Friday, April 5, 2019

The Miserly Thief

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Gary McCoy - AOC says "people make mistakes" and "I've got time to learn". Good to know she takes being an elected representative with the seriousness it deserves.

Muhammad Rasheed - "President Trump" nullifies whatever this post is supposed to mean. lol

Gary McCoy - My name is Alexandria ocasio-cortez. And I make Valley girls seem smart.

Muhammad Rasheed - AOC is clearly smart. That's not the problem y'all actually have with her.
The Democratic Party is at its best when it is driven by strong, charismatic personalities. Its stagnant without those kind of figures. AOC irritates the GOP because she's one of those and y'all are just saying stuff to see what sticks. lol

John Richards - "Strong charismatic personalities" simply means you can get yourself elected by people not smart enough to actually delve into complex issues, understand how those issues interrelate. Or to put it much more bluntly... It doesn't mean a person has the ability to find their butt with both hands. It also indicates that the people voting for them are even less capable of finding their butts with both hands and can be easily conned into believing that it's the government's responsibility to care, and pay, for their needs. Essentially people far to ignorant to understand that every "benefit" provided for by the "government" is actually paid for by real people. Or worse yet, is paid for with borrowed funds. At some point the realization sinks in with the people buying that debt that there is no possible way to repay the debt.

Europe is already finding that to be the case. The entire executive circle of those running Finland just a few weeks ago figured that out, and, since they may be charismatic but without the ability to collectively find their butts with both hands, simply quit. Quite hysterical how, on the day that great charismatic leader Bernie Sanders pointed to Finland's socialism by stating in our country it costs $12,000 to have a baby but only $60 in Finland, their charismatic leaders all quit after realizing they couldn't find their butts with both hands to work their way out of the mess they made. All due to the fact that they believed in some sort of "funding fairy" who would come to their rescue.

Incredibly tough times lie ahead for Finland, actually all of the EU nations. And those tough times become even tougher when one who can find their butt with both hands realizes the entire "energy shortage" was a lie to increase revenue to oil producers coupled with the fact that North Sea crude revenues could face major declines as oil extraction expenses become less costly in other parts of the world.

Then you have the wonderful results of socialism (just another way of saying "We the government will provide for you if you do exactly what we tell you to do) in Venezuela. That wonderful land where people have resorted to eating their pets to survive... What next? Cannibalism?

AOC, and those of her charismatic, but ignorant and lacking simple common sense ilk, are cut from the very same cloth.

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: "'Strong charismatic personalities simply means you can get yourself elected by people not smart enough to actually delve into complex issues, understand how those issues interrelate."

True. And that describes the political machine as a whole. If it didn't, then we would be experiencing true progress and the 1% wouldn't wield the power over the masses that they do. Right now, politics is a game that plays in favor of the wealthiest grifter class and their visions for society.

John wrote: "Essentially people far to ignorant to understand that every 'benefit' provided for by the 'government' is actually paid for by real people."

The problem in that case isn't the ignorance of the people, but the demonic-level selfishness of the people complaining about paying it.

John wrote: "Then you have the wonderful results of socialism in Venezuela."

"Socialism" isn't the problem in Venezuela. They are the victims of the same crony corporatism responsible for the rest of the Western world's ills.

John Richards - Funny how the ill-informed always fall back on the evil Koch brothers but entirely ignore the far greater evil deeds of George Soros. But that's simply a result of your indoctrination and your own lack of knowledge, completely self-inflicted, of who the real power brokers of the world are. Really quite a sad waste of a life.

Muhammad Rasheed - I literally sourced a high-level investigative journalist SME for the Koch Bros. reference, but if "cited subject matter expert" is synonymous with "ill-informed" in your universe, John, then you just tossed out whatever credibility you intended your essay to project.

John wrote: "...but entirely ignore the far greater evil deeds of George Soros."

You brought up the Koch Bros. linked Venezuela situation, and are now trying to deflect to Soros because you can't escape the Koch Bros. link to the Venezuela situation your ill-informed "socialist angle" blew up in your face. Interesting.

Anonymous - Why is financial mobility and independence discouraged—or outright stymied—for certain groups?

Muhammad Rasheed - The primary reason for holding someone back from anything is basic selfishness. If I want to monopolize resources, then I sabotage your natural right to compete with me for those resources so I may hoard them all for the sole usage/consumption of myself and my progeny.

The American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) are the perfect example of such a group who has been ‘outright stymied’ by the white racist aristocracy since the end of the Civil War. All just Reparatory Justice efforts (money; land) were stolen by resentful white people, leaving ADOS disenfranchised and impoverished—deliberately prevented from building wealth over generations with an ever widening wealth gap—while the oppressor class disingenuously blames ADOS economic conditions on ‘inferior culture’ and ‘laziness.’

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