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Unrealistic, Magical-Thinking Expectations versus High-Level Political Strategy

Cartoon satirizing lower-class Black community
disappointment that Obama's presidency didn't translate
into more obvious and immediate economic improvement
in their neighborhoods.

Muhammad Rasheed - [TOON] Election Day II: Rebel Without Direction 

Jay Watts - Voting without an agenda gets you nothing, just like we got under Obama. No one wants to push our agenda then we hold our votes.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jay wrote: "...just like we got under Obama."

[LIST] Obama’s Positive Track Record For Helping African-Americans

Muhammad Rasheed - Fortunately, President Obama brought his own pro-Black agenda even while he encouraged us to bring one we drafted to "tell him what to do," Jay.

Jay Watts - @Muhammad... Everything you named is not specific to black people, it says minorities, people of color or names us in something he did for everyone. Minorities are non whites, gay men, women including white women. I am black, I am not a person of color or a minority. Having a Pro-Black agenda is an agenda for Black people not Pro-Minority or Pro-People of Color. He did nothing about police killing unarmed black people (he even called us Thugs in Baltimore), Nothing about systematic racism, nothing about mass incarceration, nothing about Gentrification, nothing to curb the rise and crack down on White Supremacist groups, Didn't stop the war on drugs that effects us the most, and the list goes on. Please don't tell me all of our issues were impossible to get down,because he got others groups issue taken care of.

  • Yet Obama signed Blue Alert in to law. 
  • Landmark LGBT laws and executive orders including ending "Don't ask Don't tell", and ending the defense of DOMA. 
  • Delivered on Promises to get Native Americans money from lawsuits. 
  • Obama administration earmarked $12 million for Holocaust survivors. 
  • Obama supported the Dreamer Act and signed the executive order on DACA. Both of these primary effects Hispanics.

Muhammad Rasheed - As POTUS, Obama's job was to take care of everyone, but within that, he targeted the areas where Blacks were hurting the MOST. That way, he could get the most done for Black people in the limited timeframe he had, with hopes that the next POTUS from his party would build upon what he was able to do.

Jay wrote: "Please don't tell me all of our issues were impossible to get down, because he got others groups issue taken care of." 

Absent your Black Political Agenda that you failed to provide in 8 yrs, he instead worked the best political strategy he could to help his people for a long-term, pro-middle class effort.

He took care of the other groups because they were more politically savvy and showed up with their group's specialized political agenda.

Jay Watts - The "I'm not President of Black America but all of America" is BS. Considering our terrible history in this country I think we more than deserve a little special treatment.
Obama did nothing in all 8 years about the issues we where hurting the most on, even when it was forced on him like police slaughtering unarmed black people under his watch.

M. Rasheed wrote: "He took care of the other groups because they were more politically savvy and showed up with their group's specialized political agenda." 

You said it and we have a black agenda may not be political savvy but its an agenda. I won't vote til a candidate will push our Black agenda and take it on when we get him into office.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jay wrote: "Obama did nothing in all 8 years about the issues we where hurting the most on..."

Meanwhile, yes, he did. In fact, Jeff Sessions was actively working to break them.

Jay wrote: "Everything you named is not specific to black people..."

Does it have to be? These were all areas that represented where Blacks were hurting the MOST among those affected. You're performing a Moving the Goal Post logical fallacy.

Campbelle Thai - Strategically, Obama did nothing for Blacks! To add insult to injury, Obama signed law that made punishment worst for those who committed crime against the blue, while police killed Blacks in its greatest figures under his regime!

Zukpematsrizu Sotutsi - Obama also supported the murder of Gadaffi.

Sundiata Conde - Meh, I disagree with you on this one.

William Uchenna Okpala - yeah

Keith Tucker - You gotta take the RBG off the one on the right because Garvey wouldve been fine with the dude on the lefts stance. Malcolm X too. They wanted people to vote in people we control not just anybody or out of fear.

Cm Talley - It's like people who don't vote and don't realize a tax increase proposal passed that they would have voted against. #StayDumbDontVote

Marcellus Shane Jackson - We're "voting" under a policy of "benign neglect" (which is like voting for CRUMBS) most black people sticking their chest out because they voted don't even know what that means.


Keith Tucker - They like them crumbs and wont ever plot in a whole plate. Its weird.

Cm Talley - Homeowners. Over 40. With kids in college. Heavily invested in real estate and retirement income. Sorry son, my profile is mostly likey to vote to reap the benefits of a booming economy.

Ebon Lion - Closed mouths don't get fed. If you didn't vote you are basically playing into the hands of the folks who are counting on your apathy to get over. All I hear from folks that don't vote are pathetic excuses. If your vote doesn't matter then why are folk…See More

Keith Tucker - I would define black people who vote with no real black agenda as apathetic. Read Powernomics. I cant speak for people that just dont vote because they aint feel like it but those of us growing to want real power want a change in dynamic of how we vote and position with Democratic party.At some point the strategy has to upgrade out of reactionary and be more proactive. Idc who runs but if they not in our collective black pocket we not really using our voice optimally.

Marcellus Shane Jackson - Ethnic groups without control over INDUSTRIES, BUSINESSES, LAND AND RESOURCES don't get "fed" and don't get shit for their votes.

I'm saying this as a "super voter" someone who's voted in EVERY election since I was 18. So none of you negros can lecture ME about VOTING.

We're being PLAYED.

Voting is supposed to be the FINAL STEP in power. Not only do black folks think it's the first step, but far more think it's the ONLY step and gladly go back to sitting on their asses in front of the football game after they get their STICKER.

Black people don't care about or even worse think they don't need POWER...and piss their votes off for chump change. This is because our leadership is reduced to "celebrity worship".

