Thursday, April 11, 2019

Guardians of Evil

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Gary McCoy -

Adriana Jade - #Reparations2020 is nothing more than an attempt by the Left to buy the Black vote.

Muhammad Rasheed - #Reparations2020 and #Tangibles2020 are movements built up by American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) anti-racism activists to hold Democratic Party candidate hopefuls to an ADOS Political Agenda if they want our vote. They definitely DON'T want to talk about Reparations, but they are finally being made to do so by the voters.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... so my immigrant wife, legal one at that, will end up having to pay for something she , or her ancestors had anything to do with. Sounds like a good political strategy for Democrats. Good luck with that.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADOS exploited labor and plundered wealth built this country, so those who wish to enjoy its benefits and privileges should be required to pay the tax to properly compensate the ethnic group that made the USA possible.

Gary McCoy - So I guess blacks are going to pay also? Because they've enjoyed the benefits and privileges of this country also.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, they were plundered of their wealth and denied those benefits and privileges in a fundamentally anti-Black society. A small percentage were allowed into white-owned institutions to help the aristocracy get richer, but that was just to dangle the carrot in front of the masses to play mindgames.

#Reparations2020 is owed to ADOS for 400 yrs and counting of demonic economic racism inflicted upon them by your demographic & friends. It's time to fix it.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... again, you didn't address my point. So if my wife has to pay for living in a country that a relatively small number of blacks had a part in building, then why shouldn't other blacks?

Muhammad Rasheed - I clearly addressed the point. She will pay because she's enjoying the benefits & privileges of the nation that was built by chattel slave and exploited 2nd class citizen labor.

The "relatively small number of blacks" comment you're trying to add is your disingenuous effort to 1) pretend racism isn't real so you don't have to pay Reparations, and 2) if you DO end up paying Reparations you hope to confine it only to the slave era itself and avoid it's multi-generational effects on the diabolical institution's legacy descendants.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... for the third time I'll ask again. Your refusal to answer shows the Shaky Ground on which you're trying to stand. But here it goes... If you think my wife should have to pay (by the way. She shouldn't, and she wont. Guaranteed. Neither will I.) But using your logic applied to her, will blacks also have to pay?

Gary McCoy - I can see the why you would want reparations. It's another delicious, welfare treat dangled by the Democrats to entice that class of Voters whom they forced to work on their ancestors' plantations. Those are the ones you can go to for your reparations. I owe nothing. And will pay nothing.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Gary, I've answered the question a couple of times already. You've asked if I think immigrants should have to pay the ADOS Reparations Tax. The answer for the third time is "Yes." They are coming to enjoy the benefits & privileges built from ADOS exploitation & plundered wealth, so yes, they should and will have to contribute to the long overdue payout of Reparatory Justice you've been avoiding for 150 yrs.

And so will you and your tribes.

I want Reparations for the same reason I would want the insurance payout if someone totaled my car.

Dan Mathewson - @Gary... if white people need to pay then black people should, too. There were "Free Negro Slave Owners" in America.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dan... Many of them were purchasing their own family members to save them from white savagery. The others were no different than all of those Black conservatives Gary likes to parade around in front of me as if they prove racism is good for us. lol

Anyway, this article's subject functions as a false equivalency fallacy for what should be obvious reasons.

Dan Mathewson - Nope. No false equivalence fallacy. The author is Dr. Carter G. Woodson. The second black man to earn a doctorate from Harvard, after W. E. B. DuBois. Dr. Woodson is the father of Black History Month. You can learn more about him HERE.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... now you have not answered the question. I'll ask it again here so you can't Dodge it any longer. Should blacks have to pay reparations also? If your basis is for those who are enjoying the small amount of benefits reaped by slavery hundreds of years ago, then blacks today should have to pay if you think my wife should have to pay.

Glenn McCoy - If any group should pay reparations it should be the Democrats, the party of Slavery. As for me, I'll accept a big "thank you" bouquet for siding with the party that abolished it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan wrote: "Nope. No false equivalence fallacy."

Yes, it's a false equivalency logical fallacy that you are presenting to me.

Gary wrote: "Should blacks have to pay reparations also?"

This is why it's a false equivalency logical fallacy. Because you both are pretending that because a few ADOS people during slavery owned slaves, it meant that Blacks and whites were equal. You owe me another $billion just for this foolishness...

Muhammad Rasheed - @Glenn... The lawsuit is for the US government which was allowed to renege on the original Reparations promises as a bi-partisan effort.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "Muhammad now you have not answered the question."

Meanwhile, I've answered it three times. Perhaps you mean I'm not saying/answering it how you want me to?

Gary wrote: "I'll ask it again here so you can't Dodge it any longer."

I think you're smoking some Filipino grade marijuana.

Gary wrote: "Should blacks have to pay reparations also?"

No. And the suggestion is retarded if you mean other ADOS.

Gary wrote: "If your basis is for those who are enjoying the small amount of benefits reaped by slavery hundreds of years ago..."

The basis of the Reparations lawsuit is for 400+ yrs of anti-Black systemic racism inflicted upon ADOS starting with slavery up into the modern day. Only white racists insist upon confining the discussion to the slave era alone while ignoring the multi-generational legacy effects.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... so my -- yes, Filipino wife, who had absolutely no part in slavery whatsoever, and has only lived in this country for 17 years, should have to pay reparations. Yet a black person from France who immigrated here 17 years ago, will get reparations and not have to pay? Hilarious stuff.

Glenn McCoy - @Gary... I have Irish, Black and American Indian blood in me. That's a reparation trifecta.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: " my -- yes, Filipino wife, who had absolutely no part in slavery whatsoever, and has only lived in this country for 17 years, should have to pay reparations."
Yup. She's receiving benefits that ADOS blood, sweat & tears provided her.

