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Disaggregate 'African-American' So the Truth Will Be Laid Bare


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Disaggregate 'African-American' So the Truth Will Be Laid Bare." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 22 Sep 2022. Permanent marker w/Adobe Photoshop color.


Riche Rich - [MEME] Median Household Income in the United States by Ethnic Group

The bar graph was created in 2020 by India in Pixels
and is based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau
gathered from 2013-15 and the
Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Gil Gil - Yep and we worry about who can shuck and jive for massa..smfh

Bryant Gallimore - Obama shrank the Black middle class and expanded the White and Hispanic middle classes…

Eric Winfred Parker - @Bryant... He didn't shrink me, i actually made more money under his administration but money isn't everything because i am happier now even though i make about half of what i made between 2012 and 2016. The unity of the top 5 is why they are in the top 5 while there is no such thing as black unity anymore

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "he didn't shrink me"

The point of politics is group uplift; individual successes don't mean very much. There were individual success stories during the heights of both chattel slavery and jim crow. Unless the group experiences full-on economic inclusion into the competitive open markets, individual successes only stand out as exceptions in a broken, anti-Black American system.

Eric Winfred Parker - @Muhammad... I have seen on my lifetime that our economic situation has improved. I went from not knowing any wealthy black people to having good friends who are black and wealthy plus you can look at the statistics for yourself. You just wanted to spread your political views on this thread but I fully understand because I blamed stuff on Trump that I know he had no control over because I don't like his ideology, most people whether liberal or conservative do the same thing. I could be wrong but if I am wrong what Obama policy made black people unable to grow wealth?

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "plus you can look at the statistics for yourself."

The statistics show that Black Americans are a wealthless bottom caste in this country we have built, and in worse economic condition today than we were at the end of George W's administration. As a group, we've been locked out of politics since the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed and we need the transformational politics of a robust Reparations program more than ever.

Median wealth of black Americans 'will fall to zero by 2053', warns new report | The Guardian

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "what Obama policy made black people unable to grow wealth?"

The problem is that Obama didn't do anything for the Black American identity group he pandered to in order to get into office. His signature legislation was for the white middle class, the immigrants and for the LGBT community. He notably flirted with Ta-Nehisi Coates for several high-profile visits to give the illusion that he was going to pass a Reparations bill, but this was a fake-out.

He turned 4 million white millionaires into 12 million white millionaires though.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Eric... Interestingly, Obama expanded the 'gig economy' poverty-level jobs (like Uber) and had them counted as actual employment for the record, even though they lacked a livable wage or benefits. He did this in order to artificially lower the unemployment numbers for Hillary, but when she lost, it ended up giving the illusion that Trump's administration was great for the economy. Trump, of course had no problem taking credit for the illusory success.

Salim Stewart - The top 8 have something in common. Family. Married people bringing two incomes together, which is how generational wealth is passed down.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Salim... "Wealth" is accumulated assets passed through the generations as inheritance. It's not synonymous with "income."

The Black American former slave class ethnic group has been plundered of our wealth through centuries of accrued discrimination (Reparations represents the return of our stolen generational wealth). These other groups don't have our baggage here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Disaggregate that "African-Americans" into it's component ethnic groups. How do the Black American former slave class compare to the African & Caribbean immigrant groups?

Gerald RJ - @Muhammad... Sadly they lump us ALL together. Even though I’m from Latin America and been in the US 10 years I’m called African American. I rather be called black or black Latino.

I see them lumping people from africa in that term even white folks from africa are called African American. But I think now the new term is FBA for Foundational Black Americans.

When I was a teen working at Disney world before I joined the army it bothered me hearing black Latinos and Africans talking trash about black Americans. I told them they built this country and we need to respect them.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gerald wrote: "But I think now the new term is FBA for Foundational Black Americans."

The new term is American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). The fba one comes from a grifter who first tried to infiltrate and takeover the ADOS movement, and when that failed, he came up with fba as a rival slight.

ADOS is the serious one.

Tony Sanders - would be difficult to convince blakk folk that mythical racism, mythical oppression and mythical whyte supremacy is a major threat in 2022 if there were men in the long as females are perceived to run the blakk'll always be at the bottom. No community rises higher than it's women - RIP KS πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ˆ

Muhammad Rasheed - @Tony... This comment doesn't make much sense considering the split in the Black American Family was the result of a 'divide & conquer' tactic of white supremacy.

Pretending a symptom is the actual root cause (for whatever reason) is why we fail.

Tony Sanders - @Muhammad... Re-read my comment you think mythical whyte supremacy is an issue in 2022?

Muhammad Rasheed - I read your comment. It reads like you don't actually know what white supremacy really is and how it effects society, especially for the Black American ethnic group.

Your comments leave more questions than answers. For example, are you a white man hiding your identity with this account?

Tony Sanders - In 2022...yes, I believe mythical whyte supremacy is just that...mythical. Sold to gullible & ignorant blakks by blakk race husters, blakk race baiters, blakk race grifters and whyte liberals. Mythical whyte supremacy had dumb blakks burning down and looting their own neighborhood...thanks to BLM. Oh btw, speaking of BLM...guess those whyte folks aren't that bad afterall...because once they conned/whyte guilted/strong armed upwards of $90 million in donations...they took allllll that money and helped the blakk communitah...right? Nope...they bought real estate around the very same mythical whyte supremists they told gullible blakks to hate.

Now...I'm asking you (again) to tell me what whyte supremacy is and where do I find it? Where and who are these mythical whyte supremists you speak of sir? Please explain.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "In 2022...yes, I believe mythical whyte supremacy is just that...mythical."

