Monday, January 14, 2019

Protecting Racism from the Left-Hand Side

Artist's Description

Charles Locke - What are some examples of failed liberal/progressive policies with respect to African-Americans and Hispanic Americans?

Muhammad Rasheed - There are many liberal checklist items that have failed the Black American community and include:
  1. Stooping to their own usage of vote suppression techniques during Democratic Party presidential primaries and other elections in a hypocritical war against the poor
  2. Politicizing interracial relationships as an irresponsible and short-sighted symbol of social "progress"
  3. Convincing milksop Black community leaders to agree to give up Black business independence in exchange for socialist programming experimentation, only to allow their conservative rivals to strip those programs of all force, aiding in the half-century plummet of the Black community into chronic poverty
  4. Convincing the Black community to never fight back against anti-Black racist oppression either with economic boycotts or with the "fire with fire" violence as self-defense.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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