Gary wrote: "Yet a black person from France who immigrated here 17 years ago, will get reparations and not have to pay?"

Black immigrants are NOT the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) by definition and will ALSO have to pay the Reparations Tax. You may add your bitchin' & complainin' to their ongoing argument.

Muhammad Rasheed - Glenn wrote: "I have Irish, Black and American Indian blood in me."

So that's a confirmed 50% Irish and 50% thieving scam artist then. Good to know.

1.) $5 Indian grift
2) $5 Negro grift

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... Newsflash: my wife won't be paying a single cent in reparations. Neither will I, or my son. But you had to know that already. Silly, silly wild-eyed, idealistic, free benefits-lusting liberal you. So adorable.

Dan Mathewson - Good luck with getting me to pay. I'm broke and unemployed.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... My wife has received ZERO benefits from ados. She's been in this country since her arrival, PAYING taxes. Some of which have already gone to blacks on welfare. So there's your reparations I guess. And her people in the Philippines were also oppressed by American colonization. Except she realizes that the Americans also later saved her people from the Japanes. So she's very grateful. Something some of your people might learn from considering the amount of white blood that was shed in the effort to end slavery.

Muhammad Rasheed Gary wrote: "my wife won't be paying a single cent in reparations. Neither will I, or my son."

Oh, yes you will. I suggest you begin adjusting your thinking now so it won't come as such a triggering shock. #MentalHealth

Gary wrote: " benefits-lusting..."

You owe and you will pay for your multi-generational racist crimes. Vengeance belongs to the Lord and you cannot escape it. I suggest you repent and relax into it. The white supremacist era is coming to an end.

Gary wrote: "My wife has received ZERO benefits from ados."

That is either a blatant lie, or you are so willfully ignorant on the topic that you are incapable of discerning your anti-Black racist propaganda position from what is real.

Pick one.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... you can't see how ridiculously foolish you are. Not paying. This country won't elect any welfare pandering politician, and if they did, I still wouldn't pay. Neither would my wife, or our son. Maybe after the blacks Who Kill other blacks pay those families reparations. But keep telling yourself it will happen. Apparently it helps you cope.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "you can't see how ridiculously foolish you are."
When the enslaved Black people were freed in America, a brief effort was made to do right by them by giving them land and money to make up for the generations of abuse that created both the nation and the Whitopia of the Eurocentrist racist aristocracy. Anti-Black systemic racism had proven to be so lucrative, that the white community refused to allow ADOS to become full citizens, but continued to subjugate, exploit and plunder them in order to maintain the privileges that came with the white supremacist wealth & power monopoly. One of the biggest tools that allowed these conditions to continue for so long was political propaganda and psychological warfare, examples of which can be found throughout this thread.

The Internet has a delightful way of enabling the spotlight to shine straight through the nonsense rhetoric of the white racist tradition, so you must realize your comment is merely a projection.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't have an argument, Gary. You may fill that void with the heavy price of Justice that is coming your way like a steamroller. Don't stiffen up or it'll hurt worse. Just relax. It'll be okay. The dismantling of anti-Black systemic racism and the establishment of an United States of America where the racial groups are now truly equal will be a good thing. I know your group hates the idea of sharing the wealth & land you've stolen with anyone not you, but you're just going to have to learn to accept it. Starting today.

Mitchell Berger - @Gary... when you come to America, you take it as it is with the good and the bad. Only a child expects to get only the good stuff. We're a country whose founding wealth was built on a monstrous crime. America without slavery would be a much different country than it is today. Maybe it would be a better one. But you cannot pretend that it would be the same. That is why someone who comes here has to assume it's moral obligations, due and owing along with its opportunity and existing wealth. Only a child says I didn't do it so why do I have to pay? Ask the Germans and the Japanese, the vast majority of whom weren't even alive during WWII who recognize their moral obligations to make up for the crimes committed by their societies. If this helps you frame it, America's Jim Crow laws imposing social and political inferiority were still being brutally enforced long after the last shots of WWII were fired.

Glenn McCoy - @Mitchell... Even discussing such a preposterously silly idea as reparations is as futile as trying to have a serious conversation with people who believe the earth is flat, Nathan Phillips was a war hero, Kavanaugh was guilty or Jussie Smollett isn’t a racist.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol It's not futile. You just have to stop running from the topic and find some integrity from somewhere.

Mitchell Berger - @Glenn... I was born the day before Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to be treated as a second class citizen. There are Americans still alive who were treated as such, by laws passed by legislatures who they were barred from picking by brutal, even deadly means. Tens of millions of Americans who could not make the choices for their future that you and I take for granted. But as far as you're concerned there's nothing that can or should be done to try to make them whole, or at least make up for what they could have attained if they had been given a fair chance. Jim Crow was a crime, not a minor inconvenience.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... tell you what, I will pay reparations. But only to you for the amount of $8.73. But you must use the money to buy a book on how to be a big boy, put on your big-boy pants, and quit looking to others for a handout. Where should I send your check?

Gary McCoy - @Mitchell... true. When you come to America you have to take the good and the bad. The Good being the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution and the concept of no taxation without representation. And the bad, including a few of its citizens whining and looking for more taxpayer handouts then they are already getting.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... It's clear you don't know what 'handouts' nor 'Reparations' are. Your garbled pro-racism defenses are littered with confusion. Do you consider ALL reparatory justice lawsuit payouts to be "handouts," or just the ones designed to fix the wrongs caused by white people to Black people?

Gary wrote: "The Good being the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution..."

That's the very same Good denied to ADOS by your Euro-ethnic tribes for the last 400 yrs, and why you owe me Reparations. FYI.

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