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America's Enduring Sin

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Anonymous - Should white people fear Islam?

Muhammad Rasheed - There have been faithful light-skinned people subscribed to Al-Islam since the early days of the religion's founding, so obviously this question is asking something deeper, something political in nature.

Note that Western Christianity was usurped and altered into a tool designed to help in the subjugation of enslaved Black people. Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. published his tract The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States in 1842, specifically for the purpose of trying to "save the souls" of the enslaved while indoctrinating them with a version of Christianity that would make them accepting of their plight. Using Jones' book alone, that's nearly 200 yrs of the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) being indoctrinated in a fabricated religious sub-sect to relax them into a permanent state of exploitation by white masters. In the first part of Jones' book, he assures his audience of concerned slave holding peers that he ISN'T advocating for providing the enslaved class the inherently empowering Word of God message they all wished to hoard for themselves alone. That is the clue that the white racist aristocracy do indeed fear the religion of Al-Islam.

For approximately 200 yrs, Western Christianity has been carefully reformatted to take the fight away from ADOS, to make them trust white people when they have zero logical reason to do so. Islam provides none of this anti-Black indoctrination since it has never been inside of that scope of white supremacist influence. Instead, the message of the One God in the Qur'an instructs the believer to fight the oppressor that Peace may reign for all who were under his diabolical yoke. Obviously this is the LAST thing that slave holders want their slave class to know! Even among the Arab slave trading nations, there's a reason the 'scholar' class has usurped the sacred texts under a questionable faux-priesthood, and deliberately direct the masses' attention away from the One God's commands in the Holy Qur'an, but towards the body of very NON-holy compromised hadith, full of suspicious "slavery" passages that directly contradict the revealed Word in the Qur'an.

White people fear Al-Islam, not because they think a wackjob 'terrorist' is going to fly a plane into their houses or whatever, but because they know the pure message of God is empowering to those who believe, and the Fire of Faith demands that no man or woman allow themselves to be subjugated by anyone. The Muslims know that our Guardian Lord created us FREE.

Gerald Welch - [ARTICLE] Progressives Officially Redefine 'Hate Speech' As 'Speech We Do Not Like' |

Muhammad Rasheed - Is this post your response to the pushback against all the threats on Ilhan Omar's life by rabid white conservatives? Is that what you are defending?

I don't believe hate speech -- the same speech that traditionally spins-up mobs of white conservatives to lynch people "they don't like" -- should be included within the Freedom of Speech protections. Speech that specifically encourages violence is fundamentally wrong.

Gerald Welch - I decry ALL threats of violence, you know that.

Gerald Welch - "Rabid white conservatives"

If you changed white for black and conservatives for Muslim would you think that was a racist term?
Clue: They both are.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Changed white for black" doesn't mean anything to me (nor should it) because Muslim Black people aren't the ones with the documented history of hanging people from trees because they didn't want them to vote or drink from the same water fountain.

Let's stick to solving the real problems and stop creating fake fantasy problems to distract from what the rabid white conservatives routinely do that cause so much pain in the country.

Gerald wrote: "I decry ALL threats of violence, you know that."

Then why are you defending the ones threatening Ilhan with violence (from the long tradition of white conservatives threatening Black people with violence) instead of defending her?

Gerald Welch - When have I defended anyone making violent threats? And, seriously, are you saying that Muslims have no history of violence?

Take a moment and think about that.

Muhammad Rasheed - I need you to think about the weird false equivalencies you are trying to use to prove these threats against Ilhan are magically not racist and evil. That's not the speech protected by our Freedom of Speech rights, and it is evil for you to even want to protect that kind of talk when we BOTH know that when white conservatives talk that way it leads to the death of innocent Black people.

Gerald Welch - Again, I disavow threats of violence, so at this point, you're not even listening to me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gerald wrote: "I disavow threats of violence"

Also Gerald wrote: "Freedom of Speech is supporting speech you disagree with, otherwise it's not Freedom of Speech. Freedom of speech almost mandates offense."

Gerald Welch - That's correct, but there's a difference between offensive speech and threats of violence, which I have never supported.

In fact I disagree with her speech, but I support her right to say it as well as my right to publicly disagree with it.

Gerald Welch - Let's get back to your claim of Muslims not hanging people. Some of them just toss gay people off buildings. Do you support that?

Muhammad Rasheed - Gerald wrote: "...there's a difference between offensive speech and threats of violence"

I'm fascinated that you magically don't consider threats of violence to be offensive. Is that how they do in Texas? Because it explains much.

Gerald wrote: "In fact I disagree with her speech..."

There's people threatening her life with their hate speech, but as I thought, this post of yours is defending THEM over HER.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gerald wrote: "Some of them just toss gay people off buildings. Do you support that?"

Here's Jerry trying to misdirect the topic again. I wonder why?

Tell me why I would support people performing a cultural atrocity, from a culture I'm not a part of mind you, that isn't even supported in the religious source text they claim to follow? What does this misdirection attempt have to do with me, Jerry? I'm an American. If anything you should be asking me if I support the lynching of Black people for trying to be free of white tyranny, like they do in my own nation's culture, right?

Gerald Welch - Your misdirections lead the way, somehow attempting to link me to supporting violence and/or killing black people.

Gerald Welch - Besides, it wasn't misdirection, YOU inserted Islam into the equation, so I referenced some of the violence that occurs and asked if you support it.
And you didn't answer.

I clearly and publicly rejected your claims. Can you reject three one I brought up?

Muhammad Rasheed - You clearly support the threats of violence against Ilhan Omar, THAT'S the entire point of this post of yours. You're literally defending the threats of violence against her as "Freedom of Speech."

Gerald wrote: "YOU inserted Islam into the equation..."

Also Gerald wrote: "If you changed white for black and conservatives for Muslim..." [this is Jerry inserting Islam into the equation]

Gerald wrote: "somehow attempting to link me to supporting violence and/or killing black people."

You're the one attempting the false equivalency logical fallacy of "switching black to white."

Gerald wrote: "I clearly and publicly rejected your claims."

Meanwhile, you're clearly hiding behind fake "Freedom of Speech" talk to defend the people threatening Ilhan with violence. You should stop it.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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