheed - @BeatsMaverick... We should vote for the hand-picked, hand-groomed representative that we hold accountable to a focused Black Political Agenda that meets our needs. This representative comes form the midst of the community and is specifically committed to the empowerment, enfranchisement and economic inclusion of Black people.

ivyc_1 @Muhammad... I totally agree but the time to do that is between election cycles. Not days before. At this point at the very least we need to focus on getting the racist bigots out or keep them from getting in. Why do our own people trot in right before elections to divide us? Totally suspect. This is how we got trump.

Muhammad Rasheed
- @ivyc_1... The time to do it is the very second we know better. Being properly politically savvy--and taking the time to groom our army of Black Political Agenda-focused representatives--is a full-time job. We have a LOT of catching up to do.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Cynthia G... Nobody right now. The one Black people put together during the 1972 Gary Convention was literally sabotaged & squashed by the NAACP. Then the Black Congressional Caucus threw together a half-assed one in response to Trump's "What do you have to lose?" insult.

The Black Political Agenda is something the people themselves have to put together, pushing the checklist of items they need for their empowerment. We can't wait for others to do it for us. Our vote really is powerful (that's why lynching incidents have increased corresponding to stronger political pushback by minority Democrats), but if it isn't used the way the political system is designed to use it then others absolutely will redirect that power to fuel their own agendas.

Anonymous - Has the situation of blacks in America improved under Democrats? If not, why do blacks keep voting Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - Black people vote for the Democratic Party from tradition in the modern day. A notable trait of the ‘Assimilated Integrationist Token’ era in the last 50 yrs has been the total disenfranchisement of the Black community. Far less politically savvy as a group than we were before, the evidence suggests that the progressive trajectory that culminated into the dismantling of jim crow with the signing of the Civil Rights Act was deliberately sabotaged by party leadership and treacherous members of our own group.

Before the Civil Rights Act, Black activists knew the following tools were vital for political enfranchisement:
  1. Black Vote - The African-American ethnic group coming together across class and ideological lines to vote as ONE special interest political bloc.
  2. Black Political Agenda - A checklist of must-have items the Black community demanded from their government that their special interest group required for full U. S. Citizenship, Black Empowerment and Economic Inclusion.
  3. Black Political Representation - Hand-picked and-or hand-groomed officials, committed to the Black community’s interests, that the Black voter elected to office and held accountable to their agreement to achieving the items on the Black Political Agenda.
  4. Black Economic Boycott - An agreement between a significant number of the Black American special interest group to withhold their spending power from industry as a highly effective economic punishment when the government refuses to heed the demands of the Black community.
At the time the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed, the politically astute Black community effectively utilized all of these points except #3, the Black Political Representation. Still high on the victory of jim crow’s removal, Black community leadership across a class and ideological lines ambitiously gathered to work out the plan for electing more pro-Black politicians to push the Black Political Agenda. They also formalized the Black Political Agenda.

After the meeting we find more Black politicians than ever, but without the Black Political Agenda, which was deliberately stripped and trashed by groups within the Black community itself, beholden to selfish outsiders traditionally hostile to Black interests. Today the original fire of the Black Empowerment Movement has been dampened by ineffective and even treacherous leadership from the political party that promised to help us get to where we longed to be. It grows more and more clear that unless we gather together and do it ourselves, we will continue to be abused and exploited by the dominant group.

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