Sunday, April 28, 2019

Recognizing a Nation

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Harry Triple O - ‏Team #MAGA wrote: "We MUST find a way to keep Blacks (Especially the women), Gays and feminist from voting against Donald Trump in the presidential election. Someone that will also support our anti immigration narrative." 

"I have the PERFECT person:#ADOS #ADOSisMAGA"

Muhammad Rasheed - #ADOS #ADOSisBlackEmpowerment #ADOSisBlackUNITY

Harry Triple O - Yeah, #ADOS is really unifying our people.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You'll come around. The movement is potent, but still new. It's just a matter of awareness and education.

Harry Triple O - Nah, after the presidential election is over YOU will be the one that comes around. Once you realize that HASHTAG #ADOS  is just a bunch of political BULLSHIT!

Muhammad Rasheed - Considering I'm operating out of truth versus you operating out of triggered propaganda, we'll just see which of us is right. I disagree with your position of wanting another 150 yrs that looks like what we just went through.

I prefer the fight and the freedoms it will bear.

Harry Triple O - If all you want is #Reparations RESEARCH on WHY you SHOULD get reparations.

Muhammad Rasheed - By its nature the payout of Reparations comes with the dismantling of anti-Black systemic racism. It's "all I want" along with all that the formal payout implies and acknowledges. It will set an expensive precedent and represent the beginning of the end of white supremacy.

Harry Triple O - ..and Nah bruh... I don't operate off of propaganda. They brought this BULLSHIT to MY city #Louisville, #Kentucky and I did THOROUGH RESEARCH. I KNOW what's going down. I think for MYSELF. Don't even insult me like that bruh.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, you are only being triggered by propaganda. Let me guess: you are a 1st or 2nd generation Black immigrant? That's why you are triggered, isn't it? So far you haven't revealed any research to back why you are so triggered.

Harry Triple O - Meanwhile you're BLOCKED... I have no more time for HASHTAG bandwagoners.

Quest Art Jordan - Nah I'm not here for ADOS as an actual name for a nation. I'd prefer New Afrikan. Or something that doesn't forever mark us as descending from property. Also the name doesn't suggest that an end goal is to better integrate into AmeriKKKan society. I'd rather liberation. What are your thoughts?

Muhammad Rasheed - Quest wrote: “Nah I'm not here for ADOS as an actual name for a nation.”

American Descendants of Slavery” 100% describes the collective tribes of our specific ethnic group that form our specific Black Nation.

Quest wrote: “I'd prefer New Afrikan.”

Why? We built America and it’s where everything we know, love, hate, etc. lays. The Americas are our heritage. Right now the Africans are perfectly happy giving the continent (and their Black flesh/labor) away to our traditional enemy/rivals including the Chinese. The African nations have their own heritages and cannot relate to our specific experiences under America's "peculiar" institutions.

Quest wrote: “Or something that doesn't forever mark us as descending from property.”

We can’t change the past, Quest. That happens to be our heritage. It wasn’t OUR fault and we have nothing to be ashamed of about it. But they can watch us rise from that to become masters of the earth. We can certainly control that part.

Quest wrote: “Also the name doesn't suggest that an end goal is to better integrate into AmeriKKKan society. I'd rather liberation.”

Integration definitely doesn’t come from definitively naming who you are as a Black Nation in a way that declares your lineage and heritage. This toxic integration comes from wishy-washy labels like “black” and “African” that don’t tell us exactly who we are, that other Black people can exploit because they do have national identities that enable them to play both sides of the fence. ADOS keeps that from happening and marks us as a people. ADOS is our liberation.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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