So, you believe this because you don't know anything about history and you never step outside of your personal comfort zone and you have too many MAGA white people in your inner circle. That's the impression you give.

Tony wrote: "Now...I'm asking you (again) to tell me what whyte supremacy is and where do I find it?"

This is what anti-Black American looks like... It hasn't changed at all in 400 yrs.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Tony... That's what white supremacy looks like... a racketeering, organized crime ring at the highest levels of government and corporate that get away with exploiting & plundering the Black American ethnic group for centuries.

Tony Sanders - Hmmm...that's odd...if it's THAT would think chocolate Jesus aka Obama, sleepy Joe, Benjamin Krump or even Lebron would be all over this. Why aren't the blakk saviors who show up every time a whyte police officer kills a blakk criminal using their mob justice against this? I can't confirm or deny the validity of the articles...but if the blakks with the power and influence to effect change aren't as concerned as your are...then it's obviously a smokescreen...ijs🀷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "Hmmm...that's odd..."

Is it? After 400 yrs, when does it stop being "odd?" You don't know anything about it because you don't bother to learn anything about the world.

Tony wrote: "if it's THAT rampant..."

Oh, I have more...

Tony wrote: "you would think chocolate Jesus aka Obama"

Obama is a biracial Kenyan-American who was the champion of white people and immigrants. He only pandered to my group for votes and he hated my guts. I talked about him in this thread already.

Tony wrote: "sleepy Joe"

Biden wrote the 1994 Crime Bill that created the anti-Black American mass incarcerate state. He also led the fight to fill Thurgood Marshall's SCOTUS seat with the sellout Clarence Thomas and was a good friend of many legendary white supremacists. Biden hates my people's guts as much as the conservatives do and always has.

Tony wrote: "Benjamin Krump"

He's just a wrongful death attorney specialist with a mediocre track record. Why bring him up in this context?

Tony wrote: "or even Lebron"

That's a basketball player. lol dafuq...?

Tony wrote: "would be all over this."

Sports stars don't get involved in anti-racism politics. It's in their contracts. You saw what happened to Kap. They haven't used their platforms for that since the '60s-'70s. Those guys are handled by white billionaires who don't like antiracism activism, remember?

Tony wrote: "Why aren't the blakk saviors who show up every time a whyte police officer kills a blakk criminal using their mob justice against this?"

I didn't post any police brutality links. You're asking why aren't the police brutality specialists on something outside of their specialty scope.

Tony wrote: "...but if the blakks with the power and influence to effect change"

There are no Blacks with power and influence. You watch too much tv. Black Celebrity are handled and contracted by their white-owned business networks. They'll talk about animal rights, environmental stuff, LGBT stuff, but they are contractually obligated not to use their platforms to fight for their people. "Black celebrity" is nothing more than a glorified slave status under the glitz & glamour of Hollywood camera magic. And now they are being replaced by "POC/BIPOC" immigrants like Idris Elba and John Boyega.

The Decadent Veil: Black America's Wealth Illusion 

Tony Sanders - If I were you, I wouldn't use far left liberal sources as your point of reference. But as of yet, I see no real evidence to substantiate the existence of mythical whyte supremacy...just speculation and conspiracy theories. I'm kind of a conspiracy theorist myself, but not in the mythical whyte supremists boogeyman kinda way. Anywho, the aforementioned names are quick to jump on the Trump hatred bandwagon...but when it comes to issues YOU see as important...they got nothing for you because it's not an's a talking's a weapon in the Democrat arsenal use to take shots at their conservative rivals. Racism in this country would be dead if liberals didn't keep it on life support as part of their agenda and platform.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "If I were you, I wouldn't use far left liberal sources as your point of reference."

This is called an Ad Hominem Logical Fallacy. It means when you attack the source of information without addressing the actual information itself. It's easy for people who don't know what they are talking about to take this cheap route because they don't have to research anything.

Tony also wrote: "I can't confirm or deny the validity of the articles"


Muhammad Rasheed - @Tony... Are you one of those 4chan/pol white dudes hiding behind a fake black guy account?

Tell me. I recognize the cadence of your writing flow.

Tony Sanders - Nah bruh...I'm blakk. I just don't subscribe to the victim narrative.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me. This is a safe space.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Victim narrative" is exactly how 4chan/pol white dudes talk...

Tony Sanders - My profile pic is real. That's me serving the greatest country in the world in Afghanistan πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ˆ

Muhammad Rasheed - I didn't ask you if your profile pic is real. lol

I asked if YOU were a white guy hiding behind a fake account. You give all the signs that this is true.

Tony Sanders - Yo dogg...a few minutes ago I said I'm blakk

Muhammad Rasheed - Just admit that you are, please, so we can move pass your irritating act. I want to have a real discussion with you now without the distraction.

Tony Sanders - I'm good bro...I walked off the Democrat plantation and never looked back...but I see you're not ready to leave just yet...this conversation has run it's course. I'm sure this won't be the last debate.✌️

Muhammad Rasheed - Tony wrote: "...but I see you're not ready to leave just yet..."

lol You don't see anything, bud. You don't have the background to understand my position... finding it so "odd" that all you could do was dismiss it from your confused cognitive dissonance state. I can't seriously discuss those items with you because you are not only unprepared, but you somehow believe your very loud and wrong opinion matters.

I'd rather discuss and explore other things that you've revealed that would be far more enlightening than reading yet more of your willfully ignorant comments on this topic.

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