But you never see Asians beating each other up over elections in front of building up their communities economically first and foremost. NEVER.

Marcellus Shane Jackson - But hey, keep putting gas in the car expecting it to run with a blown head gasket if ya want.

Marcellus Shane Jackson - The game is set.

I also wanna address this constant question.

"If your vote didn't matter why are the GOP so gangster about trying to suppress them?"

But I would rather black people USE THEIR MINDS INSTEAD OF TALKING POINTS and follow that to its logical conclusion with ANOTHER question...

Why is that in spite of being sensationalized in getting caught "suppressing votes" EVERY YEAR (and I mean every fuckin' year)... nothing, absolutely NOTHING ever actually happens to the GOP for doing it?

Has anybody ever seen a provision to stop or lawfully punish a party's acts of voter suppression on any ballot they've ever filled?

Dems = good cop

Repubs= bad cop

Blacks = scared perp with no lawyer.

Jermah Clements - People who in 2018 still think their votes don't count, are god damned morons, who cannot be reasoned with. The idea that black people cannot get policies passed that are beneficial to them because they do not controlled every aspect of America, is just fucking hotep bullshit. Everything involving your entire EXISTENCE in America involved politics. It picks your local judges, your DAs, the funding for your neighborhoods, the funding for your schools, your city counselors, what resources and services your city has, it sets the agenda for your entire city. Hell so many cities LOST rent control long ago BECAUSE mutha fuckas don't vote.

People are so STUPID, i swear. It's almost like unless something SPECIFICALLY SAYS "FOR BLACK PEOPLE" they can't even see it!!! When MILLIONS of black people got health insurance in MA for the FIRST TIME EVER, because folks voted for the candidates that would make it happen. Making MA the first state in the entire country with universal healthcare!!! That would NOT have been possible if liberals didn't show up and vote!

Voter suppression is possible because muthafuckas DIDN'T SHOW UP TO VOTE IN 2010!!!! In the dam year districts we able to be mapped!!!

Local elections are NOT THE ELECTORAL college!!!

If one does not vote, they have NO business complaining about anything.

You might not be able to set NATIONAL policy with a mere majority vote, but you sure as hell can set a local one!!! If folks don't vote, they have NO business complaining about anything.

And if anyone thinks there is no reason to vote, because it doesn't make a difference, you're a weak minded defeated HUSK! Begone!

Keith Tucker - First off. We coulda had universal healthcare or sumpn along the lines of that for us a long ass time ago but yall just vote yall dont organize how to make it happen. This is what it means when we say yall dont want power. We (black people) nationwide could have universal healthcare not just Mass.... thats the crumbs we talking about. We could have had helathcare the same way USAA provides insurances for its could be a private company we fund with a membership fee and rates we pay at a set rate since we members. Thats what Malcolm X and Garvey were trying to get for us to see. Thats the agenda these men were trying to get our elders to follow and the elders chose opposite. They some “hoteps” huh. Yall worried about whats on the ballot mad late. You are supposed to be using our collective wealth to influence what goes on the ballots like everybody else but carry on rolling slow and steady.

Jermah Clements - I don't have time for you hotepery...

Your votes matter at the local level. Especially in ANY city with minorities have the population numbers to make it matter....

FInd me a city with 100% black voter turnout, and tell me a difference isn't made, or stop your whining.

Find me a city where blacks are worse off, and then show me the voter %... and show me that they have the numbers AND voter turnout, and are still fucked...

Jermah Clements - If voting didn't matter, your enemy wouldn't be working so damn hard to KEEP you from being able to do it!!!!

Like how tf do people think they will get criminal justice reform, universal healthcare, guaranteed college, etc etc without voting??????????

It's so sad that people have such low intelligence that policies HAVE to say "FOR BLACK PEOPLE" in order for them to see it benefits black people.

Cm Talley - This country's history and economy is based on denying groups of people the franchise. Votes are indeed counted. Votes do determine policy. Policy determines who gets ahead.

Keith Tucker - money plus and agenda determines who gets ahead. Its been 2 days since the vote and alot of people that ive talked to said we can do both. We can vote and we can nation build. I havnt had a canvasser at my door to work on nation building....i havnt seen a push for nation building...when i voted for Obama the 1st time they promised me we can do both but nobody during that period did anything but become mad boujee and mad complacent...”but obamacare...” it can be repealed. Why notnhave a private company that you CONTROL supplying health care services for you?...all our insurances can be under one company. Thats a billion dollar industry that works us over... we all know it but yall waiting on politicians to fix it for you during voting season 🤣 by the time next voting cycle comes around you should have everything we need to make sure we straight on ballots, politicians in pockets on both sides and enough things senup so even if our man or puppets dont win we dont feel it. Keep tirading about yall old way of voting. We already know how it works from the dynamic of used and abused. We want power and influence now.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Ku Klux Klan were literally formed to keep Black people away from the polls. That's the prime directive of anti-Black domestic terrorto disenfranchise you from the political process. During the 8 yrs of Reconstruction, the new Freedmen literally rose from slave to Congressmen and were well on their way to true equality in this Republic they helped build from the very beginning. The white people PANICKED and started the anti-Black vote suppression scheme that has continued up into the present day, which certainly has a marketing-propaganda arm to it.

If you as a Black person have actually bought into the scam that it doesn't matter if Black people vote or not, you are officially an honorary member of the KKK and an enemy of Black Empowerment.

Please stop.

Nolan Werner - Your cartoons are the closest thing I know of to the golden age of editorial cartooning from like the early 1900s

William H. Foster III - I suppose Prez Obama was supposed to be "AKA Black Santa Claus."

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